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Train Slams Into Workers On Tracks At Italian Station, Killing 5

The speeding out-of-service train hit workers doing nighttime maintenance in the northern town of Brandizzo. Source

Intelligence Community (IC) Watch Profiles Over 100,000 Military-Contractor Spooks/Organized Stalking Perps/Special Forces Operatives: 7 videos & text of interview w/ M.C. McGrath

Targeted Individuals: The individuals exposed via the ICWatch program (2015-2022) are certainly among the most highly trained of our attackers. “*Cryptocracy:” (“Rule By Secrecy”); “Spookocracy” (Rule by Spies), aka “The Hidden Hand”* (See Part D below) History of ICWatch (from Wikipedia) ICWATCH launched on May 6, 2015;[12] on the same day, Transparency Toolkit, the group […]

A Building Fire In Johannesburg Kills At Least 73 People, Many Homeless: Authorities

“Over 20 years in the service, I’ve never come across something like this,” a spokesperson for the city’s emergency services said. Source

Important updates on Maui

SGT KILL CITIES — DEBORAH TAVARES 2023 08 30 Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Cabal’s Land and Real Estate Stealing Tactics FEMA blocking food aid for Hawaiians while ordering BLACKOUT on photos, videos Maui torching: According to a report by AP, the only road out of Lahaina was barricaded… only those who disobeyed survived MAUI […]

Truck Spills 5 Million Bees Onto Road, Beekeepers Save The Day

Police west of Toronto warned drivers to keep their car windows closed following the accident. Source

Interview 1830 – Modeling Disobedience with James Corbett and Bruce de Torres

via Bruce de Torres: Here, deep into 2023, what are the worst things happening – the most dangerous and important things that we’re facing – and what’s the good news? Who are the people and organizations, besides you, who are trying to wake people up, so more people can resist the total tyranny toward which […]

Another Soros-Funded Group Pushes For Social Media Platforms To Censor Election “Disinformation”

An organization under the financial umbrella of outspoken billionaire George Soros is mounting a brazen bid to implement a perilous cap on free speech in America’s digital public square. Today, the battle lines are being drawn with Common Cause, a group bankrolled by Soros, gleefully trumpeting its success in nurturing a potent alliance with Big […]

Why is the IRS Buying .40-Caliber Submachine Guns?

The weaponization and militarization of the federal government continues unabated as Congress and the states sit back and do nothing Source

The SEC and DOJ Are Doing Damage Control for 5-Count Felon JPMorgan Chase

In much of the United States, if a person is convicted of a felony after conviction on two prior felonies, they receive a severe prison sentence. It’s known as the Three Strikes Law. But if you are the largest bank in the United States, charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with five felony counts since […]

Tracking Orwellian Change: New Meanings of “Deep State” and “Working Class”


Donald Trump Reveals Where He Stands on COVID in New Viral Video

Originally Published on Vigilant News Former President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, released several video messages on his Truth Social feed Wednesday, but the video that caught the most attention was the one titled, “To every COVID tyrant who wants to take away our Freedom, hear these words—WE WILL NOT COMPLY!” Here is […]

Canada Advises LGBTQ People To Be Cautious Traveling To U.S.

The advisory came in response to the wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation that has passed in recent years. Source

Shelby Thomson Interview – Ongoing Cover Up In #MauiFires With Thousands Of Children Missing

Joining me once again today is Shelby Thomson, co-founder of Unjected, here to discuss updates from the ground regarding the Maui fires and some even more compelling evidence that foul play was involved. We discuss numerous data points that clearly suggest a cover up; but the question remains: what exactly is being covered up? Was […]

Joe Rogan Breaks the Internet With Music Sensation Oliver Anthony

Originally Published on Vigilant News Breakout musical artist Oliver Anthony has become an instant legend with the political dissent with compelling tracks like “Rich Men North of Richmond” and “I Want to Go Home.” The former, a searing critique of the political elite, resonated deeply with audiences, amassing 49 million views on YouTube and millions […]

Identity Crisis: Gender Identity History, Puberty Blockers, and Hormones

Part 1: Gender Identity History, Puberty Blockers, and Hormones   Is it possible to take a balanced, nuanced look at the complex topic of gender identity? In this series we are going to dive deep into various aspects of the debates around transgender individuals and gender identity. Specifically, we are going to look at the […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Satan’s Publication

Jennifer Bowers Bahney @ Mediaite: ‘I Don’t Want To Have To Draw My Rifle’: MAGA Lawmaker Suggests Trump Prosecution Could Lead To Civil War. Molly Olmstead @ Slate: How Vivek Ramaswamy, a Hindu, Is Aligning Himself With Christian Nationalists. David Badash @ The New Civil Rights Movement: News CPAC’s Matt and Mercedes Schlapp Attack ‘Satan’s […]

