Alan Titchmarsh says gardening outranks politics

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Last updated at 12:57 AM on 3rd January 2012

In the world of Westminster, a vital issue sprouts up almost each day.

But gardening expert and TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh doesn’t take much notice of the cut and thrust of political debate.

He says gardening is of greater significance than politics because it has ‘a consistent point of view’.

Seedy view? Titchmarsh believes gardening is more important than politics

Seedy view? Titchmarsh believes gardening is more important than politics

Titchmarsh, 62, was asked in an interview if gardening was more important than the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme Newsnight.

He responded: ‘Much more important. Tomorrow, Newsnight will have different stories and priorities. Gardening is more important than politics. It has a consistent point of view. And that is: that a piece of ground should be cherished.’

Titchmarsh added: ‘If you live in the countryside and look out of the window, you will see there is no ostensible difference between this year and 200 years ago.

‘The natural world has a kind of stability. There is a cycle that’s reliable and sound, and that is real life to me.’

Titchmarsh, who left school at 15 to work as an apprentice gardener for the council in Ilkley, West Yorkshire,  remains one of the most cherished faces on British television, with a tenth series of his mid-afternoon ITV1 chat show due to begin on January 16.

Critical: Titchmarsh is vocal of his disapproval of television shows like Newsnight

Critical: Titchmarsh is vocal of his disapproval of television shows like Newsnight

But in his Radio Times interview he criticised viewers who remain ‘glued’ to the screen.

Titchmarsh – who also hosts gardening programmes including the BBC’s Chelsea Flower Show coverage – says gardening is ‘real life’ but generations are missing out.

‘There is a greater world out there that people can’t see because they’re glued to a screen,’ he said.

‘Gardening is the stuff of life. It’s about putting a seed in the ground and making it grow.’ Titchmarsh, who has also written eight hugely successful novels and on Saturday begins hosting a weekend show for Classic FM, attacked critics who complain that he appears too much in the media.

‘I appreciate it might be a problem for some people,’ he said.

‘So, just turn me off. I don’t mind. Well, I do mind, but you can.

‘The public are quite good. I stuck my head over the parapet and started writing novels in 1998.

‘They have all got into the Sunday Times top ten, so that’s all right.  I’m not bothered about whether they’re well reviewed. People like reading them.’

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He is totally correct. That is the reason so many people are still prepared to vote Labour after the state they left the country in.

Watching Alan at least you know he’s not after anything rather he’s trying to share his gardening experiences. Watching politicians I always think they are on the make one way or another either by the way they talk or those stupid hand movements., in fact I’ve stopped watching a lot of television and now listen to the wireless and spend more time with my hobbies.puts you in a better frame of mind.

Alan! leave the garden, now! you’ve been spending too much time with those pansies. (but cant really blame him considering politics shows are hosted by smarmy self absorbed like paxman)

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