9/11 Heroes Not Welcome at Ground Zero

August 26, 2011

First Responders– including police, fire fighters, EMTs and others– have been barred from attending the ceremony commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Instead, warmongering politicos including President Obama and former President George W. Bush will grandstand at Ground Zero, trampling upon the memory of those who lost their life while stifling the living heroes who have increasingly questioned the official story, the lack of care for those who got sick and other travesties. Instead, responders enrolled in health care programs are screened through terrorism databases, literally adding insult to injury. What’s more, such databases are increasingly used by Homeland Security to control access to jobs, benefits and more.

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66 Responses to “9/11 Heroes Not Welcome at Ground Zero”

  1. What needs to happen on the 9-11 anniversary is


    Let the cockroaches put on their dog-and-pony

    show, but in solidarity with the families and the

    brave first-responders BOYCOTT THE PARTY!

  2. The irony of this is that when you rise up against TPTB they will call on the very workers they shun to defend them and abuse you, and they will !

    • Then we need to abuse them back!!

  3. Amerika shawdow military government attacks Trade center God attacks Midwest with violent tornados many of them at one time!

    Amerika shawdow military government attacks Iraq! God sends Hurricanes to destroy oil fields and the whole coast of the northern gulf!

    Amerika shawdow military government attacks Libya! God sends in another monster Hurricane this time directly to Washington to threaten Obama’s sense of pride to show him who he’s dealing with after 20,000 sorties of destruction over Libya!

    Amerika shawdow military government attacks…

    Amerika shawdow military government attacks…

    Amerika shawdow military government attacks…

  4. Let’s not forget about the second responders who were trying to save the dead in the pile of rubble after the towers came down. Some of them died because of the noxious chemicals released into the air as they were desperately trying to pull out body parts and survivors. They had no gas masks or breathing apparatus. Many have suffered respiratory illness and died over the years. There are thousands still living who are suffering because of the bacteria they ingested during the recovery phase.

    For the 10th anniversary, a hurricane is heading towards New York City. Perhaps it’s the ghosts of those who died on 9/11. Everything happens for a reason in this world.

    • George Bush and Bill Clinton made 10′s of millions off of the idiots that sent them
      money!! Do you hear about them giving some of it back – hell no??

  5. i remember that day i remember standing in my local gasstatio just starting another average morning , and when i first saw on the news about the world trade center i knew that something was not right i knew that something was abnormal but after all this i now look back and say God Bless the heroes who went in to try to save the ones who were trapped inside God Bless you all.

  6. US Military, Local Police our different enforcement agencies .. Pay Attention!! They are showing you what they do to Americans that are trying to help their country. They will use you, grind your asses up and discard you. It’s right “in your face”!!!!!! US military “do not murder innocent people”.
    Police “do not carry out unconstitutional acts”. All of you have the power/key currently. But soon if the reporting of Robot enforcement platoons are for real..which they probably are..soon you will not be needed. You will be out there trying to survive along with the rest of US.

    • Yes, give up your short lived power trip, and join the righteous before its too late.

  7. Can this whole 9/11 lie stink any more than it already does?

  8. Zionists will never be brought to justice. the UN, international criminal court is just a tool against their political or international opponents to put a legal face on their crimes and oppression. who will bring Obama(Zionist stooge) to justice for bombing afghans, Pakistanis, Libyans or leaders in Israel for using weapons of mass destruction(white phosphorus) against the Palestinians?

    • … don’t forget about the DIME weapons and cluster munitions they were testing out in Gaza also.

  9. Hey Globalist Scum, you can run but you can not hide. You can slither into your deepest underground bunkers. You may think that you have the world by the cajones right now, but that is just delusion concocted by the neurotransmitters in your evil little twisted brains. Just remember that you have no power that is not allowed you by God. He will let you harden your hearts and at the same time draw you into the sea just like he did Pharos army. You can’t escape God! If you don’t change your path you will not escape Hell either.

    • Your god sounds a lot like Zeus. It was Prometheus who didn’t listen to Zeus and paid for it. He is no match for Atlas, Odysseus, Perseus, Heracles and Apollo. Perhaps he will feel the thunder from Thor, Frigg and Odin. Perhaps god should reacquaint himself with Moses, Lilith and Job. Certainly he has to have the permission of the goddess Asia before he saber rattles.

      I think you will find god was always with the globalists and NWO. He has a tendency to do a lot of forsaking to hold onto power. I suspect Odin will be taking all of his power very soon.

