2 British Men Given Jail Time for Inciting Riots on Facebook

VOA News
August 17, 2011

A British court has sentenced two men to four years in prison for their failed attempts to use the social networking site Facebook to incite rioting during last week’s unrest in the country.

Jordan Blackshaw, 20, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, were convicted of creating Facebook pages aimed at encouraging violent disorder in their hometowns in northwest England.

Both men pleaded guilty to creating the pages, which were entitled “Smash Down Northwich Town” and “Let’s Have a Riot in Latchford.”

Police say they infiltrated the Facebook page of Blackshaw last week and promptly arrested him after no one else joined him for the riot. Sutcliffe-Keenan’s page was only up for a few hours before he took it down.

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5 Responses to “2 British Men Given Jail Time for Inciting Riots on Facebook”

  1. Policebook sucks , it must be the most heavily monitored website out there , and thats just its own staff.

    Fuck that piece of shit.

  2. 4 years for putting up a facebook page????
    18 months for child molesting.
    6 months for stabbing…
    comunity service for armed robbery…
    same for drug dealing…

    you can tell these politicians are taking this stuff very personal apparently, i guess the toughness of the sentences is related to how dangerous for their position an event may be.
    The don’t wanna wake up one day and found riots and looting outside their mansions, don’t they??
    that’s why they re using “tough sentencing”, they don’t really give a fuck about child molesting, armed robberies, drug traffiking….
    they re even evicting the family of the kids who took part in the looting, how the fu.ck a father or a mother is supposed to know??? besides, these families will become suddenly homeless, where are they supposed to go?? the councils will need to rehouse them…

  3. Another initiative brought to you by the PRECRIME DIVISION!

  4. Get the guy with the dog to go over and chat with the judge.
    There is no crime in thought, only actions, you can not preemptively lock people up, they must commit a crime and be prosecuted. that said chasing children down the street is not what the police are for, that’s why the police let the looting take place, now they round up the gangsters and show them what jail-time is, it ain’t tool-time kiddies.
    The thieves need to be put in a bad place and England needs to realize the only way to stop crime is arming families within the community and allowing self protection. Police is exactly that, clean up after, not stop the crime.

  5. There were trying to organize masses of criminals to burn rob and loot there own area, the sentence was correct for these ferrel, uneducated thugs right?

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