Why is Trump fighting an illegal war of unprovoked aggression in Yemen for Saudi Arabia?


A house destroyed by an air strike in the old quarter of Sanaa, Yemen


Trump Issues His Second Veto, Blocking Congressional Resolution To End US Support For Saudi-Led War In Yemen


Moments ago, as was widely expected, president Trump just issued the second veto of his presidency – the first one being his rejection of a measure that would reverse the national emergency he declared on the Southern border on March 15 – rejecting a Congressional resolution to end US military support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

In a statement to the Senate released by the White House, Trump called the joint resolution “unnecessary”, warned it represents a “dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities” and argued it would negatively affect U.S. foreign policy. What he really meant is that the US military-industrial complex stood to lose billions in potential revenue from the biggest US weapons client. As a result countless innocent civilians will continue to die for an unknown period of time but at least the stock price of Boeing, Lockheed-Martin and Raytheon will not be put in jeopardy.

As a reminder, last month the Senate voted 54-46 to pass a resolution requiring the president to withdraw any troops in or “affecting” Yemen within 30 days unless they are fighting al Qaeda. The House passed the measure earlier this month with a 248-177 vote. Neither was enough to override Trump’s veto.

Predictably there were opinions on both side of the topic, with some – not many – praising Trump’s decision to perpetuate a “proxy war”…

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