WSJ exposes Google’s search engine fraud and blatant lies about not manually intervening in search engine results… BLACKLIST of sites includes

Image: WSJ exposes Google’s search engine fraud and blatant lies about not manually intervening in search engine results… BLACKLIST of sites includes

(Natural News)
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently conducted an investigation into the goings on at tech giant Google, revealing that the world’s most popular search engine does, in fact, manually interfere with search results to favor leftist politics and causes.

Multiple WSJ reporters worked together over the course of several months to unearth the ugly truth about Google that much of the public isn’t being told, including the fact that the Silicon Valley behemoth has maliciously tweaked its platform in such a way as to promote the deep state agenda whenever possible.

Links to Planned Parenthood, as one example, make up 39 percent of Google search results for the word “abortion” – this compared to just 16 percent and 14 percent of search results for the word “abortion” on DuckDuckGo and Microsoft’s Bing, respectively.

Google also flat-out blocks certain websites from showing up in its search results, including Dr. Joseph Mercola’s web articles and resources. Other Google-censored websites include The Gateway Pundit and United West, as well as Natural News.

Breitbart News has also been targeted by Google, especially after it leaked the “Google Tape” last year. Reports indicate that Breitbart‘s article about the Google tape ended up being buried 12 pages back by Google when users search for the phrase “leaked Google video Trump.”

Businesses that don’t align with Google’s “values” are likewise seeing their search results buried or blacklisted, thanks to Google’s tweaked search algorithms. As you’d probably expect, Google isn’t even informing these businesses beforehand, which forces them to have to try to beg Google for mercy in order to remain afloat.

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“Google made more than 3,200 changes to its algorithms in 2018, up from more than 2,400 in 2017 and from about 500 in 2010,” one source included in the investigation explains.

Google is STILL denying that it’s doing anything wrong

Amazingly, Google is in a perpetual state of denial about its tampering efforts, insisting on the record that the company does not “manually intervene in search results.” Perhaps this is trick-speak for hiding the artificial intelligence (AI) robots that are doing it instead?

Whatever the case may be, Google CEO Sundar Pichai infamously told Congress that his company is a perfect little angel – which means that if this is not actually the case, then Pichai is guilty of perjury.

We can actually say with certainty that Pichai didn’t tell Congress the truth because his story has changed now that the WSJ investigation has gone public. We now know that, contrary to Pichai’s earlier claims, Google does, in fact, manually manipulate its search results, not just on Google but also on YouTube.

A leaked communication from a member of Google’s “Trust & Safety” team actually referred to Google’s interferences as “manual fixes,” indicating that Pichai is a liar. A former Google engineer feels the same, having accused Pichai of lying to Congress about Google’s use of blacklists.

What this all means is that it’s now more important than ever to hold Google and the rest of the tech giants accountable for acting as content publishers with their censorship, rather than the content providers that they’re supposed to be under federal law.

“Sundar Pichai stated under oath before Congress in December of last year that Google does not manually change its search formula, yet even Google employees have since outed him,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter.

“This guy, the head of Google, lies and does so repeatedly, so where is the case against him? It’s been almost a year. And the evidence is right in front of Congress, Barr, the President, the rest of the DOJ, etc. – it’s incredible that nothing has been done.”

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