1st Black Def. Sec. Orders Military Stand Down to Rout Out “White Nationalism” and “Extremism”

Lloyd Austin recently made history by becoming the first Black defense secretary in U.S. history under the Biden Administration. It is clear that his role is to make the U.S. military completely anti-White. His first order of business is to go after any White person who does not hate his or her race, and probably anyone else who is not supportive of the direction the U.S.S.A. is headed.

From The Daily Mail:

The U.S. military on Wednesday acknowledged it was unsure about how to address white nationalism and other extremism in its ranks, and announced plans for military-wide stand-downs pausing regular activity at some point in the next 60 days to tackle the issue.

The decision to a hold a stand-down was made by Lloyd Austin, who made history by becoming the military’s first Black defense secretary after a long career rising in the ranks of the Army.

In his confirmation hearing, Austin underscored the need to rid the military of ‘racists and extremists’.

It is not exactly clear what will be done during the stand down or how long it will last, but White “patriots” are definitely the target. In the Pentagon’s press release, it sounds like the stand down will involve lots of “discussions,” but I doubt that will be all that occurs.

The stand down will occur over the next 60 days, Kirby said. This is so “each service, each command and each unit can take the time out to have these needed discussions with the men and women of the force,” he said.

A stand down does not mean the military is disbanded or inactive, but just off an “offensive footing,” which seems like the perfect opportunity for foreign forces to make their moves. Perhaps we are being set up for a “red dawn” scenario involving the UN or China?

The justification given for ordering a stand down is that some former and active military personnel took part in storming the Capitol. Back to the Daily Mail:

The MAGA mob rioters included at least 21 current or former members of the US military or law enforcement, with many of them caught on camera using military-style tactics like the ‘ranger file’.

Our enemies know that not everyone within the military and police forces will go along with the jewish agendas of White genocide and Communism, so they are seeking to quickly identify anyone who might pose problems.

Experts in homegrown extremism have warned for years about efforts by far-right militants and white-supremacist groups to radicalize and recruit people with military and law enforcement training, and they say the Capitol siege saw some of their worst fears realized.

jewish supremacists are still welcome, per usual.

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