Afghanistan: A Lesson to Be Learned by America’s Friends and Enemies

22 Aug 2021

Afghanistan: A Lesson to Be Learned by America’s Friends and Enemies

By Mohammad Youssef

The shocking abrupt US withdrawal from Afghanistan after twenty years of occupation has caused a series of reactions all over the world from friends and enemies alike.

US friends were foremost shocked for the American miscalculations and their easy renouncing of their Afghani allies. US enemies were happy for the US bitter defeat and discovered again how shallow, arrogant and shortsighted Americans are.

A month and a half ago US president joe Biden informed his people of the coming withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan promising them that this withdrawal would be “secure and orderly”, he further assured them and the world that Taliban takeover of the country would be unlikely, boasting that the well-trained, well-equipped Afghani forces that count over three hundred thousand would run the country and defeat Taliban who are poorly equipped and barely count 75000.

The recent developments have proven Biden wrong on all counts.

After twenty years of American occupation and heavy involvement in Afghanistan. More than 2,300 soldiers killed, more than 20,000 wounded, hundreds of thousands of Afghani people wounded or killed and two trillion US dollars spent there, the collapse was so sudden and almost the whole country fell into Taliban hands again.

Many lessons should be drawn from this significant event.

First, the US administration proves again and again that the only established policy it has for every world problem is military solution that ends always in a tragic failure.

Second, what signifies US policies all over the world is their complete detachment from morality and reality they further lack common sense and any relation with rational thinking or planning.

Third, the magnitude of US failure in Afghanistan is stunning, surprising and rather shocking, it reflects the typical American political culture of not respecting or at least trying to understanding other people’s culture.

Fourth, instead of investing in infrastructure and building friendship and trust with people, the US policy adopts a policy of sanctions and punishment, thus exacerbating and complicating people’s life which rises the animosity against them.

Fifth, once they leave a country the US troops never pay respect or attention for those who risked their lives collaborating with them, they just leave them behind without any protection.

Sixth, the US mass media plays a crucial role in misleading people in the US and across the world alike, they are part of the war machine of the American establishment.

Seventh, the US fleeing from Afghanistan has sent a very alarming message to all Washington’s friends all over the region especially in ‘Israel’ where the enemy leaders are questioning the integrity of the US leadership.

Eighth, more important, the US occupation ended with resonating defeat and historical humiliation to the American administration and its policies in the region. This brought back to the forefront the US endless soul of recklessness and adventurism all over the world.

Washington is leaving behind a heritage of blood, cruelty, foolishness, failure and destruction. This is a typical American example of the arrogant imperialism which yields nothing but bloodshed and violence to the targeted countries, and failure and humiliation to the American policy makers.


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