Why did Jewish Assassin Jack Rubenstein kill Lee Harvey Oswald

Why did Jewish Assassin Jack Rubenstein kill Lee Harvey Oswald

Why did Jewish Assassin Jack Rubenstein kill Lee Harvey Oswald

Oswald was sucked in to the Vortex from the beginning to be an unwitting Fall Guy and had on several occasions visited Jack Ruby’s (Rubenstein’s) Dallas Strip Club at the invitation of his CIA handlers and Ruby was seen by witnesses the morning of the assassination dropping off an unidentified man carrying what appeared to be a rifle case near the Texas School Book Depository. Oswald was innocent, had passed the Paraffin Skin Tests proving beyond all doubt that he had not fired a gun in the previous 24 hours, passed the Stress Voice Tests when he stated, “I’m a Patsy” and much, much more.

In fact, Oswald loved Kennedy according to his girlfriend at the time (he was having an affair as his Russian wife, Marina, was just an arranged CIA Cover to paint him as a Commie) and the night before the assassination she stated Oswald tried desperately to get word to Washington about the planned assassination. He was ignored. There was no way on earth that Oswald could ever go to Trial lest the truth get out and that truth WOULD have implicated the Jews! Also the Dallas Police Dept. who KNEW Ruby yet let him in to shoot Oswald wearing a phony Press Card were part of the wide-ranging conspiracy that involved Mossad (Israel was furious that JFK refused them Nukes and also knew about his family’s resentment of Jews and their undue influence in America, including JFK’s intention to de-register the ADL naming the ADL as a Foreign Lobby Group and thus illegal under US Law); (((Meyer Lansky’s))) “Murder Incorporated” that wanted back into Cuba to re-open their Casinos and Brothels; the CIA (headed by Herbert Walker Bush — the only person in America who said he “couldn’t remember” where he was when he heard JFK had been killed — despite being photographed in Dallas on the morning of the Hit); VP Johnson (a crypto Jue) and much of the Military Industrial Complex intent on a war in Vietnam that JFK had nixxed. Printing those debt-free US Bank Notes didn’t help JFK either.

And no, Oswald WAS NOT a Jew. He was a CIA recruit that honesty thought he was serving his country. He was sent to Russia to appear as a Red then brought back to pose as one if needed (about 500 CIA operatives were sent there every year in case “The Company” required a Patsy — unbeknownst to the potential Patsies who merely thought they were serving “the Cause of Freedom”). As to Ruby — he also never got to Trial. Died in prison of a fast acting “cancer” (co-Conspirator and part-time Mafia and CIA op. David Ferrie was being funded to work on just such a Cancer according to Oswald’s girlfriend [still alive and living in hiding in N. Europe] who was also helping with this CIA Program). Ruby acted under orders, was likely told he would get a short sentence as the Country would sympathize with him and if he refused to shoot Oswald he’d be found floating face down in a swamp somewhere anyway. They had the Jue cornered and in the greater scheme of things, what was the death of one Jue if it resulted in a Coup that made America Israel’s slave and benefactor forever?

Best book on this: https://www.amazon.ca/Final-Judgment…/dp/0974548405

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