A Dollar a Day

Editor’s note: Digger was not asked to make this suggestion. His support is appreciated.

Polite Proposal: How about on the 14th of each month, each and every one of us sends off equivalent of $30 to the Renegade production team.

My approach to donating is exactly like doing activism. We are far better off as a group, as a collective, to do lots of little on a regular basis, as opposed to keep putting it off in order to give a decent amount. Because like all procrastination – it’ll never happen. So please, just throw a few notes into an envelope in the next 20 minutes after reading this post – please just-do-it.

And you don’t have to bother exchanging it into dollars either, because that’s more of an excuse to procrastinate. Just send it off spontaneous in whatever currency – Kyle and the team can sort that out at there end. They are far better dealing with real cash they need to exchange, than having hardly any cash at all.

Just imagine if a thousand of us all sent Renegade equivalent of $30 EVERY SINGLE MONTH without fail. That’s thirty grand in their pocket every month to get things done. And think how productive the team would be. Think how even more professional they could be. You can guarantee the wonga wouldn’t be wasted on expensive dinner parties, elaborate functions and think tanks as many of these high-profile charities do.

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editor: it’s easy to make your own

Think of all the wasted money you could easily spend on utter shite and junk food. $30 a month is peanuts my friends. An ice-lolly costs $3 these days. Please think of the Cause. It’s equivalent of about a dollar a day.

All the team are very grateful for the kind words of support you give them – but … there comes a point my friends when they need something more tangible than kind words. They desperately need financial support.

Is there anything you can do to raise funds for the Renegade team, such as selling that old jet ski you keep putting off from repairing? How about some old unused tools in the shed? How about doing a few extra hours this week overtime – and whiz the money off to Kyle and the gang.

Giving to the Renegade team is probably THE most value for money investment of your entire life.

Perhaps many of you could contact Kyle to ask him to set up a direct debit account. Even if it was $5 a month. If enough people did this, it would be a major boost for The Truth Team.

On a separate note. How about making/amending your will to Renegade. Why not!? Many charities and animal welfare funds have contributions made to them in this way. Corrr, imagine if Renegade received equivalent of 20 million dollars worth of real estate. Please contact Kyle today/tonight to ask him how we could set something up for Kyle (the production team) to be part of your will.

And any rich philanthropists out there – come on. You can do it. Give to the most important investment of your life. We dare you … write a cheque out tonight for $2,000,000. What good is that money doing sitting in your account? It is only digits to you, photons on a screen; whereas it is a lifeline to The Cause.

In summary – positive reasons to contribute to Renegade

1 – Look what they’re offering ‘for free’. Look at their value for money (or no money). What else do you want to listen to in your spare time? As Jacob would say “Think of the qwolity my boy”.

2 – Think how they could develop further for future projects: documentaries, public events, international seminars, online Truth tutorials/college, legal fees, technical support and equipment, TV channel, merchandise, public film shows, physical magazine/newspaper, online propaganda shop (stickers, fliers, posters, etc) … and on and on we could go.

3 – Think of the moral boost the whole production team would get. The confidence that people are putting their money where their mouth is, and tangibly helping them in difficult times.

4 – Think of the personal financial scarifies these main players have made in the past and are making. They are all doing it for altruistic reasons and at great personal risk. Think of all their non-paid hours they all put in to prepare these shows. Now you are personally saying Thank You.

5 – Think of the feel-good-factor we all would get as a team, knowing it’s a win-win situation. We’ll all be buzzed up, knowing we are part of a great mission, knowing we’re doing our part and the brave hosts are being rewarded for their efforts.

6 – A smack around the face for the didgeridoos. They ain’t genna like it one bit when they find out that those filthy anti-semite goys are actually getting organised and finally pulling together as a team. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

7 – The RB team won’t ever have to be in that awkward position of having to keep begging for money. Why should they have to do that in the first place?? Surely, we as a proud European race should automatically contribute towards saving our heritage. After all, think of all the contributions the mosques, temples, lodges and synagogues get.

Please, make this a new positive habit in your life. On the 14th of every month, your little bit goes off in an envelope to a good cause.

Invest in Truth, invest in Renegade.

Address for physically (anonymously) posting cash in an envelope:

Kyle Hunt, PO Box 1052, Sorrento, FL 32776

PS – Many thanks to all those people who have already supported the team.

We like to send you something in return for your generosity. There is a Tribune promotion right now where you can receive a great book for your support. Over at RenegadeBroadcasting.com you can receive some great DVDs for your support (check the left sidebar). You can also donate your funds to your favorite host by clicking on their pictures in the line-up. If you are interested in receiving a Hellstorm DVD, go on over to HellstormDocumentary.com. Also, Mike Walsh sure is appreciative when you purchase his books from Amazon. You can also make a recurring monthly payment via this form.

We all understand times are tough financially, and we could always use contributions of original content to the site!

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