Why sport provides the ultimate marketing opportunity

The fragmented nature of our societies in 2017 has made it harder than ever for big businesses to access a mass market.

But as the recent Super Bowl proved, it’s those big sporting events that gives us all chance to forget our personal politics and come together in a way that makes us all the more susceptible to some clever marketing strategies.

With the price of running a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl costing a staggering $5 million, it shows just how attractive these massive sporting events are to advertisers who want to ensure that over 100 million people see their brand’s message.

But it’s not just the sheer numbers of viewers that makes sporting occasions so attractive to advertisers, as the feel-good factor of these events makes people more psychologically attentive to persuasive messages.

All over the world, big events like the World Cup and the Monaco Grand Prix have also shown themselves to be watched by more than the regular sports fan. And whether it’s a casual viewer of the US Open, or a new convert to the ongoing drama in this year’s NBA season, it’s clear that we pay more attention to sporting occasions than more passive viewing activities.

This is why the sponsorship of famous football teams like Manchester United can cost companies phenomenal amounts of money in increasing brand visibility through mass exposure. But whilst identifying a brand with a particular team or individual can occasionally be a risky affair if they have a bad year, there are still entire sporting events that can provide a safer bet for big businesses.

The British bank, Barclays, reportedly spent £120 million on a three-year sponsorship of the UK soccer Premiership. And whilst such ambitious sponsorships are out of the realm of many smaller businesses, even casino gaming brands like LadyLucks have aligned themselves with the famous horse race, the Grand National, by offering tickets for the event as a competition prize from their website.

What’s particularly attractive about the sporting world is that it operates on many levels, so that whether it’s sponsoring a local youth team, or even a big horse racing event, it has that feel-good factor that always makes an advertiser’s job so much easier.

So that whether it’s a Coca Cola TV spot on the Super Bowl, or a LadyLucks competition for the Grand National, it all helps boost the brandname in a positive and accessible manner.

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