Whoopi Goldberg: If We Had Leadership, We Wound’t Be Stuck in Our Houses

Whoopi Goldberg slams Trump, says if we had real leadership we wouldn't be stuck in our houses

Whoopi Goldberg criticized President Trump’s response to the coronavirus on Friday’s episode of “The View,” and insisted that another POTUS would have ensured people wouldn’t be stuck in their homes.

Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “Well, you know, I see that he’s trying to change the narrative, you know, he’s calling it a war. I think he really enjoys these war analogies even though he never served and even though he’s this notorious draft dodger. He seems to want that title, that glory. I’m uncomfortable with that analogy coming from this particular president because I don’t think he has wartime experience. I think, you know, this needs to be led by physicians. It needs to be led by medical experts, people with, you know, that kind of expertise. I think his response and the response from the administration was woefully inadequate.”

McCain responded, “The problem with Trump is they used so much political capital in the beginning in the wrong way that now distrust has been bred with Americans and a lot of people within the administration. I think if you are President Trump sort of still being combative with the press in a way that he did yesterday. He said, oh, you’re all behaving right now. It took a pandemic to do so, it is just ridiculous and a waste of time.”

Goldberg then said, “The interesting thing about all of this is whatever channel you’re watching, you’re still watching from home. you’re watching from inside your house because a pandemic has happened, and you are stuck, and whatever side you’re on, you understand that when you have leadership, you would not be stuck in your house.”


Source Article from https://newspunch.com/whoopi-goldberg-we-had-leadership-wouldnt-be-stuck-in-houses/

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