Advancing U.S.-Canada Economic, Energy and Security Integration

Dana Gabriel
August 30, 2011

Much has been made about the secretive nature and lack of transparency surrounding efforts by the U.S. and Canada to create a North American security perimeter. With several high-level meetings in the last month, not to mention all the behind the scenes negotiations, it is expected that an action plan will be unveiled at some point in September. From a U.S. perspective, it is security which is driving the agenda, while on the Canadian side, facilitating trade and easing the flow of goods across the border is the focal point. Any deal reached will build off of past initiatives and be used to advance economic, energy and security integration between the two countries.

Image by Darcy St. Amant and NAUresistance

During a bilateral meeting in early August, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird discussed issues pertaining to the Middle East and the Western Hemisphere. Also high on the agenda was U.S.- Canada relations. This included the declaration, Beyond the Border: Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness issued by U.S. President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper back in February of this year. At a news conference following her meeting with Minister Baird, Secretary Clinton stressed that, “it’s critical that we ensure our border remains a safe, vibrant connector of people, trade, and energy. And today, the minister and I discussed other ways to expand trade and investment; for example, by reducing unnecessary regulations.” It is interesting that Clinton brought up energy as this is also an intrical part of North American integration which is being further advanced through the U.S.-Canada Clean Energy Dialogue, as well as other initiatives.

Another issue that came up during Clinton and Baird’s meeting was the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. If approved, it would carry oil sands crude from the province of Alberta and pass through the U.S. states of Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas to delivery points in Oklahoma and Texas, at the Gulf of Mexico. While addressing a question at a joint news conference about delays on coming to a decision on the pipeline, Secretary Clinton said, “We are leaving no stone unturned in this process and we expect to make a decision on the permit before the end of this year.” Several months back, the Environmental Protection Agency expressed concerns about environmental impacts associated with the project, as well as the level of analysis and information being provided. With the State Department’s recent release of its Final Environmental Impact Statement, the Keystone XL pipeline has moved one step closer to a final decision. The review period will now go, “beyond environmental impact, taking into account economic, energy security, (and) foreign policy.” While there continues to be vocal opposition to the project, it is being touted as important for future U.S. energy security.

In May of this year, the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power held a series of hearings which among other things, examined legislation concerning the North American-Made Energy Security Act. The bill called on, “the President to expedite the consideration and approval of the construction and operation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.” With regards to oil consumption, it acknowledged that, “While a significant portion of imports are derived from allies such as Canada and Mexico, the United States remains vulnerable to substantial supply disruptions created by geopolitical tumult in major producing nations.” It goes on to say. “The development and delivery of oil and gas from Canada to the United States is in the national interest of the United States.” The bill also stated, “Continued development of North American energy resources, including Canadian oil, increases domestic refiners’ access to stable and reliable sources of crude and improves certainty of fuel supply for the Department of Defense.” In other words, more Canadian oil is needed to fuel the U.S. war machine. This all ties in with the perimeter security deal and further removing trade barriers. It is part of U.S. efforts to secure more access and control of Canadian resources.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

The Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC) was created at the same time as President Obama and Prime Minister Harper signed the Beyond the Border declaration. The RCC aims to further advance regulatory harmonization in a wide range of areas. While the border security and regulatory cooperation discussions are separate, they do go hand in hand. In June, the RCC held its first meeting which centered around the development of a joint action plan and the creation of working groups in key sectors. The Terms of Reference for the RCC establishes the mandate and principles by which it will carry forth. When an action plan is completed it, “will outline activities for a period of up to two years. At the end of the two-year period, Canada and the United States will review the work of the RCC and consider the adoption of a new Action Plan.” While this is a bilateral initiative, “The United States and Canada will seek, to the extent possible, to coordinate the RCC’s activities with the work of the U.S.-Mexico High-Level Regulatory Cooperation Council when the three governments identify regulatory issues of common interest in North America.” At some point, these dual-bilateral councils could come together to form a single continental regulatory body.

On August 15, 2011, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano met with Canada’s Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, “to discuss the ongoing partnership between the United States and Canada to work collaboratively on our shared vision for perimeter security and strengthen information sharing to better combat cross-border crime, while expediting legitimate trade and travel.” The bilateral meeting was an opportunity to review progress being made on an action plan that is being developed by the Beyond the Border Working Group. The Toronto Star reported that Napolitano and Toews also discussed increasing joint border operations such as the Shiprider program which allows law enforcement officials from both countries to operate together. Secretary Napolitano explained. “We’re looking at expanding that kind of basic concept to other areas where we can do more by way of joint law enforcement operation, intelligence gathering and … joint policing.” This would also further build off of the Integrated Border Enforcement Team Program, a bi-national initiative which is comprised of both Canadian and American law enforcement agencies. Eventually, you could see the creation of a joint U.S.-Canada organization managing the border.

