World Chloroquine production controlled by Israeli Bio-Terrorism forces

Slowly but surely, his image as a rebel-against-the-health-authorities is being forged, according to official announcements of the growing number of deaths in France.

He already embodies, in the eyes of his many fans on social networks (especially the Soralians who have been praising him for weeks on their E&R site), a kind of messianic anti-hero, able to resist the State to save a humanity suffering.

The first hexagonal promoter  (and insistent ) of the ( risky ) use of chloroquine against the coronavirus , the Marseillais Didier Raoult , quick to publish a book on the coronavirus, is more complex and ambiguous than it seems.

Who could guess that he was officially charged, in the aftermath of the Israeli-American mystification of September 11 , to write a detailed report worthy of an intelligence soldier on bacteriological terrorism?

Better still: under its appearance of half-Asterix half-professor Sunflower hides a particularly radical cantor of Israel, this regime which quickly announced a vaccine against Covid-19 .

So much so that he was rewarded in Tel Aviv, ten years ago, by a famous family of Zionist billionaires close to the neoconservatives and involved in a serious pharmaceutical crisis in the United States …

Panamza suggests that you judge for yourself by consulting below each of the sources corroborating such allegations.

Here is, first of all, his …

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