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Leaked Video Reveals How Pig Farms in Denmark Kill Unwanted Piggies

New leaked video from inside a Danish pig farm is causing a lot of controversy in Denmark. In this shocking video, we can see a worker holding the sweetest and tiniest baby piglet. Then, with the baby in his arms, the worker looks at the camera and says in amusement: “Looks like the little one […]

Heartbreaking: A Year Later, Goose Still Waits for Spouse who was Killed

Oregon Live reports the workers enjoyed the beautiful sight and were friendly to the geese, who in turn felt at ease near the workers. But then, a truck driver accidentally hit one of the geese. The driver decided to bring the goose inside the building that contained health clinics. However, the poor goose didn’t survive […]

7 cosas que les hacemos a animales bebés que nunca soñaríamos en hacerle a los criminales más malvados

El proceso de quemar los picos de las aves bebés, como los pavos en la industria cárnica o los pollitos en la industria del huevo, se conoce como “despique”. Este proceso, como la mayoría de las mutilaciones que se realizan a los animales en la industria alimentaria, se realiza sin analgésicos ni anestésicos. El pico […]

8 Things Done to Mother Animals That We’d Never Dream of Doing to the Most Evil Criminals

The beluga (also known as European Sturgeon) are huge fish who swim long distances and can live for more than 100 years. Sadly, they are critically endangered because of the Caviar industry that sells their eggs. Some farmed beluga, such as the ones in the picture, are kept in marine farms which are crowded nets […]

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