ALERT: When Aleppo falls, the “apocalyptic battle” will shortly follow (+ a P.S. – September is ours, but what about December 9? & Could the NWO be a good thing?)

(Prescript – 30 September 2016) – Congress has passed and Obama has signed the continuing resolution to temporarily keep the government open, but the measure provides funding only through December 9, after the election. So here are some obvious questions…

What will happen if Trump wins in a landslide and the Republicans pick up 6 of the Democrats’ 10 US Senate seats that are up for reelection (thus giving Republicans a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate)? How would the mainstream narrative play out?

Assuming the big crisis kicks in before December 9, Democrats would be looking at a nation and world in turmoil, and they’d be facing the “abyss” of a Trump presidency and a completely Republican controlled Congress…

Would they be tempted to use their Senate filibuster powers and presidential veto while they still can? Would they attempt to shut down the government and let Obama rule by executive order to prevent Trump and the new Congress from taking office?

What this continuing resolution has put in place is a crisis trigger. The globalists will have the option of using it should we continue pushing back their plans. We won September, and that’s a huge victory to put in our pocket, but the war isn’t over by a longshot. October is looking very dicey.

On another note, I’ve received a number of communications recently that attempt to suggest the NWO isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The latest such communication suggests that the NWO is “evolutionary,” and asks what I would do differently. So here is my answer in a nutshell:

It’s funny you should mention evolution…

All living things are conscious; it is the presence of consciousness that makes them alive. And since they are conscious, every living thing consciously adapts itself to survive and thrive in the environment in which it finds itself (or it consciously chooses to seek out a more hospitable environment). This is what drives evolution: individual adaptation to external challenges. There is no “god” / hierarchical micro-manager that controls it; it happens naturally at the level of the individual and the “collective of mutual advantage.”

That being said, the elite’s attempt to micro-manage social evolution is, in actuality, anti-evolutionary. They create tremendous harm by meddling in that which is best left to nature. This is why so many people suffer and die because of their efforts. The individual is far more motivated and far more capable of guiding his/her successful adaptation than some stranger half a world away who has little understanding of either the individual or the precise environment he/she faces. Successful evolution cannot be achieved when it is done under the remote control of the half-blind (and the wholly-corrupted).

So how would I aid evolution towards a peaceful world community? I’d start by recruiting humans (homo sapiens who are more guided by spiritual impulses than monkey impulses) into a peer-to-peer collective, then I’d let that collective be the beacon that shines to all who are ready to look for a beacon. Genius is everywhere, and a peer-to-peer collective that nurtures the individual and harnesses the genius of the 100% will VASTLY outperform a hierarchical collective that suppresses the genius of the 98% in favor of the delusional schemes of the 2%.

To put it more concisely…

I would fashion “the system” around the wellbeing and full development the individual; I would NOT fashion the individual around the wellbeing and full development of the system. The former is pro-evolutionary; the latter is anti. And since a system is an abstraction that has no real consciousness or ability to experience life, one should always prioritize the individual, which IS conscious and DOES experience life on behalf of Source Consciousness.

Every single person on this Earth is a highly conscious aspect of God who has opted to experience life in the homo sapiens form. This means that every single person born to this world is real royalty, and therefore deserves to be aided in becoming the fullest expression of who he or she can be (just like you would do for any prince or princess). Yet this world treats 99% of people born to it like sh*t. Why is that? Who is responsible?

I think you know. But are the “elite” presenting us with this challenge to force us to become human to overcome it? They probably tell themselves this, but it is the sweet-sounding delusion of the selfish and corrupted. It’s hard to accept such high-sounding rationalizations when they come from the mouths of murderers, thieves, and liars who have hidden in the dark so long that they’ve become more cockroach than human.

The bottom line is that the “elite” are making the experience of life on Earth much harder than it need be, and they are endangering the species by pushing it too far and too fast. A great deal of the meddling they’re doing now is to fix the problems caused by their past meddlings. Thanks for nothin’, you butt-fu*king bastards.

P.S. – I love you butt-fu*king bastards, but I’ve had enough of your bullsh*t.

Now here’s the entry…

Keep a close eye on the Syrian offensive in Aleppo…
…From The Washington Post. Here is an excerpt…

“Airstrikes pounded rebel-held areas in the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo on Friday… in a sharp escalation by government forces after the collapse of cease-fire plans that raised fleeting hopes of peace…

The intensifying offensive on Aleppo — a critical foothold for rebel groups — came amid signals of an all-out push by President Bashar al-Assad to reclaim full control over the northern city…”

Once Aleppo falls (which should happen right soon), the remaining “ISIS” forces will retreat north to Dabiq, which is only an hour’s drive or a day’s march away…
and Syrian pursuit forces will follow them there.