      • You are so lost that I feel sorry for you.

  10. No Clergy or prayer either. Them evil dudes cannot stand it when Jesus is close by.

  11. This is a good thing. The farther the scumbags seperate themselves from real people the more sheep will wake up.

    • only muslims allowed why would there be any normal people there

      • they’ll be calling back The Dancing Israelis for entertainment.

        • I am sure they will be on hand ‘to document the event’.

  12. Help! tried posting twice already. maybe 3rd time is the charm? im going on the radio on tues sept 6th to present 9/11 truth in orlando, fl. Ive got months worth of notes to go through, its been awhile since I’ve focused on 9/11 because I’ve been convinced for quite some time (been branching out to the big picture). can someone help and throw up a list of 9/11 clips (audio or video with audio that will stand by itself) that i can go through in my prep? i never organized myself in that respect because I never thought anyone would ask me to sit down and go point by point. thanks.

    • I would suggest that you take a look at ‘Architects Engineers for 9/11 Truth’ htt*://www.ae911truth.org/

      * = p

  13. tried to post and it didnt go. lemme try again. Hello infowarriors, some of you might remember me from a year or so ago. I still listen to the show and read the site, just havent been posting. I’m going on a friends AM radio show in Orlando, FL on tues the 6th to present some 9/11 truth. I have months of note to go through and condense, as I haven’t been harping specifically on 9/11 in awhile. Does anyone have a list of links for some good audio clips or video clips with usable audio? it would help alot in my prep. Thanks!

    • Google: 9/11 Mysteries. it’s the best 9/11 film i’ve seen. 90 minutes of great info.

  14. Vote which is a better :




  15. Hey all. Been probably close to a year since I last posted here. I’m going on a friends radio show in Orlando FL on Tues Sept 6 to present some 9/11 truth. I’m going though all my old notes, but I havent been focused on 9/11 for awhile. Could yall help and post some links to some short clips with audio for me to go through. It will help alot since I’ve got months upon months worth of notes that I’ve gotta go through and condense into a presentable package. Thanks in advance.

  16. Banned?? Come on Alex. We have enough sensationalism with the lamstream media. How in the world can anyone ban firefighters from going to the Ground Zero ceremony?? Seriously. What would be their reasoning behind that? And what firefighter is just going to sit down and say….”Uh, okay.” LOL

  17. If none of them show up because they’re told they’re not welcome will really say alot. I sure hope they bum rush the place.

    • …or surround the place with megaphones pointed at the official gathering and recite in unison the facts about the 9/11 cover up.

      • …ad nauseum

  18. well the heroes know too much since they heard explosions after explosions. so, it will be mostly paid mourners with crocodile tears and the patriotic zealots with an agenda who are trying so hard to make people believe the government fairytale.

  19. T h e b o o k y o u n o w h o l d i n y o u r h a n d s i s t h e m o s t i m p o r t a n t b o o k o f the twenty-first century… We— the potential resistance or opposition to U.S.
    criminal policy—have been spinning our wheels for a complete decade.
    There are a lot of reasons for this wheel-spinning, including various
    programs of very skillful and extraordinarily devious cover-up after coverup after cover-up of the central question of what did happen on 9/11.
    –Professor Eric Larse
    .checktheevidence (dot) com/pdf/towers%20book%20flyer2.pdf

    Directed Free-Energy Technology turns the thermite theory to dust! (Pun intended)
    Great work ~ Great Job ~ “/ictory is Ours”
    Many people around the world are now realising that the official story of 9/11 is almost completely false.
    Andrew, along with fellow 9/11 researcher Dr.Judy Wood have bought up a whole new set of questions, which can not be ignored and turns the thermite theory to dust! (Pun intended)
    In this presentation, we will look at the evidence as to why the story is false, but we will also look at how some elements of the “9/11 Truth Movement” seem to be trying to cover up a secret which has the potential to transform the future of mankind. How was the WTC really destroyed and why was Hurricane Erin closest to NYC at about 8am on 9/11? A look at the evidence tells us what happened and, to an extent, how it was done.

