5D Shift: No Quick Sprint, But a Marathon of Quantum Opportunity

September 16th, 2020

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Things are changng quickly on the planet right now, the old 3D reality is terraforming. The old normal is thankfully long gone – it was only ever a charade anyway. The controllers cling desperately to the reins as a new 3D/5D hybrid state takes shape. But there will be no quick fixes for either benevolence nor our counterparts. If you’ve found yourself on the spiritual path in all of this, well done. Take a breather, give yourself a pat on the back. But make it short. There’s much work still to be done. This will be no quick sprint to the finishing line of the 5D Shift, rather a 26 mile Marathon, but one of Quantum Opportunity…

Breaking Through the 3D Mental Wall

It’s been tough for spiritual people in this first part of 2020. There’s been much moving in the field to process, much density dredged up. We’re travelling through a storm and you might well already be feeling tired, wanting this to all end quickly. That’s what it feels like after the first half mile in the marathon. Your body hasn’t yet accustomed to the magnitude, the mind is wanting it to finish soon. But if you have some experience of marathons, you know that’s the first barrier, the first wall, to break through. The resistance is mostly mental. It’s a protection mechanism against the excesses of challenge, but also a limitation. It holds you back.

You are capable of more, much more.

Navigating with Spiriutal Vision in 2020

The mind likes bite sized chunks. Something that seems measurable and reasonable. But the spirit is neither measurable NOR reasonable. It is beyond limit and reason. The only thing that slows it down is the ego trying desperately to justify itself with the container you should dwell in. The time has come to breakthrough and break out. Because there’s still much work to be done. The shadowside have a lot yet in store and they’re planning – hoping – on plenty giving up after the first Plandemonium hurdle, that they’ll acquiesce into the box.

Here’s how to Breakthrough Mental, Emotional & Karmic Density

The Controllers Over-Extending Themselves, Making Mistakes

Too many people have been acquiescing to the face mask. Yes, plenty have been challenging the narrative and that’s levelling the playing field. But still too many are unquestioning, behaving like sheeple. “Oh it’s only a face covering, it’s only temporary. I don’t want to cause offence”. And so now new levels of lockdown are happening, all leading to the vaxx. Will it be mand8tory? That all depends if the controllers feel bold enough to get away with it.

My sense is enough souls will awaken to intensify the challenge. The controllers will make mistakes, HAVE made mistakes: like arresting pregnant women, battering the elderly and disabled, supressing dissenting media – yes this all sounds eerily similar to Nazi Germany prior to the Second World War. In the end it didn’t go too well for tyrany back then. It’s an important historical reflection – the shadow side always seems to reach a point where it over extends itself, that finally causes a blossoming rebellion.

The Second World War was no quick sprint either. And it required an all out effort to bring down the pillars of tyranny. This time World War III is a war on the very consciousness of humanity, where the bullets and bombs are words and memes, created by behavioural psychologists, designed to keep people willingly in the box. Once more they are a charade, Emperor’s New Clothes, creating merely the illusion of authority and control. The only authority they will ever have is that which we give them.

Here’s Essential Information on Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

Time for a Change of Gear – A Quantum Leap

It’s time for a change of perspective, a change of gear. We’ve hit the first mental wall, the first barrier. We’ve achieved some things, but you can already feel the tiredness reverberrating around the field. This is the time to dig in, to become intimate with the way things feel; to be illuminating and honest about the path that lies ahead. We have to equalise with it so as to normalise in it. It’s time to confront the mind, for these are only thoughts and perceptions – they too are humungous illusions. It’s time for the first quantum leap in consciousness that elevates us from the idea of the quick sprint, and instead settles us into the stride of the Marathon.

I recall building towards the Black Belt in martial arts. There were rigours and discipline, effort, training and conditioning. Piling as much power into each punch, willing on every sinew and muscle. But then after the Black Belt everything suddenly changed. The effort fell away. Instead of, “How fast can I move from point A to B?”, instead there is, “How can I remove the space between point A and B?” As Neo discovers in the Matrix, there is no spoon!

Now you’re working in quantum leaps. The mind, fear and pain are merely pointers of where to turn into and work through, of what to transcend. And transcendence becomes the engine of transformation. You feel the heaviness, but now lean into it.

Sample this Openhand Bow for Breaking Through Density

I recall breaking a house brick in the martial arts. When you strike the surface of the brick, the reverberration informs the mind that bricks are hard and hands break – it’s 3D natural to create what you expect. But if you’ve focussed beyond the brick and committed to that, then you don’t stop at the brick’s surface. Your consciousness tells you that you’re going through and informs the brick likewise. The seemingly impossible happens. The brick falls apart. There is no spoon!

The resistance becomes your friend. The path down which you travel. Then a wonderful juxtaposition takes place. Each barrier provides a new breakthrough, a new opening and expansion, a new gift of beingness. You now welcome the challenge as opportunity.

Here’s More on Essential Transcendence

Time to Quantum Leap Your Consciousness

My friends the work has just begun. The shift is a complex unravelling mechanism and so no quick fix. The strands of intervention must be unravelled within, like some ancient gordian knot. But here’s the opportunity to shift perspective. Here’s the possibility to discover something deeper about yourself – much deeper. Quantum Leaping Your Consciousness becomes possible when you’re in continual confrontation of the density – when you acquiesce to the Marathon.

You hit this point where you’ve broken through the wall, through several walls, and new gears of movement and expression kick in. You pick up your pace. You’re moving with a new vigour, a new belief. You’re no longer running but flying!

Let Each Day in the Shift Start with a New Possibility

So don’t pray for the finishing line any time soon. This is a marathon, (of about 30 years according to the galactic/solar/pole shift convergences) and we’re only 9 months in. So change your perspective. This is not about the quick fix, the quick resolution, the quick shift by 2021 or even 2030 as some are saying. And it’s definitely NOT about settling comfortably into a new normal, LOL!

Once you accept that and normalise with it, everything quickly becomes okay, fine, acceptable – possible.

Let each day be a new opportunity, a new possibility, a new quantum leap. The only game going on is self realisation, the progressive realisation of the True Self. it’s the only game in town. So let go of the idea of a quick sprint to the finishing line. It’s time for a quantum leap in possibility that helps you run each mile better, smoother, faster, with less resistance and effort. Time to get your marathon legs on!

It’s high time to Quantum Leap our Consciousness – to master how to really break through and let go of internal density; to open the gateways of higher dimensional opportunity and possibility. So if you resonate, come and join Openhand’s Events and Gatherings Online and Around the World…

Ascension Activations 2020

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