Turkey, in turn, will publicly proclaim the “terrorist” influx into Dabiq as a great opportunity to supposedly defeat ISIS, so their forces will push south. They already tried to do this only a week ago…
…From The Guardian. So we know they have the inclination to go there. Seeing Syrian forces approaching the town will give US/Turkish forces the motivation to race them there. And this will result in US/Turkish forces and Russian/Syrian forces meeting head-to-head in the vicinity of Dabiq. Do you think the two sides will shake hands when that happens?

Should the fall of Aleppo happen during Obama’s Weekend, it would provide a perfect setup for Global 9/11 and the US government shutdown / Obama takeover that would follow a week later (Congress did not pass the continuing resolution this week). To understand what I mean by this, see the previous entry (especially the P.S.s which start about midway through). It contains critical information on this whole scenario.

(P.S. – 24 September 2016) – I ran across a notable piece of information in various press reports…

“A pro-government Iraqi militia commander in Aleppo said the aim was to capture all of Aleppo within a week.” – From

This would bring the “apocalyptic battle” in Dabiq within reach by next weekend, which is the same time the US government could be shutting down. It would also allow the “prophetic” climax point to be reachable before the end of the Hebrew year at sunset, October 2. Of course, it isn’t absolutely necessary that the globalists get it done before 5777; they can always say that “God delayed the revelation of the messiah.”

If I have time tomorrow, I’ll produce an updated version of Your Guide to the Operational Launch of the NWO in 2016 to account for the globalists’ current trajectory. Either I was incorrect about how they’d get to this point or they bypassed their previous plans to do what they’re doing now. The 2016 end result offered at the top of that entry remains valid, though.

(P.S. – 25 September 2016) – In the closing sentences of his latest globalist disinformation piece, Paul Craig Roberts makes reference to the supposedly pro-Western elements of the Kremlin, who are supposedly led by Dmitry Medvedev…

“The only common grounds Russia has with Washington requires Russia’s surrender. If Russia will surrender, Russia can achieve Western acceptance, and Washington’s agents, the Russian Atlanticist Integrationists, can rule Russia for Washington.”

…This tells me that the planned fake assassination of Vladimir Putin is still on, and it could happen any time after US/Turkish forces directly engage Russian/Syrian forces. If the globalist prophecy scriptwriters are still aiming to beat the end of the Hebrew year, the last candidate date for Putin’s fake death will be in four days on September 29, with his faked resurrection occurring three days later on Sunday, October 2. Should such a “resurrection” occur, you’ll also see a fake UFO show to go along with it.

Why would the globalists even attempt such a thing, you ask? Because they have to stage something “miraculous” to convince people that Putin is more than just a man, and throwing in an “ET” kicker will blow people’s minds so much that they’ll be open to suggestion.

So here is the apparent order of battle in the currently unfolding Apocalypse Show…

> On the Dark side, we have the Crypto-Islamist Christian Antichrist, Barack Obama,

aiding the Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in attacking the Light side.

> On the Light side, we have the Crypto-Jewish Mashiach / Isa, Vladimir Putin,

aiding the Imam Mahdi, Bashar al-Assad, in defeating the Dark side.

Look for the Resurrection/UFO Show at the moment things look their darkest.

Note: I first wrote about the plan for Putin’s assassination in January…

Does the globalist End Times script call for a Russian Judas to betray the Mashiach/Christ?…
…Will Dmitry Medvedev cut a secret deal with the West and “assassinate” Vladimir Putin after full-on war breaks out this September? Will Putin then “rise from the dead” 3 days later at the Mount of Olives? Current prophetic propaganda suggests this is the plan.

…so you can read more about it in Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 4 – How 2016’s Gog/Magog War will unfold. Some of the Gog/Magog details it covers have changed since then, but you’ll find it still offers good background information on what is taking place.

(P.S. – 25 September 2016) – Let’s take a moment to look at how the globalist propagandists have been building the backstory for Putin’s fake assassination…

> For the past few years, alternative media reports originating from a disinformation figure known as “The Saker” have been circulated to incorrectly suggest there is real opposition to Putin at high levels of the Russian government. Here is an example from 2014 written by disinfo dog Pepe Escobar on RT…

>>> The Kremlin seems to know exactly how high the stakes are. As The Saker told me in an email, “Putin is telling both the West and the Russian people that there is a long war in progress and that the Russian people have to morally be prepared to accept sacrifices for the survival of Russia. This is one more step in the ‘coming-out’ of what I call the ‘Eurasian Sovereignists’ in which the US [has] now openly declared as a Russophobic (Russia-hating and Russia-fearing) enemy, and the Europeans as a powerless colony. Military power is not directly a factor in this, the internal power balance between the pro-Western ‘Atlantic Integrationists’ and the ‘Eurasian Sovereignists’ is.” <<<

In creating these imaginary “Atlantic Integrationists,” the propagandists have supplied us with a “powerful group” that would help “the West” assassinate Putin if things didn’t go their way. And to be clear, ALL those in high positions in the Russian government, including Putin and Medvedev, are “NWO Integrationists,” and they ALL know Russia’s role in bringing in Kissinger’s vision

> On August 8, 2016, the propagandists rolled out former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell to talk about the tactics the US would use to “scare Assad”…
…From YouTube

These tactics include going after Assad’s presidential guard, bombing his offices at night, destroying his presidential aircraft on the ground, and destroying his presidential helicopters. Morell finished by saying, “I want to make him [Assad] think we’re coming after HIM.” And in giving America’s reason for applying such pressure, he said the following…

“I want to put pressure on him. I want to put pressure on the Iranians. I want to put pressure on the Russians… to come to that diplomatic settlement.

