169 dead sheep who threw themselves over a cliff perfectly demonstrate how government uses FEAR to control the masses

Image: 169 dead sheep who threw themselves over a cliff perfectly demonstrate how government uses FEAR to control the masses

(Natural News)
Earlier this month in the Pyrenees, an investigation confirmed that 169 sheep threw themselves over the edge of a cliff in a desperate attempt to escape the wrath of a pursuant brown bear. Authorities said that they were able to confirm that it was a bear that chased them over the edge because of the fur they found on one of the dead sheep at the bottom of the cliff.

What was an unfortunate end for dozens of sheep in the Pyrenees is also a perfect metaphor for the progressive agenda and the overall political climate Americans have been living under for the past eight years. Just as the bear was able to scare the sheep right over the cliff, the modern day leftists routinely use fear and scare tactics to coerce the American people into doing exactly what they want them to do.

To give just one example out of many, the liberals constantly use scare tactics to advance their radical anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment agenda. As the left wing narrative goes, unless Americans come to their senses and surrender their firearms to an all-powerful centralized government, then innocent people, including young children, will die.

Not long after the tragic shooting that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, Barack Obama delivered a speech on the need for more gun control while standing next to four young people, all of whom had supposedly written letters to the president asking him to take action.

“These are some pretty smart letters from some pretty smart young people,” Obama said. He then went on to read an excerpt from a letter written by one of the kids, who happened to be in third grade: “I feel terrible for the parents who lost their children,” Obama quoted from the letter. “I love my country, and I want everybody to be happy, and safe.”

Obama then went on to quote a child named Grant, who wrote in his letter, “I think there should be some changes. We should learn from what happened at Sandy Hook. I feel really bad.” Next, he read part of a letter written by a girl named Julia: “I’m not scared for my safety, I’m scared for others. I have four brothers and sisters, and I know I would not be able to bear the thought of losing any of them.” Obama concluded the letter readings by saying, “And these are our kids. This is what they’re thinking about.”

Clearly, the message that the former president was trying to convey was that our children would die unless the left’s anti-gun agenda is implemented. It was nothing more than a scare tactic meant to coerce people into surrendering their Second Amendment rights. Barack Obama and his army of bureaucrats are the bears, and the American people are the sheep being chased right over the cliff.

Another example of how the government scares the people into doing exactly what they want is whenever a radical environmentalist claims that the world will come to an end unless we embrace the agenda laid out by leftists like Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. If you are a conservative that has ever spoken to a liberal about climate change, chances are you have heard them make the false claim that the polar bears are going extinct, or that the sea levels will rise and flood America’s coastlines unless we decrease the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere. These, too, are nothing more than talking points used by the left to get you to surrender your liberty and bow down to a big, bloated federal government.

Instead of running like sheep, the American people should turn around and fight the bears that are chasing them towards the edge of the cliff. To go over the edge is to surrender your liberty and your independence, which will one day lead to the end of America as we know it.

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