5 Tips for Promoting Ecommerce Urgency for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Half the battle is getting customers to your website. But what do they do once they arrive?

If they’re routinely looking through your product selection without sealing the deal, perhaps you need to impart the feeling your customers should buy today?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday present the perfect opportunities to boost urgency (which, in turn, boosts sales). It’s up to you to show the customer once these sales are over, they’re unavailable for 364 more days. Here are five tips for promoting ecommerce urgency just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Infuse Copy with Urgency

Tasteful urgency starts with the words you display within your web store. ConversionXL found incorporating urgency into product pages boosted revenue by 27.1 percent over two weeks. They did so by adding an urgency message advertising free, next-day delivery if customers ordered by a certain time on weekdays. This urgency message appeared right below the product name to ensure maximum visibility.

Something as simple as tweaking your copy can help drive sales. According to Vishal Ray Malik, founder of data-driven marketing company ConversionLink, including certain phrases throughout your copy can help:


  • Last Chance
  • One Day Only
  • Limited Time
  • Offer Expires
  • Don’t Miss Out

Impose Shipping Deadlines

In a world where 87 percent of online shoppers say shipping speed is a key factor in whether or not they’ll shop with an online brand again, it’s evident customers place a premium on timely shipping. How can you leverage this to create urgency and convince shoppers it’s the perfect time to convert? Offer free (or discounted) shipping in time for the holidays, when purchased by a certain date.

Let’s say you sell electronics online. Naturally, Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent sales peaks for your company. How can you generate sales in the weeks leading up to these important events? Dangle the tantalizing offer of express shipping to customers with a message like “Order within the next X hours and your purchase will arrive by X date, guaranteed!” For shoppers stocking up on electronic devices for their family and friends (or themselves) for the holidays, this may be the very incentive they need to convert. 

Offer Deals for a Limited Time

Setting parameters for your customers can tap into their fear of missing out. When you offer deals for a limited time only—say, through 11:59 p.m. on Cyber Monday—you’re putting pressure on customers to act. It’s now or never; this deal disappears soon. Emphasizing the transient nature of discounts, bundles or flash sales is a great way to inspire sales. 

Optimize Your Calls to Action

Your website is full of calls to action (CTAs). After customers have perused your products, read your copy, scrolled through your photographs and clicked around your website, CTAs are where they go to actually complete a desired action. But did you know you can infuse your CTAs with subtle urgency? Something as simple as adding a “Buy Now” button adds a timely element to the act of purchasing. You can also emphasize the fleeting nature of holiday sales by prompting shoppers to “Shop Cyber Monday-Only Deals.” You’ll also want to create CTAs with brightly contrasting colors so they pop on the page.

Avoid Pestering and Exaggerating

If you initiate a pop-up countdown yelling at your customers in all caps “ONLY 19 OF THESE ITEMS IN STOCK…BUY NOW OR MISS OUT!” when there’s really a warehouse full, you’re lying (not to mention seeming quite desperate). While supply and demand does dictate scarcity is an appealing selling point, it’s important to avoid nagging and exaggerating. The last thing you want to do is frustrate or scare away your valuable customers.

With these five tips for promoting ecommerce urgency for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’re ready to motivate your customers to buy your products without crossing a line. Good luck and happy holidays.

Source Article from http://www.hangthebankers.com/5-tips-for-promoting-ecommerce-urgency-for-black-friday-and-cyber-monday/

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