Will Women Start Camwhoring During Corona Lockdown?

I recently made a prediction that during this Corona Lockdown women will start camwhoring to earn extra money.

Women who lose their jobs because of the lockdown will start camwhoring full time.

I’m a stupid harlot and my only true assets are my sagging tits.

The reason for this is that women naturally understand that their only true asset is their sex appeal – their ability to arouse men. Without this ability, this appeal, they are largely useless.

Women who don’t have sex appeal don’t fare very well in the job market. The #1 skill of a female is sexing up her image to impress men, enticing him with the prospect of sex so that he gives her what she wants. The sex usually never happens, but the prospect of it is all she needs to obtain the resources she’s after.

Women are sexually exploiting men in this way all the time. Wearing skin-tight jeans or yoga pants is sexual exploitation of men. They are trying to arouse men with cleavage and tight pants because they know that when men are aroused, they’re more likely to give the female what she wants and be amenable to her wishes.

Give me all of your money, beta sucker!

Women are sexually exploiting men online by camwhoring. These men are now locked in their homes because of the Chink Virus, and scores of harlots will get on webcams to extort money out of horny men. This is a form of sexual slavery.

Women have cornered the market of the sex industry to milk men for money. Some feminist women actually want to ban prostitution. These same feminists call for ‘sex strikes’ to punish men for not giving women absolute political and economic power in the West. They demand that the reins of the government and the financial system be given over for the exclusive benefit of females, and will deny sex to their husbands and boyfriends until this is done. Feminists are generally trying to make getting sex almost impossible for men. They tell women not to have sex with men and to become lesbians. It’s all about starving the man of sex to punish him.

So modern women are following feminist dictates and giving much less sex to men. The only men that feminists have sex with are the ones who appear weak and scrawny; low-testosterone effeminates who support matriarchy and mass male castration. Or, they go for negroes. Concurrently, they want to ban prostitution so that men can’t even pay for the service. This is a Stalinist tactic of sex starvation. It’s like a sexual Holodomor.

Camwhores are the lowest scum on the earth; pure gutter filth. They flash their breasts and genitalia in front of a camera to arouse men on the other side and get their money. They understand that these men have low self-esteem and probably don’t stand a chance in hell in the real-world sexual market where 80% of women are pursuing the top 20% of men. But all that matters to these camwhores is that men’s money is coming their way for doing nothing more than taking off their clothes and showing off their fake breasts and beaten up vaginas in front of a camera.

This type of female sexual exploitation of men needs to end. It should be banned and the females engaged in the practice prosecuted under laws prohibiting sexual slavery.

Source Article from https://alt-right.com/2020/04/02/will-women-start-camwhoring-during-corona-lockdown/

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One Response to “Will Women Start Camwhoring During Corona Lockdown?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The pics tell the story! Despite far-left progressivism’ of rights for everyone, nothing has changed.

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