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FOUNDATION FALL OF THE AMERICAN GALACTIC EMPIRE By The fall of Empire, gentlemen, is a massive thing, however, and not easily fought. It is dictated by a rising bureaucracy, a receding initiative, a freezing of caste, a damming of curiosity a hundred other factors. It has been going on, as I have said, for […]

Going Underground – Terrorism, the London Underground & the Music of Synaesthesia

Going Underground – Terrorism, the London Underground & the Music of Synaesthesia Going Underground with Afshin We speak to composer Daniel Liam Glyn about his new album Changing Stations and how the events of 7/7 inspired music from the underground, plus his performance of Monday a song dedicated to the Bakerloo line.LIKE Going Underground […]

Sweden’s “feminist” leader says foreign rapists should NOT be deported

Sweden’s “feminist” leader says foreign rapists should NOT be deported Because white Swedes are not deported Speisa March 27, 2017 This weekend the Feminist Initiative (FI) held its annual congress in V ster’s. Hopes are high of getting into parliament next year, where the party would, among other things, push for absolutely free immigration. During […]

How To Tame A Crazy Woman

Mossad Turned French Spies Into Double Agents After Joint Syria Op

Police officers guard the General Directorate for Internal Security headquarters in Levallois Perret, outside Paris, 2015. (Photo: Christophe Ena/AP) PARIS – An internal report written by French intelligence, parts of which were published in the daily newspaper Le Monde on Sunday, reveal efforts by the Mossad to develop relationships with French spies, “to the point […]

The Duran’s Alexander Mercouris On “Fake News,” Russia Allegations And Change In Europe

The French foreign ministry building is lit up to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome in Paris, France, Friday, March 24, 2017. March 25th 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome that effectively gave birth to the European Union. (AP/Michel Euler) GREECE — “Fake news” is a phrase that […]

Trump Is Taking The US-Saudi Relationship To The Next Level​

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Saudi Defense Minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Tuesday, March 14, 2017, in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington. (AP/Evan Vucci) WASHINGTON, DC – One of the major tenets of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was his promise to bring about “complete American energy […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 8 – The globalist strategy for the French and UK elections (+ The UK Election – 3)


US seriously planning to relocate embassy to Jerusalem

US Vice President Mike Pence reiterated on Sunday the White House is seriously planning to move US embassy from Tel-Aviv to occupied Jerusalem. “President Donald Trump was seriously considering the matter,” Pence said in a speech to the pro-Israel US lobbying group AIPAC. During the 2016 US presidential campaign, Trump’s team spoke often about moving the […]

Jew JCC Threat-Makers: 2 Years, 1,000 Calls

The Jews arrested for making bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers (JCC) have been operating for over two years, have made over 1,000 such calls to the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand—and were only arrested after the FBI went to Israel and demanded that the Jewish ethnostate’s authorities take action. The second […]

Populism Is the Result of Global Economic Failure

Populism Is the Result of Global Economic Failure March 27th, 2017 Via: Guardian: The rise of populism has rattled the global political establishment. Brexit came as a shock, as did the victory of Donald Trump. Much head-scratching has resulted as leaders seek to work […]

Airport Security, Tablets and Laptops: The Electronics Ban and Lessons in Futility

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Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions: Israel’s Ongoing Campaign to Silence Omar Barghouti and Repress BDS

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De Roma a Londres

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México – Desmilitarizar la seguridad pública

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¿Puede China liderar el mundo?

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Wiretapping Is as American as Apple Pie

From President Bush’s 2005 acknowledgement that he signed an order allowing the NSA to listen to phone calls going overseas to Edward Snowden’s 2013 revelation of the scope of the NSA surveillance program, the topic of wiretapping has been at the forefront of US political consciousness for the last decade. And now the topic of […]

Police warned of Berlin attacker as ‘terrorist threat’ 9 months before assault

German criminal police tipped off the interior ministry of a potential “terrorist threat in form of a suicide-attack” by Anis Amri nine month before he ploughed a truck into a crowded Berlin Christmas market, Bild am Sonntag reports. The State Criminal Police Office (LKA) in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) apparently […]

Fresh Off an Apology to Comet Ping Pong, Alex Jones Promises ‘Biggest Pizzagate Revelations’ Yet

