White Nationalists Doxxed by the French Alt-Right

A French white nationalist called Rémi Gration was recently sentenced to 4 years in jail for posting a picture of Samuel Paty’s decapitation on the social network Minds. Paty was a far left teacher who was beheaded by a Muslim Chechen in France.

Link here for the article.

He was judged after his doxxing by the leaders of a French alt right group called “Les Braves” – Yann Meridex, Solveig Mineo and Daniel Conversano.

Rémi Gration was a member of Suavelos. He was responsible for the local section in the city of Montpellier before leaving (like many others) because he refused to be part of the new direction that Suavelos was taking, which simply put is “zero tolerance for anti semitism and jewish conspiracy”. After leaving Rémi Gration spend his time warning people about them and revealing information leaked to him by member’s and ex-member’s on Yann, Daniel and all their shenanigans. He received many death threat’s for doing this. 6 other people are in the same situation, but i don’t have more information about them.

This follows the trial of a teacher for a donation he made in bitcoin to the french equivalent of the dailystormer called democratie participative. 30 people have been arrested by the police so far for the same motive after Merkado doxxed the bitcoin address to the authority.

Here are the capture’s of Yann Merdex and Solveig Mineo bragging about it :

“I did nothing to this “Rémi Gration” and he was attacking me. Well i pharosed* (PHAROS is a platform for signaling hate speech online to the French government) his post where he was making jokes with photoshops of samuel paty cut head, and there he is investigated and sent to jail.”

“I have the joy to announce you the incarceration of a huge neo nazi piece of shit, who praise the beheading of Samuel Paty by islamists, following a report to Pharos done by my fiancé and me. Good riddance.”

“My only regret is that nobody is talking about the 6 who already have been caught, the press is quite silent on this.”

The objective of Les Braves is to get rid of every pro white antisemitic movement in France for Far-Right jews like Giles-William Goldnadel and Elizabeth Lévy so they can implement their “National Zionism”. Giles-William Goldnadel was responsible for the incarceration of Hervé Ryssen 3 months ago with his association lawyers without borders.

If you want more information I strongly suggest you to read this article on Renegade Tribune, which will be updated with new information.


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