Why we can be hopeful on Palestine

The single state solution is an idea that has been around a long time.

If I’m not mistaken, the late Edward Said embraced it many years ago.

It’s perfectly rational, but that is part of the reason that the bitter, brutal men running Israel will never accept it.

They are ideologues, embracing a dark fantasy, the re-creation of an ancient land based on religious texts 2500 years, or more, old.

They do not even come from the same people as the Biblical Hebrews, but they do practice the same religion.

It’s a preposterous and meaningless idea because Jews in fact flourish in a number of places in far better situations than they do in Israel.

And if Zionists had taken Einstein’s advice, embracing the native people and living among them without iron walls, there could have been something harmonious and peaceful and constructive for everyone over the last 70 years.

But they did not embrace that vision. They embraced a bitter and hostile vision of iron walls and racial segregation. And militarism and police and security forces everywhere.

Israel is the most heavily subsidized entity on earth, counting both government and private subsidies.

It sustains an embattled situation, making life far more difficult for most there than in Canada or the US or France or many other places.

Their abuse causes them to be greatly disliked in the world, too, and I don’t really think most people enjoy being disliked.

The place is an armed camp, a crusader fortress. The level of military and security services make it in many ways like the old USSR.

The cost of living is very high, houses are hard to buy, and career opportunities are limited.

People only voluntarily live that way when a fantasy dominates rational thinking.

I wouldn’t care if they wanted to indulge their fantasies, but only if it meant they weren’t hurting and abusing millions.

But they are hurting and abusing millions.

You know, it is impossible to look at images of Gaza and not immediately think of a giant concentration camp. It is Israel’s doing alone. And when peaceful, desperate people protest for rights, Israel can only think of lining up firing squads to shoot into the crowd. Where in God’s name does such behavior take you? It is a one-way ride to nowhere.

The idea of a mixed state is abhorrent to a great many. It violates the confused dream that dominates their thinking.

And since in general Arab birth rates are higher than Israeli ones, how long would it be before Jews became a minority? I know their leadership is keenly aware of this reality and fear it.

Also, Israel has little prospect for healthy future migration of Jews. It’s a relatively small group in the world, and not many would trade their prosperity and opportunity for the unpleasant realities of Israel.

The Russians were the last remaining source for a big immigration, and now that’s used up.

Prospects are for population decline and only more of the same grief and violence.

It’s a bleak long-term outlook.

But accept Palestinians? Whew, that’s like telling devout, old-fashioned Catholics they should accept abortion and married priests and stop reciting the Rosary.

Modern Israel, by all objective evidence, is in fact a pretty racist society, too.

I just do not see it.

But I don’t see anything else either.

It really was a hopeless enterprise from the beginning, creating a nation based on ancient myths and mumbo-jumbo texts.

There can be no repeat of the Holocaust. It was a unique event, not to be repeated.

Living your whole life as though it might be itself represents a mindset that is not completely rational.

Source Article from https://mondoweiss.net/2018/10/why-hopeful-palestine/

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