You Stupid Fucks: House Majority Leader has Boulder Thrown Through His Window

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2018

These people are so fucking stupid, it makes me sick.

Are you happy now that you disavowed Charlottesville, Republicans?

Are you happy you refused to stand with Alex Jones?

Are you happy you disavowed the Proud Boys?

Because the angel of death is at your door now.

Who could have predicted this?

The Hill:

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said late Monday that a group of vandals threw a “boulder” through a window of his office in Bakersfield, Calif.

McCarthy posted multiple photos of the suspects on Instagram, asking his followers if they knew the identity of the individuals.

“Does anyone know these two guys? They threw a boulder thru our office window and took office equipment,” McCarthy wrote.

He did not provide additional information.

Bakersfield Police said in a press release obtained by The Hill on Tuesday that officers responded Sunday morning to the congressman’s office after a report of a burglary.

Two individuals shattered a window with a large rock, then walked inside and took electronics, police said. None of the items that were taken contained any sensitive or governmental information, nor were they connected to federal networks, police said.

Police identified two suspects in the case. Both were described as white men between 20 and 30 years old.

One wore a black baseball hat with the letters “CALI” on the front, and had a pink backpack, police said. The other was described as wearing a light colored long sleeve t-shirt and dark pants.

What do these GOP retards think when they see the Democrat Party refusing, continually, to denounce antifa?

Why do they think they do that?

They have to say to themselves: “we are denouncing anyone who ever even dares to go out on the street and defend speakers from getting attacked by mobs, I wonder why the Democrat Party doesn’t ever do that?”

Then they have to also be able to understand that the Democrats receive no negative consequences for not disavowing antifa, and Republicans receive no positive results from disavowing anyone to the right of Paul Ryan.

The reason that Antifa are able to act with impunity is that YOU PEOPLE refused to stand up for the only people who were willing to defend anyone against them.

And YOU PEOPLE allow the feds to hunt down and prosecute anyone who defends themselves against antifa attacks.

And now that YOU PEOPLE have allowed anyone who would have defended against these people to be driven out of the public space – or thrown in prison – they are coming around for mainstream GOP politicians.

I get the whole thing about the media protecting antifa and attacking Identity Europa or RAM or the Proud Boys.

However, the difference is that antifa could legit be prosecuted as a terrorist group if the GOP had the will to do it, and these prosecutions of right-wingers who defended themselves against these irate little faggots would be thrown out if the GOP Congress put pressure on the FBI for these openly political persecutions.

And seriously, people: how many more times a day can you be called “Nazis”? If you defended right-wing targets of political prosecution, would you be called Nazis 12 million times a day instead of 6 million times a day?

Ask yourselves: what the fuck are you doing?

We are on the edge of these people beginning political assassinations. They have already tried that, with the SPLC shooter. You are ALLOWING THIS TO ESCALATE.

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