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Breaking News2023 IRF Summit Kicks Off Today

1/31/2023 Wasg (International Christian Concern)—The 2023 International Religious Freedom (IRF) Summit brings together a broad coalition that passionately supports religious freedom around the globe for a three-day in-person event in Washington, D.C., beginning Jan. 31 to Feb. 1.   For much of the conference, participants will attend breakout sessions to… Source

Wreck Identified As Key Dutch Warship After Centuries Underwater

A Protected Wreck off the coast of Sussex, known simply as “Unknown Wreck Off Eastbourne”, now has a name. It has been identified as the 17th-century Dutch warship Klein Hollandia . Specialists from Historic England have partnered with the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) and the Nautical Archaeological Society on the identification, according […]

Suspected Herdsmen Kill 12 Christians in Benue State, Nigeria 

Benue River in Makurdi, Benue state, Nigeria. (Bandele Femi, Ashinze, Creative Commons) ABUJA, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – After authorities in Nigeria ignored warnings that thousands of cattlemen were arriving in Benue state, suspected herdsmen on Saturday (Jan. 28) attacked two villages there and killed 12 Christians, sources said. The assailants… Source

History Channel’s – That’s Impossible – Episode 3: Weather Warfare

VIDEO LINK Note: This video was originally on Youtube, now removed however was fortunately posted at … a timely post in light of current heavy rainfall and flooding in the north of NZ… EWR From The_Conspiracy_Reality @ This show premiered on July 7, 2009 on The History Channel. See our Geoengineering pages, main […]

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Applies For 6-Month U.S. Visitor Visa

Bolsonaro is being investigated for whether he had any role in inciting his supporters to storm the country’s capital. Source

What If the Strategy Is to Leave Russia Holding a Gas Bag?

America is on the ropes. As a citizen of the United States, someone whose family helped shape a great nation, it is a tragedy beyond comprehension. But it is real, I assure you. For decades now, those who watched closely took in the incremental devolution of the republic. Then, with the resignation speech of President […]

ACH (2048) Jimmie Moglia – America And Russia: A Tale Of Two Cultures

In today’s show originally broadcast on January 31 2023, Andy is joined by Jimmie Moglia, for a show entitled, “America And Russia: A Tale Of Two Cultures.” We discussed: interesting aspects of both American and Russian history; the historical differences between American and Russian culture; and many other topics. Click here for Jimmie’s, “Your Daily […]

What is covered by the “pictures of the Russian train”?

We recently wrote about the ways the United States’ allegations of North Korean munitions shipments to Russia had created a new standard of proof. However, it appears that the US side is not content with having hit rock bottom once again. On January 20, 2023 National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby raised new […]


January 26th, 2023. An illustration of how the chemical bombardment we currently face in our food has led to an increase in mental health issues, autism and depopulation. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, […]

What is Shambhala? Understanding the Mysterious Kingdom of Shambhala

Shambhala, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “place of peace” or “place of silence,” is a mythical paradise spoken of in ancient texts, including the Kalachakra Tantra and the ancient scriptures of the Zhang Zhung culture which predated Tibetan Buddhism in western Tibet. According to legend, it is a land where only the pure of […]

Climate change & the HIDDEN agenda: a professional environmentalist now resident in NZ shares insights from 30 yrs work with (EU) Govt & related orgs world wide

Originally posted on Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch: Thanks to for this information … “Video presentation below by former EU Climate Change proponent Christopher Le Breton.  This was presented in Dunedin several weeks ago. A fresh look at Climate Change and it’s hidden agenda. Christopher Le Breton, a professional environmentalist who has lived, worked and… […]

They Want Your Money AND Your Life

BY RHODA WILSON ON JANUARY 28, 2023 • ( 4 COMMENTS ) It is now abundantly clear that the move towards a digital, cash-free world is accelerating. We are heading into the jaws of the Great Reset at frightening speed. Make no mistake about it, the conspirators are unlike Highwaymen such as Dick Turpin who always gave their victims a choice. The […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The Nazi Homeschool Movement

Peter Stone @ The Guardian: Far-right project that pushed election lies expands mission as Trump ramps up 2024 campaign. Alex Kaplan @ Media Matters: The election denial movement — and Trump — have become increasingly intertwined with QAnon. David Edwards @ Raw Story: Mike Lindell reveals RNC will let him run new ‘election crime unit’ […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Day of Celebration

Tony Perkins warns that the Republican Party cannot afford to ignore “SAGE Cons” voters (as in Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservatives): “You can’t win a nationwide election with just SAGE Cons, but you can’t win without them.” Nick Fuentes attempts to clarify something: “We love Hitler in a Christian way, you freak. Not in a […]