    Andrews Website
    .ebbwvaleinstitute (dot) org/news/fri-9th-september-2011-finding-the-truth-about-911-andrew-johnson
    “STARSEEDS” describe evolved beings from another planet, star system or galaxy, whose specific missions are to assist Planet Earth and her peoples to bring in the Golden Age at the turn of the millennium.
    Oceans LoVe from lightning blueray

    • Back in 2004, Professor Steve Jones Ph.D. (Former BYU professor) conducted a complete chemical breakdown analysis of the WTC dust samples that were provided to him by residents in lower Manhattan. I believe there were three or four samples provided. All of the dust samples were studied using Spectrographic Analysis and an electron microscope.

      Spectrographic analysis is the determination of chemical elements by measurement of the wavelength and spectral line intensity produced by any one of several methods of excitation such as arc, flame, infrared and X-ray.

      What professor Jones discovered is that ALL of the key byproducts of a Thermate reaction were present in the WTC dust samples – including oxides of iron, aluminum oxide, including unreacted thermitic material.

      At any rate the steel quarter mile high towers came down symmetrically and without resistance in a free fall. That is all anyone needs to know that 911 was an inside job.

  20. this is some of the most effed up poop ive heard in my whole life

  21. These ‘Hero’s’ were paid somewhere around 8billion or 8million dollars. These ‘heroes’ need to all get together and say 9/11 was an inside job, THEN to keep them quite, they will be welcomed back into the BS around New York.

    • year2044, Am I understanding you correctly? Are you saying that:
      A. That they were PAID (an exorbitant amount of) money?
      B. That they need to do ANY DAMN THING to be “welcomed back into…New York”?
      C. By putting it in quotes, you are saying the first responders are NOT heroes?

      If so, then let me school you, homeboy. My brother is a 9/11 FDNY first responder. A rather famous one in fact, though out of respect for his privacy I won’t say who – suffice it to say, you’ve seen his image several times over. As for your ignorant, sardonic accusations:

      A. I don’t know about the others, but I can assure you, he did not receive a PENNY. If anyone were to be paid out, he would have been one of them, trust me. And as for the other responders, if you don’t have actual HARD evidence of this “8billion or 8million” (which is it? There’s a “little” difference there), then shame on you.
      PAID? Yeah, he paid – by losing 7 of his fellow firefighters – in HIS FIREHOUSE ALONE. In one day. Not to mention the many others he knew personally. If I told you how many funerals he attended in a three week period, your head would spin.
      B. Every single New Yorker – every single person affected by 9/11 – should respect these selfless men and women, as far as I’m concerned, period. They owe NOTHING. They are OWED big time.
      C. They’re not heroes? Try this on for size: my brother was a first responder….despite the fact that he wasn’t on duty that day. Yet he jumped on his bike, and sped down to Ground Zero as fast as his engine could take him…then basically stayed there in hardcore dangerous conditions for weeks on end, without taking days off, hardly ever sleeping – oh yeah! Except for when he went to another funeral of a close friend. Would YOU do that?

      Please correct me if I’m reading you incorrectly, but if I’m not…maybe YOU are the one who should be quiet.

      The first responders are HEROES with the biggest capital “H” any computer can type. And to ban them from the “party”? They should be CHAPERONED AROUND the party by Mr. Mayor and all the rest of the big suits, while those chaperones are all wearing white gloves and saying “yes, sir” or “yes, m’amm” to every single thing they say.

      OK, all of my FDNY bias opinions aside…
      These NWO scum are STUPID. Ban the EMT’s, NYC cops, and FDNY from their little shindig? Are they really THAT blind? Mr. Mayor: who are YOU going to call when you have a stroke? Or for that matter, when YOU need protection from REAL PATRIOTS (oops, I mean “those terrorists”) who are protesting outside YOUR HOUSE? Who, I ask, are you going to dial when, perhaps, the old wiring in your house goes faulty and your house goes up in flames? Won’t it be fun THEN, when you are sweating, wondering if the firefighters will show up for YOU??

      These power-hungry dweebs don’t realize that they are plotting their own demise, as they they try to control US. They might build rockets, but they’re not exactly rocket scientists, now, are they?

      Thank you all for keeping democracy alive (including you, year2044!), and THANK YOU, Alex. You are a true John Connor. A true Nada. March on with your heads held high!

    • you got served. OOOOOOH SNAP!!!

  22. Barry and W will be there because Psychopaths and mass murders relish in visiting their crime scenes. They feed off the energy and feel strengthened by flaunting it in our faces that they got away with it. I feel sick now.
    I hope there is a massive, organized protest of truthers that causes a disruption that cannot be ignored by the msm.

