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Canadian Stock Exchanges Look to Attract Israeli Companies

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Germany’s railway names a train after Anne Frank

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The Israeli NGO that is bringing relief to America’s disaster areas

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The Rise of MEK/NCRI in Washington: Pay Off The Right People and You Are No Longer A Terrorist

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‘Jews are afraid to be open about their Judaism’

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Veterans Wounded in the Line of Duty Find New Mission Hunting Pedophiles

By Jay Syrmopoulos In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal there has been renewed media attention being given to the numerous reports of systemic Hollywood pedophilia as alleged by Corey Feldman, Todd Bridges, Elijah Wood and many, many others. Since 2013 one organization has aimed to fight back against pedophiles […]

Bad News Banksters Double Cross Their Customers

By Clint Siegner Crooked bankers are all over the headlines again. The world’s largest metals hedge fund, Red Kite Management, Ltd., is suing Barclays for rigging copper prices. Federal prosecutors launched an investigation of Wells Fargo bankers working on its foreign exchange desk Friday. And on October 23rd, a jury in New York […]

Lord of the Rings’ Prophetic Symbolism – Hollywood Decoded Full Episode Free

Jay Dyer21st Century Wire In the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the fantastical realms of Middle Earth become reflected in our own transition beyond industrialization as we face an impending calamity heralding the coming of the fifth age. An unexpected journey for a group of Hobbits became the turning point for the third age of […]

Bezos-Owned Washington Post Running PR for Bezos-Owned Amazon ‘HQ2’

21st Century Wire says… When the news broke in 2013 that founder and Bilderberg member Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, we started asking the same question many others were asking at the time: what does it mean for the paper and what will happen next?  As the media whips up a public frenzy over […]

Who was behind the Balfour Declaration? BALFOUR UNFURLED!


Nancy Pelosi: We Need a Russia Investigation Independent of Mueller’s Special Counsel

Nancy Pelosi: We Need a Russia Investigation Independent of Mueller’s Special Counsel Breitbart October 31, 2017 Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) issued a call for an independent investigation into Trump campaign collusion with Russians just moments after Special Counsel Robert Mueller unsealed indictments for campaign operatives Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, who have turned themselves […]

Watching The Hawks – Paul Manafort Indicted with Mike Papantonio

Watching The Hawks – Paul Manafort Indicted with Mike Papantonio Watching The In the first salvo of Bob Muellers Russian collusion probe, former Trump aides Paul Manafort and Rick Gates face federal indictment on money laundering and tax fraud charges. Another former aide, George Papadopoulos, pleads guilty to lying to the FBI and turns […]

Neocons Hijack Trump’s Syria Policy

Neocons Hijack Trumps Syria Policy By rp_admin anyone in the Trump Administration have a clue about our Syria policy? In March, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared to be finally pulling back from President Obamas disastrous Assad must go position that has done nothing but prolong the misery in Syria. At the time, Tillerson said, […]

BuzzFeed Says Skincare is a White Supremacist Conspiracy

BuzzFeed Says Skincare is a White Supremacist Conspiracy Skin whitening cream a racist plot to enforce bigoted beauty standards Paul Joseph WatsonPrison October 30, 2017 BuzzFeed says the skincare industry is engaged in a vast conspiracy to promote white supremacy. Yes, really. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet Facebook: ********************* Paul […]

Japan Just Killed the “Bitcoin Will Be Banned” Meme

Japan Just Killed the “Bitcoin Will Be Banned” Meme By Charles Hugh One of the most durable claims of cryptocurrency skeptics is that “governments will ban bitcoin once it threatens their fiat currency or their control.” Ben Bernanke recently gave voice to this claim as if it was received wisdom. Sorry, crypto-skeptics: Japan just […]

US Govt-Funded Think Tank Praises “Moderate” Al Qaeda

Last week, Foreign Affairs, self-described as the “leading magazine for analysis and debate of foreign policy,” published an article titled “The Moderate Face of Al Qaeda.” The piece takes note of the fact that al Qaeda’s branch in Syria, long known as Jabhat al-Nusra or al-Nusra Front, changed its names numerous times in order to […]

Bush Goes To Rehab: The Role Of The “Resistance” In Normalizing War Crimes

Analysis — Over the course of the past year, something remarkable has happened to George W. Bush. The former president, once detested by many Americans for the numerous debacles that marked his presidency, seems to have shed most of his infamy – becoming reborn, as one paper put it, as the “internet’s favorite grandpa.” Bush has […]

