Yair Rosenberg Analyzes Why the Dykes – A Movement Created by Jews – Is Now Expelling Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 3, 2017

Yair Rosenberg is the only public Jew I’ve seen who appears to have any concept whatsoever as to what is going on on the anti-web these days.

That is, every other Jew I’ve seen is saying, “we just have to stop these racist anti-Semites by calling them names and complaining to the government and private companies and getting them to shut it down.”

His understanding of the situation isn’t especially deep, but at least he’s able to say, “hol up.”

I think he has some form of Jew autism.

He recently brought attention to a situation covered by the New York Times where a Jew was kicked out of a dyke march.

You can go read through the thread. It could just be more of the “oy vey these goyim they all hate us” standard narrative, but it appears to me that he is pointing out the absurd situation they are beginning to find themselves in where they are not only going to be at war with us – the white males they seek to wipe out of existence – but with all of the groups they created to help them destroy us as well.

Because these people definitely need something more than: “Maybe the Jews can start fights with absolutely everyone on the planet – including members of groups that they created to harm other groups – and come out fine, just by claiming that everyone that disagrees with them hates them and is evil like the Holocaust?”

The problem here is that in the long term, the Jews will have the same problems they’re having now with racial nationalists with everyone else. We believe in pure nations for our people, free of alien overlords and the far left believes in a mixed race world where everyone is equal – which I think is not a place where alien Jewish overlords would fit in very well.

Note: Yair is not particularly savvy, I don’t want to imply that. He’s actually the Jew whose idea it was to “take back” the echoes meme, resulting in basically every Jew on twitter doing it and resulting in levels of goyim knowing that had previously been unthinkable.

Source Article from https://www.dailystormer.com/yair-rosenberg-analyzes-why-the-dykes-a-movement-created-by-jews-is-now-expelling-jews/

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  1. reynolds says:

    “DR MAGNUS HIRSCHFELD A JEW, opened the Institute for Sexual Science in Germany in March 1919, the first such facility in the world TO OPENLY CATER TO HOMOSEXUALS, CROSS-DRESSERSand intersex individuals also known as hermaphrodites, or individuals supposedly “caught between male and female.”

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