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‘Last, best hope’: UK appeals for action on climate as COP26 opens in Glasgow

The UN climate summit in Glasgow opened Sunday with appeals for action and prayers, kicking off two weeks of intense diplomatic negotiations by almost 200 countries on how to tackle the common challenge of intensifying global warming. Leaders from around the world will gather in Scotland’s biggest city on Monday to lay out their countries’ […]

Archbishop Vigano Denounces The Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘There Is A Duty To Refuse It’

Vigano Condemns The Corruption of ‘The Globalist Elite’ by PATRICK HOWLEY October 27, 2021 Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano denounces the Coronavirus vaccine and the agenda of “the globalist elite” in an amazing letter to American bishops and others published by LifeSiteNews. Vigano, who has gained worldwide admiration for chastising Catholic Church leaders over issues including […]

The Gospel Never Told Pt 15

The Gospel of John chapters 4-11. What is the Gospel Never Told? If you go to ‘church’, then it’s the meat of the Good News you were never told. Join me and find out what you’ve been missing. Follow along:  The Gospel Never Told Listen/Download: BITCHUTE email me: [email protected] Share this: Source

Japan PM Kishida’s coalition expected to keep majority

Their combined seats will exceed a parliamentary majority of 233 — a loss from 305 seats previously. Kishida, 64, was elected prime minister on Oct. 4 after winning the leadership race in his ruling party, and dissolved the lower house only 10 days after taking office. The party’s conservative leaders saw him as a safe […]

The Glasgow summit, climate change, and the case for socialism

Heads of state, government ministers and thousands of other delegates from all corners of the globe are converging on Glasgow, Scotland for two weeks of climate change talks beginning this weekend. This year marks the 26th round of negotiations following the ratification by more than 190 countries of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate […]

Were The Romans Israelites? Romans in the New Testament (Part 2)

In Part 1, we discussed how the Old Testament and even secular history offer no real proof to support the idea that the Romans were originally Israelites. Now we’d like to move on to addressing Paul’s actual epistle to the Romans. Some Christians maintain that the epistle to the Romans proves that the Romans themselves […]

Either way, history will judge you

An Open Letter to the Global Media by Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate Vanessa Nakate (R) cries after her speech as Greta Thunberg comforts her during the opening plenary session of the Youth4Climate pre-COP 26 event. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP 26, is scheduled to be held in the […]


[embedded content]… ‘I pressed the doorbell and felt mum with me’ Gillian Walker, 75, from Essex in the UK, writes –  ‘A couple of months after my mother Anne passed away in late December 2008, my brother phoned me and told me that out of the blue, his doorbell – which he’d bought soon after […]

Huge Crowd Protests Australia’s Draconian Pandemic Powers Bill: ‘Stop Medical Apartheid!’

Thousands of protesters gathered in Melbourne’s CBD on Saturday calling on Premier Daniel Andrews to resign as they rallied against the Victorian government’s new pandemic legislation. daniel andrews evil Chants erupting from the crowd included: “End the mandates,” “Stop medical apartheid,” and “We need Bill of Rights!” “Kill the bill,” protesters chanted. #Melbourneprotest — […]

November Open Thread (2021)

Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee or Download the mp4 As I’ll be busy with my course on Mass Media: A History for Renegade University, things will be quieter around here for the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, Corbett Report members are encouraged to log in and use this Open Thread as an outlet for discussion on any topics […]

Covid adds to woes of students in turmoil-hit Kashmir

In September 2019, a month after the Abrogation of article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, Bashir Yatoo , reached out to children  stuck at home in the midst  of a curfew and communication blockade. Bashir, who works as transport in-charge at the Dolphin International School in Pulwama, in south Kashmir, went around with a couple […]

We Will Not Comply! – New World Next Week (video)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee This week on the New World Next Week: NIH scrubs gain-of-function from its website; J&J gets rid of the baby powder cancer lawsuits; and We Will Not Comply as the people rise up against the tyranny. CLICK HERE for show notes and mp3 audio […]

They don’t care if people die

Dr. Pierre Kory gives a clinic on big pharma’s capture of mainstream media, big tech, medical journals, and governments. “They don’t care if people die.” Don’t forget to sign up for the FLCCC Weekly Update free webinar for life-saving Covid tips & news every Wednesday at 7 p.m. EST. On October 20, Dr. Pierre Kory exposed big […]

12,000 Air Force Personnel, Including Elite Pilots, Have Rejected Vax Order As Tuesday Deadline Looms

By Tyler Durden Short of full discharge, those refusing the mandate could be charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), based on prior Defense Department statements. Currently, some class action lawsuits are said to be underway among troops – including reservists – who argue the mandate violates their individual medical freedom and constitutional […]

Drug Laws and Drug Lords

The consumption and possession of narcotic  drugs has been under public lens in India in the wake of high-profile arrests in recent times. It has once again brought into the limelight an issue often buried 6 feet under. Measures to legalise drugs that have been traditionally consumed in India for centuries , sometimes and are […]

Prince Andrew SNAPS at Epstein Child Rape Victims: ‘They Were Sluts’