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Europe Unveils New Gun Laws: "Like Putting A Band-Aid On A Bullet Wound"

The EU has almost regulated firearms enough to keep people completely safe from terrorism. Just one more law, and they should be able to usher Europe into a new age of utopian peace. What happened: The European Parliament passed a bill this month which closes loopholes in regards to “acoustic” and […]

Alex Jones Apologizes for Pizzagate Coverage

ALEX JONES APOLOGIZES FOR COVERING PIZZAGATE CHILD SEX RING SCANDAL! report from infostormer It looks like someone has definitely gotten to Alex Jones over his coverage of the Pizzagate child sex ring scandal late last year. Yesterday, Jones uploaded a video showing him reading a prepared statement apologizing for his Pizzagate coverage. He specifically apologized […]

Europa Weekly 19: The Normies Will Wake Up, Says Increasingly Nervous Europe for the Seventh Year in a Row

Daily Stormer March 27, 2017 This week, the panel discusses the numerous and latest happenings, before delving into the Kebab Question and usual pro-Islam narratives. After that, the discussion goes into the Dutch election results before tackling the question of using realistic political opportunities, the imperatives of making deals and the question of accelerationism. Pusher […]

Salting the Earth Ep. 24 – Return of Emily Youcis

Caerulus & VendettaDaily Stormer March 27, 2017 Caerulus and Vendetta are rejoined by Emily Youcis to discuss her life as a refugee from Antifa in the glorious ethnostate of Korea. Followed up in the second hour by some red pills on American Indian savagery, some extremely goofy media, and some post-victory celebration over the ass […]

Le Pen Vows to Destroy the EU and Globalist Overlords

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer March 27, 2017 The European Union will be wiped off the MAP! Reuters: The European Union will disappear, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen told a rally on Sunday, promising to shield France from globalisation as she sought to fire up her supporters in the final four weeks before voting gets underway. […]

#Hoaxgate: Is Brain Tumor Teen Jew Prank Caller Being Used as a Patsy by His Jew Father?

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer March 27, 2017 The JCC bomb hoax prank calls were ubiquitous on the American media for months. I thought they were getting ready to start their own 24 hour cable news network, calling it the Anti-Semitic Prank Call Network. Now that the suspect has been apprehended, there’s no news at all. Because […]

NYT Admits Media Cover-Up of Rockville Immigrant Bathroom Gang-Rape of 14-Year-Old

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer March 27, 2017 I’m shocked. Daily Caller: MSNBC, CNN and every other major network but Fox News are keeping their viewers in the dark about the alleged violent rape of a 14-year-old girl by two illegal immigrants, the New York Times conceded in an article about Fox News on Saturday. The two […]

Avalanche kills 8, injures 30 on high school trip in Japan

The group of 52 students and 11 teachers from seven high schools were on the last day of a three-day mountaineering trip when the avalanche struck in the town of Nasu, some 120km (75 miles) north of Tokyo Monday, reports Japan Times. READ MORE: Avalanches bury ‘entire villages,’ kill 100+ in Afghanistan & Pakistan amid […]

500yo Ming Dynasty mummies unearthed at Chinese construction site

The discovery of the corpses, which are believed to be around 500 years old, was made in Taikang county in Zhoukou, Henan province, the Dahe Daily reported. Other discoveries found at the site included a tombstone and two crystal coffins. It is believed that the remains are those of the grandson of Gu Zuo, an […]

Navalny fined $350 for organizing opposition rallies ‘resulting in violation of public order’

Hundreds detained at unsanctioned opposition rally in central Moscow (VIDEOS, PHOTOS) Aleksey Navalny was detained shortly after arriving at an unsanctioned anti-corruption protest in downtown Moscow on Sunday. He was charged with violating a law on public gatherings and faced a fine, community service, or administrative detention. Moscow police have officially confirmed that they detained […]

2.2mn Yemeni children close to famine, 70% rise in those killed over past year – UNICEF

Two years into the Yemeni conflict, children continue to suffer the consequences and will soon succumb to starvation without prompt humanitarian assistance and viable efforts to bring peace to the war-ravaged country, UNICEF said in a report entitled ‘Falling through the Cracks.’  Nearly half a million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition, which is manifest […]

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