Gay Jewish “Classic” Taught Goyim to be Prostitutes

Dog’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s  With a Danish and coffee in hand, Holly taught modern women to chase moneyand eat on the run. “Heterosexuals are portrayed as prostitutes who must sell their souls in order to survive. ” Dog’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s  from June 8, 2013 by Henry Makow PhDIn retrospect, the movie “classic” “Breakfast at […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Hate the Poor

Stew Peters defends his bloodthirsty desire to see his political enemies executed: “If you don’t want the rope, don’t commit treason.” Far-right conspiracy theorist Clay Clark is starting to wonder how GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy became so wealthy: “How is it possible that this man has lost $3 billion, yet deposited $950 million of […]

David Barton Says Democrats Are Not ‘God-Fearing’ And Thus Have ‘Less Moral Restraints’ About Cheating in Elections

When Donald Trump ran for president in 2016, Christian nationalist pseudo-historian David Barton played a key role in promoting his campaign to evangelicals, declaring that Christians had a biblical obligation to vote for Trump because he was “God’s guy.” Barton continued to praise Trump throughout his term in office, even predicting that Trump could go […]

At the White House, March 10, 2020, Reconstructed

We still don’t know precisely what caused Donald Trump to flip in his position on the coronavirus. On March 9, 2020, he was tweeting that people die of the flu all the time and no one should freak out about it. On March 11, two days later, he went the other direction, promising to use […]

Tucker Carlson Makes Chilling Prediction on How the Democrats Will Try to Steal the 2024 Election

Originally Published on Vigilant News Political commentator Tucker Carlson has issued a grim prediction about the future of American politics and foreign policy. During a recent interview with comedian Adam Carolla, Carlson said the Democrats are well-positioned to clinch victory in the 2024 elections through a series of underhanded and desperate tactics. His warning came […]

Terrorists Kidnap Two Christians, Kill Baptist Pastor in Nigeria

Chikun County, Nigeria. (Wikimedia maps, Map data © OpenStreetMap) ABUJA, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Two Christians were kidnapped on Friday (Aug. 25) in Kaduna state, Nigeria, two days after gunmen described as terrorists killed a Baptist pastor in another area of the state, sources said. Terrorists on Friday night (Aug. 25) invaded the… Source

California proposal would sideline a prolific ballot measure player

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California’s trade group for landlords is preparing to spend millions on a ballot initiative to vanquish one man. The new measure, reported first by POLITICO, would effectively forbid AIDS Healthcare Foundation founder Michael Weinstein from using the organization’s coffers to advance his political agenda through the ballot. The tax-exempt nonprofit operates a […]

Russia says it will have talks with Turkiye about alternative to Black Sea deal

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, and his Turkish counterpart, Hakan Fidan, will discuss a proposal by Moscow for an alternative to the Black Sea grain deal when they meet this week, Lavrov’s Ministry said on Wednesday, Reuters reports. Under the plan, Russia would send a million tons of grain to Turkiye at a discounted price, with financial […]

Archaeologists find ‘mystery’ ducts near biblical Jerusalem relics

An almost three millennia-old network of hewn-rock ducts unearthed in Jerusalem has baffled archaeologists, given the lack of comparable biblical finds, or obvious links to an ancient temple and palace that once stood nearby, Reuters reports. The knee-deep channels, dating back 2,800 years, are located outside Jerusalem’s walled Old City. They stand in two clusters, […]

Israel’s national airline El Al is an intelligence front for the Shin Bet

Israel’s national airline, El Al, has a history of egregious racial profiling and invasive security checks for its flights in foreign airports. But a closer look into how El Al operates shows that Israel uses it as an intelligence front. Source

Manchin, daughter pitching donors on $100M centrist policy project: report

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and his daughter, former Fortune 500 CEO Heather Manchin, have pitched major donors on a $100 million project aimed at boosting centrist policies and politicians, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal.  Heather Manchin told WSJ she registered the politically active nonprofit, called Americans Together, in late July… […]

Watch live: Biden discusses response to Hurricane Idalia, Maui recovery

President Biden on Wednesday afternoon is scheduled to address the federal response to Hurricane Idalia, as well as the ongoing recovery work after wildfires earlier this month on Maui. By late morning on Wednesday, two people had reportedly died as a result of Hurricane Idalia. The hurricane made landfall with sustained winds as high as… […]

BRICS Plus has more to it than meets the eye

President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa is a man known to be committed to due process, often to the annoyance of many South Africans. This has earned him a number of nicknames, including “Ramapostpona”, the one who always postpones matters. Flip-flopping in its international relations in the recent past, including its position on the Russian […]

Money, markets and machine learning: Unpacking the risks of adversarial AI

The consequences of ignoring the problem of adversarial attacks in algorithmic trading are potentially catastrophic. Source

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