Royal pedophile Prince Andrew has accused Jeffrey Epstein’s child rape victims of being “sluts” who deserved to be abused. According to a shocking Sunday Times report, the Duke of York says Virginia Giuffre, who was trafficked to Prince Andrew and Epstein as a teenager, was involved in the “wilful recruitment and trafficking of young girls […]

American Airlines Cancels Thousands of Flights amid Vax Mandate; Blames ‘Bad Weather’

American Airlines claimed on Saturday that thousands of flights were cancelled over the weekend due to “unfavorable weather conditions.” The airlines admitted it had to cancel at least 537 flights on Saturday and over 300 flights on Sunday, in addition to 376 flights canceled on Friday.  Southwest Airlines canceled 70 flights over the weekend while […]

Thousands of Australians Rise Up Against ‘New World Order’ COVID Laws: “STOP Medical Apartheid”

Thousands of residents in Melbourne took to the streets on Saturday to protest against ‘New World Order’ Covid laws, which protestors say restrict their God-given freedoms. Chants erupting from the crowd included: “End the mandates,” “Stop medical apartheid,” and “We need Bill of Rights!” “Kill the bill,” the crowds chanted. reports: The declaration will give the […]

Tens of Thousands of Air Force Personnel Have Rejected Vax Orders As Tuesday Deadline Looms

Despite the deadline looming for US Air Force personnel to become fully vaccinated against Covid, thousands are refusing to comply with President Biden’s unconstitutional orders. According to The Washington Post, a whopping 12,000 Air Force personnel are still declining the vaccine, causing panic within the top chain of command who are worried it will impact […]

Rothschild Puppet Emmanuel Macron Vows to ‘PUNISH’ Britain for Brexit

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to harshly ‘punish’ Britain for daring to leave the European Union, according to leaked documents. In a leaked letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen concerning the ongoing fishing rights disputes, French Prime Minister Jean Castex, acting on behalf of Macron, urged the EU to make an […]

Dementia Joe ‘Lost & Confused’ at G20; Pushed to Edge of Stage

President Joe Biden looked lost and confused as the G20 Rome Summit kicked off on Saturday in Italy. The leaders of the top 20 economies met at the Rome Convention Centre ‘La Nuvola’, in the city’s EUR district. During a photo op, leaders took to the stage earlier in the day. The leader of the free world […]

Thousands of Australians with unpaid fines for breaking Covid rules have their homes seized, bank accounts raided and licenses cancelled as government chases $5.2million

State Penalties Enforcement Register chasing $5.2m in unpaid Covid-19 fines   Queensland Health is using SPER to crackdown on 3,046 unpaid penalty notices  2,755 fines were from individuals & businesses accused of flouting Covid rules SPER also to collect $5.7 million in repayments on overdue hotel quarantine bills Queenslanders who received fines for breaking Covid-19 rules risk […]

Diet-related diseases pose a major risk for Covid-19. But the U.S. overlooks them.

Just a few days later, Boris Johnson gave a speech at the Conservative Party Conference alluding to his anti-obesity campaign by striking a personal chord: “I had a very common underlying condition: My friends, I was too fat.” The prime minister also mentioned he’d since lost 26 pounds. He went on to outline a vision […]

Biden Blasted For Using Huge 85-Car Motorcade Ahead Of Climate Summit

US President Joe Biden has been blasted for driving through Rome in a motorcade of more than 80 cars ahead of an important summit on climate change. Biden’s massive motorcade was caught on camera on Friday as he made his way to meet the Pope to discuss environmental issues on Friday. The footage prompted critics […]

Outrage As World Leaders Exempt From Mandatory Vaccine Passport Rules At COP26

There has been outrage after it was revealed that vaccine passport rules for world leaders attending the COP26 conference were different to those imposed on the general public Vaccine passports are mandatory, but only for normal ticket holders and not the world leaders who will be attending Sundays COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, […]

UK Covers Up War Crimes for Political Reasons

It is common knowledge that the British armed forces have been heavily involved in the conflicts of the last decades incited by the United States as they used their troops on a large scale in Iraq and Afghanistan, to name a few. Due to the US and UK military actions in those countries a lot […]


Global WAR-NING: Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity Chapter II Slowly Wrecking Our Planet,  by Rosalie Bertell Chapter III Geoengineering, the “Deep State”, and Planetary Lockdown,  by Elana Freeland Chapter IV  Engineered Forest Fires in Portugal 2017, by Conny Kadia Chapter V From Geoengineering to a New Deal for Nature: Destroying Earth for Profit  by […]

A tale of two Quads

A virtual meeting of the foreign ministers of India, Israel, UAE and the US took place on October 18, 2021 The United States’ chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan has dented the credibility of the trans-Atlantic relationship and dealt a body blow to the NATO. These developments add to the already existing frustration in Washington that the […]

Protecting your fruit crops from Codlin & Guava Moth (Wally Richards)

I wrote this article a few months ago but as several gardeners recently have been asking how to protect their fruit crops from both Codlin Moth and Guava Moth I think it is well worth repeating this information. Guava moth is mostly in the upper north island but there has been a few cases in […]

How to collect rainwater for plants and garden as the summers get hotter and dryer

How to collect rainwater DIY Collection of rain water at your hobby farm can be done in many ways. Most setups collect water from the roof of a house, garage or small building using the rain gutter diverting the water into holding tanks. Once the water is collected in a storage container the water can […]

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