Following his meeting with Secretary Napolitano, Minister Towes also announced that Prime Minister Harper and U.S. President Obama will meet in early fall where they will be updated and provide further directions on plans for a North American security perimeter. There are fears that any deal reached could be lopsided with Canada giving up more than it gains. Over the last number of years, Canada has already enacted many U.S. security measures. As part of a continental security perimeter arrangement, Canada could be forced to comply with any new U.S. requirements, regardless of the risks they may pose to privacy and civil liberties.

Dana Gabriel’s post first appeared on his website, Be Your Own Leader.

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15 Responses to “Advancing U.S.-Canada Economic, Energy and Security Integration”

  1. CANADA IS FOR CANADIANS…so are its resources

    Harper et al must be wiped from the history books as that lieing bastard and his sissy-fairy-lala right hand man Baird are selling this nation and its people and resources off, THOWING AWAY the last vestiges of our sovereignty to placate and siticefy their US OIL corporate overloards.

    All you zi[pperheads in Canada that are sayuing yahoo its a good thing remember this.

    While Romans were whiling away their days in the circus getting free bread from the Emporer (made from Egyptian wheat) the Egyptian peasants that grew that wheat were all starving to death for lack of food.

    When push comes to shove you will see the US elites and their military lapdogs living in warmth and compfort while Canadians are freezing to death in the dark because we don’t have the access to OUR OWN petroleum products to heat our homes and run our power plants!

    I’m telling you now I won’t freezing or starve cause I’ll use the fat of the idiots who suppotted these assholes to warm myself and cook their flesh to fill my belly!

  2. There’s nothing wrong with unity — unless it’s used to control minute aspects of people’s lives just for the sake of power.

  3. Wow! This has NORTH AMERICAN UNION written all over it. Mexico is in our hands. Now all we have to do is get Canada going. Then we will finally have our Amero-currency. I’m sorry, I should say, The “globalists” will finally have their “Amero-currency”. I don’t even give two shits whether we have it or not. Just another fiat currency with debt build-up over a period of years. How is that any different than the system we have now? ANSWER: IT IS ISN’T!!!

  4. Good people, brave people, Unite! Join hands to resist the invading evil!

    Our lives are hanging by a thread. The sleeping masses are falling under the invisible, silent, unrelenting encroachment–a mortal assault advanced far beyond anything else in history, making it all the more deadly.

    We who are awake have just cause to strike back with deadly force. The evidence is not in a book…….it is saturating us to the core. It is not just entering our government, but our homes, our minds, our souls! What the enemy is doing, step by step, inch by inch, country by country, is irresistible unless we overpower them as a monolithic force, united in time and place.

    Ron Paul could be our greatest asset in a government now overrun by degenerates. But have we considered that he cannot do what we must do for ourselves? We fool ourselves if we turn it all over to him, and then sit back to drink our beers and watch TV. Have we considered that waiting until after the election buys more time for the enemy…….while we indulge our uncertain hopes instead of taking action?

    He needs us as much as we need him. There are things he cannot say at this time, if he is to win.

    But Dr. Paul will surely agree on the following:

    Stop the trashy postings that degrade us all. You destroy yourselves!
    Stop the racism, and look at the real enemies.
    Stop the bible verses, that divides us. Bibles don’t stop bombs.
    Stop the complaining…what good will complaining do inside a FEMA camp?
    Stop the personal attacks, or reap your karma!

    And surely, Dr. Paul will agree on the following:

    Support each other with love and courage, despite individual differences. Everyone has something useful to offer. Communicate secretly, develop plans, appoint local leaders. Cut off the power of the NWO by using less oil, taking your money out of banks, developing local infrastructure that is totally independent of all government.

    Publish, far and wide, the names and addresses of all NWO collaborators.

    Gather weapons for your defense. Be original. Plan for your defense against the terrible technologies sure to be unleashed when the enemy’s losing and desperate. They are far worse than most imagine. Inform yourselves!

    Thinking ahead, past the bloody revolution that is indisputably inevitable, what can we do to purge the planet of those who conspire against humanity? It’s not possible to extirpate all of them. Some survive, rebuild, and another tyranny is on the way.

    The only solution is a wholesale change in ourselves. Tyrants grow in the fields of our own predation and treachery. We are their models. We are their justification. If we lack integrity, so will those amassing money and power. Had we integrity years ago, we would have kicked out the very first politician who lied and cheated us.

    We need to change ourselves. Nothing less than becoming true individuals will work. If there is anything tyrants fear the most, it is a person who is completely independent, who takes responsibility for all that he does, who thinks for himself and who acts for himself. Such a person is not dependent on religion to tell him what to think, and dependent on government to act for him.