    • If the first responders are barred from attending that would leave any protest without the usual provocateurs.
      They are announcing a perfect time to arrest these criminals without police protection.

      Good points

    • i totally agree Sarah.

  23. All of New York will soon be known as “Ground Zero” because that is all that will be left in your
    pockets after the final bankster rapedown. Got white shoes? Well YAHOO!

  24. They want to celebrate the success of their FALSE FLAG ATTACK in private.

  25. they’re on the database – they’re al-qeada! ………. and so are you

    The Arabic word qaida – ordinarily meaning “base” or “foundation”
    – is also used for “groundwork” and “basis”.
    It is employed in the sense of a military or naval base,
    and for chemical formulae and geometry:the base of a pyramid, for example.
    Lane, the best Arab-English lexicon, gives these senses: foundation, basis of a house;
    the supporting columns or poles of a structure;
    the lower parts of clouds extending across a horizon; a universal or general rule or canon.

    With the coming of the computer age,
    it has gained the further meaning of “database”:
    qaida ma’lumat (information base).

    • Its funny (Kinda) that you guys call them heroes here in this article but then implicate them in your WTC7 controlled demolition theories…..

      Its almost like you want to debunk on your own lies….

      • I doubt anyone here says that the first responders carried out the 911 false flag attacks.

        Bush ,Cheney, those involved with the Bilderburgs, CFR, and Trilateral Comission is a different story.

        Educate yourself to the issues at hand. Only the liars change their stories, we do not

      • Talk about conspiracy theories! That one is a real honey, recondo. I bet you really do wear a tin-foil hat to bed every night.

      • Nice try recontraitor, only know one has implicated the fire dept.Confront your cowardice recontraitor. You may grow to love the idea of freedom and liberty, and even the truth.

  26. I am very proud of you Charlie..keep hanging on and demanding the truth brother..

  27. The 1st responders and crowds must rush in and break into the ceremony while it’s happening.
    “CRASH THE PARTY” so to speak.
    All should scream out the words that 911 was a gov’t coverup and demand an immediate a “real” investigation starting with the White House officials who were in office at that time.

    I can’t think of a better way to remeber this 10th anniversary…by finally getting our due justice!
    Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and more high ranking elitists ( Bilderbergs ) need their names specifically announced to prove that we know they caused this event. Prison life sentences with no parole is my vote!

    • Look at those involved with the PNAC documents calling for a new Pearl Harbour,
      I believe them to be the planners of this terrorist inside job.

    • Actually, they should scream 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!! The coverup is obvious. Well, so is the fact that it was an inside job. But you get my point.

  28. “August 10, 2011, President Obama hosted his third annual Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan at the White House. Neil Munro of the Daily Caller noted that the invite list was much shorter than previous years and had been scrubbed of several “controversial” Muslim leaders who had attended in the past. Daniel Pipes, writing at the Investigative Project, identified three Islamist attendees who were not on the official list released by the White House but who are reported to have attended:

    Mohamed Magid, President of the Islamic Society of North America;
    Awais Sufi, Chairman of Muslim Advocates; and
    Haris Tarin, Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

    Why did the White House conduct a cover-up of the attendance by these three Muslim leaders of Islamist lobbying and advocacy groups?”

    • Why am not surprised

      • “Tarek Fatah names three members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House”

        The speaker is an Indian Muslim who is warning his fellow Canadians and us to wake up. He has tremendous courage and pulls no punches on what is happening with Islamist fascism.


        • You should be worried about the mix of European globalist bankers and other globalists that control and are destroying this country by design. But of coarse that is not your purpose…

        • What is your malfunction dude? I am worried about tyranny no matter the color OR creed. LOL at knowing ‘my purpose’. You clearly don’t read anything I post. I don’t discriminate.

    • because Soetoro is a good Christian host.

      • YES HE IS!!!!

        Obama Mocks Attacks Jesus Christ And The Bible / Video / Obama Is Not A Christian

        OOPS! Obama Slips – Admits Muslim Faith

  29. The whole country is getting punished because of these sewer rats, and it has only begun. There is a God, and we are going to find out just how much he doesn’t like us.

  30. Some songs to sing when Dick Cheney and Poppy Bush die!

    THE OLD MAN FROM WYOMING (sung to the tune of The old man on the Mountain)

    With a balding head and a crooked sneer,
    He looks for wars he can engineer;
    He’ll say “Go “F” yourself” if he catches your ear,
    The Old Man from Wyoming!

