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What Happens to Trump’s Foreign Policy agenda now that the Democrats have won the House

The Ugly Truth

ed note–please note that within the very first paragraph it is stated that the war-footing which Israel demands exist between the US and nuclear-armed Russia and North Korea will get back on track.

Given that Russia has been the main force in stabilizing Syria and in fighting Israel’s proxy terrorists known as ISIS, all can rest assured that the newly-flipped House (a development achieved in part due to the contributions of various players in the ‘911 Truth Movement’ who, just like the idiot Americans on the morning of 911 who signed up in droves for Israel’s engineered ‘clash of civilizations’ against the Islamic world, thought it best to join in on the Zionist-orchestrated chorus against Trump rather than applying even the slightest degree of discernment) will apply all the necessary pressure in forcing Trump to engage…

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