What Happened to Mark Glenn ?


January 24, 2020

2nd–That there may be a few who don’t ‘go along’ with the evil plans of their leadership certainly does not reflect itself in any distinguishable numbers. Even the anti-war types embrace an ideology/agenda that is anti-God, anti-family, anti-morals, and by that I mean of course those leftist individuals/groups who bemoan the murder and displacement of Muslims and others as a result of what they refer to as ‘imperialism’ while at the same time, promoting the slaughter of unborn children through abortion on demand, homosexuality, the radicalization of women, destruction of marriage, etc, and please don’t tell me that the number of Jews who embrace ideas such as this are ‘small in number’, because this is certainly not the case at all.

Source Article from https://www.henrymakow.com/2020/01/why-there-are-no-good-jews.html

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