    Ultimately, though many will deny it, we cannot circumvent the following:

    Judge civilization by its consciousness.
    Judge consciousness by its truths.
    Judge truth by reality.

    As soon as we accept this,

    We change civilization by changing its consciousness.
    We change consciousness by changing its truths.
    We change truth as we discover the nature of reality.

    • The reason America is in this mess is because it allowed GOD to
      be removed from it’s schools, court houses, and government…
      Instead of voting for Christian leaders to lead this country, we
      voted in people who wanted to continue removing GOD from
      this country…! Without GOD we are nothing….
      Without God we are being divided and taken over by evil…

  5. This is so clearly another step toward one-world government that I am amazed more people do not see through it.

    Wake up !!! Then wake up your relatives, friends, and neighbors who have not yet seen the truth about the globalist agenda. There is ample evidence to prove that the globalist elite are wholly evil, and are out to enslave us, or kill us off; one way or another.

  6. What if you own land thats in the way of there oil pipeline? Will they just steal your land by giving you 1/10 of its value or will they just outright take it and give you nothing!?

    • In Canada they own anything under 6″. Yes That is six inches. We only get paid a small amount for the right of way for pipeline construction on our lands. Easements and releases are required but they can pretty much do what ever they want in the way of your land up here. It is so criminal it is beyond compare.

  7. The corporate elite bastards won’t stop until they get their North American Union.

  8. Deep integration has already happened in our fine country. Unless we tighten up the borders there will be a significant number of individuals crossing the border into Canada. We’ve already had a corporate take over here. Currently out of the 12,000 corporations in Canada approx 9,000 of them are owned by US companies. I personally am against all foreign companies within Canada, within reason. Right now we are subject to the residual effects of the s#it storm about to hit the US. We need to be proactive in making sure we are entering into these agreements with ‘eyes wide open’.

    Last thing Canada needs is to be in bed with the US administration…


  9. what a bunch of BS, may GOD SLAY THE QUEEN!!

    DC was just caught giving Mexican CIA drug cartels 30,000 weapons as janet NAPOLEONitano says “oh the border is more secure than ever”.. yeah, against Americans escaping SOUTH!

    theyre spending like mad to beef up security at the Canadian border, a country that the majority of the people speak the same language, TO KEEP US IN!

    darker skinned Spanish speaking illegals get the red carpet treatment but try being a Canadian wanting to become American or vice-versa.. and tell me DC’s policies arent racist as all hell.

    in Illinois theres 3 nuclear power plants that send all the electricity to Canada, and what the people here in the US get to use is coming from Canada why? BORDER TAXES!! this pipeline BS theyre talking about is the same path as the NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY, oh isnt THAT just convenient?

    TPTB knew damn well we’d never accept another bush-clinton in office so they coughed up bungholio (obama) and made hillary secretary of state to “help” run the show, and “the show” is the destruction of this nation as fast as possible!

    when bush-clinton rammed NAFTA-GATT through on a baton pass we never got to vote about, all her majesty’s corporate nicknames took the technology and production to the China they’ve OWNED since the opium war.. and hillary went to work on the board of directors to Walmart selling cheep Chinese goods expanding into every little town possible bankrupting multiple thousands of smaller retailers, cancelling millions of delivery driver and cashier jobs ON TOP OF all the damage done to the skilled manufacturing labor who are now “dime a dozen” because there aint jobs!!
    biotch made BILLIONS by way of treasonous economic sabotage.

    but if we dont like it we’re “terrorists” ?!!!

    • Hey Captain Obvious! I’ll remind you that our power is generated from two specific areas. Niagara Falls and Churchill Falls. Both are providing power to the entire Eastern seaboard of your country. We also have a couple of nuclear facilities that are providing us power. We are not a dependent. In fact Canada is able to be completely independent if it needs to be.

      However, we like the people of America, we just don’t’ fancy the administration. Ya’ll have a good day now ya hear!


      • yes I’m aware of that, it is very much like what little oil we produce gets exported and what we get to use for fuel is imported, as the supertanker corporates get rich shipping the stuff around, polluting all the way. the US could and should be energy independant also, and there really isnt any need for nuclear power plants AT ALL!

        they’ll drill all day-week-month-year for OIL, but not for geothermal heat that’d eliminate a need for burning coal or using nuclear power to boil water.

        its the same here as there, all run by her majesty’s corporate nicknames and puppets. I’m not a fan of their “north american union” garbage, I think the US and Canada oughtta merge to throw off the queens dog collars, drop her majesty’s royal bankster theives into a volcano and be done with em.

  10. Scumbag satanists being scumbag satanists – nothing new.

    • Indeed… its pathetic how low the power pigs of this world are willing to sink to achieve their insane goals.

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