    Oh, his War on Terror is a War of Fear,
    He wants to make our freedom disappear,
    But when it came to Draft, he had the balls of a steer!
    The Old Man from Wyoming!

    He blew up three Towers when he was needin’,
    To start a fake war with Iraq
    He don’t care if your kids do the bleedin’
    Cause Dick’s Hyena Heart is Pure Black! (THAT’S BLACK!!)

    And he’ll hang around ’til he’s put on trial,
    Continuin’ on with nine-eleven denial!
    But he needs to be strung up Mussolini style!
    The Old Man from” Wyoming!!

    Charles Ulysses Feney

    • nice !!!

  31. Can you imagine the spontaneous street party worldwide when Dick’s black ticker finally ticks it’s last tock?
    I know I’ll stay drunk for week singing the Wicked Dick is dead!

    Once, there was a Wicked Dick
    From the lonely land of Wyoming
    And a wickeder, more cowardly Dick,
    This world has never seen roaming
    He filled the folks in America
    With terror and foreboding
    When one Fall day, out New York way,
    Three Towers began exploding!

    Then Wicked Dick shut our defense down
    Just as jets flew into New York town!
    For that Dick’s Hyena Heart never healed,
    And when he died the church bells peeled,
    And when the coroner pronounced him dead,
    Throughout the world, the news was spread!

    Ding, Dong the Dick is dead!
    The Cowardly Dick, The Wicked Dick!
    Ding Dong the Wicked Dick is dead!

    Wake up, you sleepy-head
    Rub your eyes, get out of bed
    Wake up, the Wicked Dick is dead

    He’s gone where the goblins go,
    Below, Below, below, yo-ho
    Let’s open up and sing And ring the bells out

    Hi, Ho down in Jackson Hole,
    Damn his 911 planning soul,
    Let them know that Wicked Dick is dead!

    Charles Ulysses Feney-


    East Side, West Side,
    All around the town.
    To Hell with three thousand people,
    Time to bring three towers down.
    Let’s have a war on terror,
    Let’s go pop Old Saddam’s cork!
    We’ll consolidate all the power,
    With a Reichstag fire in New York.

    East Side, West Side,
    All around the town,
    The streets are full of asbestos
    From the buildings on the ground.
    Lil’ George is in Sarasota
    A goat tale reading world class dork.
    The Secret Service ain’t worried
    ’cause the target was New York

    East Side, West Side,
    All around the town.
    Rockefellers buried the nukes,
    Dov’s remote planes flew around
    Cheney stopped the Air Force
    To get Halliburton their pork
    We know your plan worked fantastic
    On the Skyline of New York.
    Charles Ulysses Feney

  33. This whole sham makes me sick, Watch how the Puppets can go through a bullshit ceremony with a straight face and blatantly lie about cave men who did this to Amerika and how we finally got the mastermind behind 9/11……To Hell We did!!!!……The REAL bastards who caused it are living the large life and impervious to any “Laws” How the frick they can mentally live with their selves every miserable day is beyond me. Then to somberly fake tears through a memorial service dedicated to the thousands who died that day, BUT yet ignoring the other 1000′s who have died in a foreign land BECAUSE of 9/11, nor the 100′s 100′s of 1st responders who have died, been disabled crippled because of the thankless, selfless, 14 hour days upon days after the 11th helping to clean up.

    Now they won’t allow them on GZ???? WTF does that tell you in a nutshell??
    Evil pricks are scared that the 9/11 truth is going to bite them on the ass.
    10 years and the Mass Majority KNOWS ITS A LIE!!! Sorry elitist pricks but WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY THE TRUTH WILL COME SHINING THROUGH IT SHALL SET YOU FREE!

    ……. May Diesel Dyke Janet Napolitano be one of the 1st to hang from the Treason Rope after we take our Republic back!!
    (Shave that mustache bitch, ya might get lucky yet)

    • These Ba#tards think they are so far above us that we are but fodder for thier demon ways ..time to bring them to the HAGUE for WAR CRIMES.

  34. Barred?

    Screw them!! Who will they get to arrest the first reponders who crash this photo-op?
    I say crash it, crash it big time!!
    Vocally accuse those involved and publically arrest them on terrorism charges etc.
    Force them to try and arrest thousands of peaceful first responders.

    Allow the corrupt ones inside the wire then close in and arrest them!

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