The Political Organization Men

In 1956, William H. Whyte published a book entitled The Organization Man about America’s societal changes in the post-World War II economy. Basing his findings on a large number of interviews with CEOs of major American corporations, Whyte concluded that, within the context of modern organizational structure, American “rugged individualism” had given way to a “collectivist ethic.” Economic […]

How The MEK Paid Their Way From Terrorists To ‘Freedom Fighters’

If you want to change a group of terrorists who have killed Americans overseas into something that appears to be much more benign, all you have to do is pay off the right people in Washington. With enough money, you can even open a nice plush lobbying office on Pennsylvania Avenue in the District of Columbia, not […]

‘Alarm Bells Ringing’: Global CO2 Levels Highest In 3 Million Years

Ahead of the COP23 climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany next week, an annual bulletin released on Monday revealed that last year, the average global concentration of carbon dioxide surged at a record-breaking pace to the highest level in approximately 3 million years, renewing scientists’ concerns that more action is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “This should […]

Kevin Spacey Apologizes After He’s Accused of Trying to Sexually Assault a Child Actor — Netflix Cancels ‘House of Cards’

Oscar winner Kevin Spacey is the latest A-list Hollywood actor to make headlines in the firestorm of controversy surrounding Hollywood’s 2017 scandal involving pedophilia, rape, and sexual harassment. Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp alleges Spacey made unwanted sexual advances towards him when he was just 14-years-old. Even though Rapp has been telling his good […]

Donations and My New Blog

I’ve received a number of donation offers over the past few years (including one today), but I can’t accept money for what I do on this blog because… people would think I’m in it for the money and would be more skeptical of my writings, I might grow hesitant to cover controversial subjects out of […]

Netflix Cancels ‘House of Cards’ Amid Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations

Netflix announced that they will cancel ‘House of Cards’ a day after ‘Star Trek Discovery’ actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of sexual assault when he was 14 years old. “Media Rights Capital and Netflix are deeply troubled by last night’s news concerning Kevin Spacey,” the companies said in a joint statement on Monday. Rapp claimed […]

Jail ‘Rogue Bankers’ Before They Cause Another Crash – Gordon Brown

Former British Prime minister Gordon Brown has warned that “rogue bankers” will cause another financial crash. He said that the failure to jail them after the last crisis means that it is now “inevitable” they will start gambling again with public money. The former labour party leader said “If bankers who act fraudulently are not […]

Antifa: “Millions Of Our Soldiers Will Behead White People On Nov. 4”

The leader of ANTIFA has warned that “white parents” and “business owners” across America will be beheaded by millions of antifa “supersoliders” on November 4th. “Can’t wait for November 4th when millions of antifa supersoldiers will behead all white parents and small business owners in the town square,” Tom Bloke, leader of the domestic terrorist […]

Podesta Forced To Resign Amid Criminal Investigation

Tony Podesta, founder of the Democratic lobbying firm the Podesta Group, has been forced to resign from the firm after coming under criminal investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller. Podesta announced his decision during a meeting Monday morning. reports: Podesta is handing over full operational and financial control to longtime firm CEO Kimberley Fritts, according […]

Congress Calls Podesta, Wasserman Schultz To Testify Over ‘Piss-Gate’ Dossier

Republicans in Congress have demanded that former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former head of the DNC, testify under oath about their role in funding the infamous “Piss-Gate” Dossier.  Trey Gowdy referred to the $10 million payment from the DNC on ‘opposition research’ as a ‘money laundering’ scam. “I’m not an […]

Israeli occupation shot dead Palestinian driver, wound his sister

Israeli occupation forces shot dead on Tuesday morning Palestinian driver and wounded his sister while they were driving in a road near illegal settlement of Halamish in occupied West Bank. The Israeli occupation claimed that its soldiers opened fire at a Palestinian car that attempted to carry out a vehicular attack. However, eyewitnesses stressed that […]

Israeli occupation forces abduct 31 Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli occupation forces abducted at least 31 Palestinians during predawn raids on Tuesday in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC) said that 31 Palestinians were abducted from the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. In the statement, the PPC said that the Israeli occupation forces abducted 14 Palestinians from […]

Selinunte’s Mythological Metopes

From Colors of Europe Selinunte, now in the municipality of Castelvetrano, was probably founded in 657 BC by people from Megara Hyblaea. Once the westernmost Greek colony in Sicily, it stands today as Europe’s biggest archaeological park. The city’s urban layout started developing in the early decades of the 6th century. It was monumentalized between […]

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