Nate Berkus turns 42 years old today (we know, we couldn’t believe it either), and we’re honoring him and his skills by taking a look back at some of his more recent (and wonderful) designs.

The amazing thing about Berkus is his ability to take virtually any space and turn it into a place that’s stylish, comfortable and most of the time, quite affordable. Over the years we’ve seen Berkus create some pretty incredible projects that are timeless and almost seem effortless for the designer. Scroll through to learn a little from Berkus and join us as we wish him the happiest of birthdays.

His Los Angeles home that he shares with fiance Jeremiah Brent.
Tip: Fight about food with your partner, not decor. “We fight about pizza, not about picking out lamps.”
nate berkus home

This office makeover he did for a blogger’s company (he makes dreams come true).
Tip: Make sure your entryway always looks good. “A space like this, just like a home entry, is the first impression a person will get of your space.”

This awesome bedroom he designed to be calm and relaxing, much like how we feel when we hear his voice.
Tip: Use fabric to add interest. “It’s a different way to add depth to a space. You don’t have to hang art on the wall — pick a fabric that has a great texture to it.”

His supercool Chicago offices that make us oh so jealous.
Tip: The easiest way to personalize your desk is with accessories. “Add beautifully framed photos of friends and family. They help to serve as a reminder as to why you are there, working so hard. Also, buy fresh flowers for your desk at the start of every week if you can. They needn’t be expensive and will make you happy.”
nate berkus office

His former New York City apartment.
Tip: Always surround yourself with things you love. “Home has always been one of the most important things. If I don’t feel at home in my space, then I feel really unmoored.”
nate berkus

Pretty amazing, huh?

More from Nate.

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