“There is no pressure on Israel to change”: Palestinians respond to Blinken visit to Jerusalem

Speaking from Jerusalem following a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reiterated calls for a two-state solution and promoting the normalization of relations with Israel across the Middle East. Palestinians say the visit shows the United States remains biased towards Israel. “When the U.S. draws an equivalence between the butcher and the […]

Very few scientists agree that climate change is driven by human activity

BY RHODA WILSON ON JANUARY 23, 2023 • ( 38 COMMENTS ) You have likely heard that 97% of scientists agree on human-driven climate change. The overwhelming majority of scientists take no view on the question of whether climate change is man-made, for it is beyond our present knowledge to answer. Only 0.3% of science papers state humans are the cause of […]

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Claims Religious Mandate for Men to ‘Force’ Women to Submit

During a recent podcast, neo-Nazi and admitted “rape promoter” Andrew Anglin declared that Christian men must dominate women and force them to submit because that is the only way that women can be genuinely happy. Anglin, who was booted off of Twitter in 2013 only to be reinstated late last year, is the publisher of […]

Matthew Teller on his new biography of Jerusalem

Phil Weiss speaks to Matthew Teller about his new book, Nine Quarters of Jerusalem: A New Biography of the Old City. Source

How The Corporate Media Lied About The Jerusalem Settlement Shooting

Last Friday night a Palestinian man in his twenties entered an illegal Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem, opening fire on Israeli settlers after they exited a synagogue and were walking on a nearby road, managing to kill at least 7 and injuring another 10. After ignoring the murder of 11 Palestinians the day before, Western […]

YIKES! THIRD Hunter Biden Email from Laptop with Classified Information Uncovered – Classified WH Conference Call Shared with Hunter’s Ukrainian Business Partners – And SEVERAL More Are Coming

EXCLUSIVE: THIRD Hunter Biden Email from Laptop with Classified Information Uncovered – Classified WH Conference Call Shared with Hunter’s Ukrainian Business Partners – And SEVERAL More Are Coming Source


Each and every doctor, who administered the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid vaccines, needs to be sued out of their medical practices before they are criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for conspiring to commit genocide against the American people. Submitted by A Covid ‘Vaccine’ Injury Consultant SOTN Exclusive KEY POINTS: Operation […]

See How European Cultural Marxists Are Completely Destroying Amateur and Professional Sports (Video)

VIEW HERE: Watch: Inexperienced Trans Figure Skater Performs At European Championship With Hilarious Results   Source

US Prison Inmates Are Forcibly Jabbed

READ HERE:   Source

ACH (2047) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #105 – Buyers Remorse

In today’s show originally broadcast on January 30 2023, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “Buyers Remorse.” We discussed: Bruce Forsyth’s Play Your Cards Right; the clip from The Jeff Rense Program that we played during the show intro segment; how the figures could play out in […]

Pastor Slain in NE Nigeria, Two Christians Killed in Delta

Pastor Jerry Hinjari was killed in Yola, Adamawa state, Nigeria on Jan. 26, 2023. (Facebook) ABUJA, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – A church pastor in northeast Nigeria was slain on Thursday (Jan. 26), and anti-Christian violence continued to grow in the southern part of the country with the killing of two Christians in Delta state, sources […]


More porkies from the D*a*v*o*s gang? (Just in case you were thinking of getting chickens to combat the current egg shortage) ….. From OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY An UPDATE @ 1 Feb 2022 (important info) LISTEN AT THE LINK Image by Petra from Pixabay RELATED: BIRD FLU: the Next Pandemic? (Ice Age Farmer) […]

Blinken Urges Israel-Palestinian Calm As Violence Soars

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said both sides must work to de-escalate tensions that have soared in “a new and horrifying surge in violence.” Source

Suicide Bomber Kills At Least 74, Wounds 150 At Mosque Within Police Compound In Pakistan

Most of the casualties were police officers in the northwestern city of Peshawar. Source

A deep dive into Windows spying from a new laptop

As the version numbers of Windows increase, so does Microsoft’s spying on you, and that’s before you even technically start using your personal computer. Mirosoft is subservient to the 5eyes global surveillance regime. If you truly value your privacy (and security) then this would be refelected in your action in not using Microsoft products at […]

Google is being sued by the US government and eight states over online advertising

Google’s facing a lawsuit from the US Department of Justice and eight states over its alleged monopoly on the digital advertising market. The agency accuses the company of abusing “monopoly power” at the disadvantage of websites and advertisers who use other advertising tools, according to a lawsuit filed on Tuesday (PDF). “Google’s anticompetitive behavior has […]

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