In a series of articles I will attempt to chronicle the history of Holocaust revisionism, from the end of World War II up till today.[1] For each year, I will provide some relevant details of historical backgrounds, such as Holocaust related trials, major developments in research etc. I will also append a brief outline of general historical events. The main part of each entry will be devoted to the major events of that year as directly related to Holocaust revisionism. Historical revisionist works will be mentioned only insofar they touch upon the fate of “European” jewry during World War II. Skeptical responses to mass killing allegations made prior to 1945 have been omitted in part one, since they are too numerous to mention. [2] The author wishes to thank Jean Plantin[3] and Richard Widmann for the invaluable assistance they have provided in locating some of the sources quoted below. It should be kept in mind that this article series constitutes a history of Holocaust revisionism, and that the texts quoted may contain arguments that have later been found to be erroneous. Thus, I will generally not evaluate the validity of quoted or summarized arguments.