1943 Carnegie Foundation Report Confirmed 1.6 Million Jews Were Moved From Eastern Europe Safely Behind Soviet Lines

Jewish refugees From Poland enjoy war safely behind Soviet lines

According to a 1943 report titled International Conciliation: Commission To Study The Organization Of Peace published by the Carnegie Peace Foundation,

Of some 1,750,000 Jews who succeeded in escaping the Axis since the outbreak of hostilities, about 1,600,000 were evacuated by the Soviet Government from Eastern Poland and subsequently occupied Soviet territory…About 150,000 others managed to reach Palestine, the United States, and other countries beyond the seas. (April 1943, No. 389, as quoted in The Fraud of Soviet “Anti-Semitism” by Herbert Aptheker, p. 6, 1962)

One would think that Jewish organizations worldwide would be ecstatic to find out that at least one-third of the alleged 6 Million™ Jews “murdered” by the “Nazis” actually survived the war and have been officially accounted for — safely protected behind the Soviet lines, far from the reach of the blood-thirsty, blue-eyed, blond-haired murder machine.

Another third of the Holocaust victims were accounted for when the Auschwitz museum quietly lowered the official number of Jews killed there from 4 million to 1.2 million in 1990.

Sadly, there is no record of any Jewish organization — especially those organizations that advocate for Holocaust “survivors” — of acknowledging this official report by the prestigious Carnegie Peace Foundation.

Nor is there any record of any Holocaust “historians” attempting to refute the findings of this Carnegie report — which we would naturally expect if they intended to insist on their seemingly non-negotiable 6 Million™ grand total.

What this silence confirms for us is that the elite cabal which controls worldwide Jewry wants all Jews to believe in this math-defying, kabbalistic 6 Million™ death toll — regardless of the mountains of such evidence that they have no need to go through their lives fearing the “goyim” want to kill them For No Reason Whatsoever™ aside from the fact that they are Jewish.

Perhaps Holocaust “historians” can now begin to understand why there is a “complete lack of physical evidence” — according to their own experts — to prove the Holocaust actually happened.

Interestingly, only four months after this report by the Carnegie Foundation was published in April of 1943, the Jewish press ran a story in August explaining to its readers why — after the war was over — there would be no mass graves to account for all the “murdered” Jews they intended to claim.

Using Occam’s Razor — the simplest explanation is usually the truth — we can safely assume that there would indeed be no “forensic” evidence — that is, evidence that would stand up in court — for the deaths of these two million Jews simply because they weren’t killed by the Germans — they safely survived the war behind the lines in the Soviet Union.

And many of the ones who didn’t hide in the Soviet Union — and “miraculously” escaped the Gas Chambers™ — got free transport to Palestine:

Happy well-nourished “Holocaust” survivors in Munich on their way to Palestine

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