> Less than a month later, on September 2, the US applied pressure to Putin in exactly the manner Morell suggested…
…by destroying Putin’s presidential car and killing his favorite driver. From

> About a week after Putin’s car was destroyed, on September 10, Putin did “come to that diplomatic settlement” as Morell suggested, and the US and Russia announced the Syrian ceasefire.

> A week after the ceasefire was announced, on September 17, the US bombed Syrian troops in support of an ISIS offensive. Instead of passively accepting the American provocation, Putin responded by destroying a Western intelligence command center and launching an all-out offensive in Aleppo.

> This brings us to now. Once Aleppo falls, the final obstacle blocking direct confrontation between Russian/Syrian and US/Turkish forces will be breached. And when direct conflict begins, World War 3 begins, and “the West and their Atlantic Integrationist proxies” will make a “real” attempt on Putin’s life.

So this is the public backstory for the assassination. But the real story is that the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment plans require a Putin death and resurrection; all the rest is merely for public consumption.

(P.S. – 25 September 2016) – These headlines on Drudge…
…offer another path to direct conflict: “In an effort to ‘protect civilians’ and stop the ‘war crime’ unfolding in Aleppo, the US has declared a no-fly zone over the area.” Look for the Russians to strike Incirlik Air Base if that happens. And off they’ll go…

(P.S. – 26 September 2016) – A few months ago, a reader sent me a link to this 2015 YouTube video from Sheikh Imran Hosein
…Here is how it starts out…

Syria is not just another part of the world of Islam. From an Islamic eschatological perspective, Syria is at the heart – the very heart – of the end of history. There are three main actors at the end of history in Islamic eschatology:

The most important of them all is the return of Jesus, the son of Mary, the true messiah.

And then there is another figure in the end of history who seeks to impersonate the true messiah, and he is the false messiah. The Christians call him the Antichrist, and …Muhammad… called him Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, or Dajjal the false messiah.

And the third important figure in Islamic eschatology at the end of history is the Imam, or the Prince – in Christian theology he’s known as the Prince, or Imam al-Mahdi.

And these three main actors of the end of history are all going to be simultaneously present in Damascus. Imam al-Mahdi will already be there. Dajjal will come to attack him. And at that time when Dajjal is ready for the confrontation with the Imam, the son of Mary returns.

So if we overlay this information on what we’ve already learned, we see that…

> Vladimir Putin is the first figure. He is the son of Mary (Maria Shelomova).

> The second figure is Obama and/or Erdogan.

> The third figure is Bashar Assad.

As Hosein states, the “Imam Mahdi” (Assad) will already be in Damascus, and when the “Dajjal” (Obama/Erdogan) is ready for the final confrontation with the Mahdi, the “true messiah” (Putin) will return.

There is more in the video that’s worth pointing out, so I might add more to this postscript over the course of the week. We might also look at the “Strategic Culture Foundation,” which is a globalist pro-Russian propaganda outfit.

(P.S. – 27 September 2016) – Another notable section from Hosein’s video begins at the 6:06 mark when he talks about how Libya fell to the West…

“Russia decided to abandon Libya. Russia chose to throw Libya to the dogs. Why did Russia do that? You gotta ask Russia; I don’t know. The Security Council of the United Nations, and you are there, and you are a permanent member. You have responsibility – you’ll have to answer on Judgment Day. You know that if you do not give your veto, you know what’s gonna happen. You can’t hide behind abstaining from the vote. Your abstention from the vote meant that Libya was gone, so you’ll have to answer on Judgment Day. And that’s what Russia did. I don’t know why Russia acted in this way, but now Libya is gone. If Russia had vetoed the resolution, then the Libyan armed forces would still have been there today, struggling against this bogus jihad. It was when NATO was able to bomb the daylights out Libya, as they bombed the daylights out of Belgrade once upon a time… that was when they were able to get Libya.”

Hosein is actually being quite coy in this passage. He DOES know why Russia “chose to throw Libya to the dogs,” but he said what he said to help support the phony “Atlantic Integrationists versus Eurasian Sovereigntists” meme. The hanging implication of this passage is that Dmitry Medvedev, who was President of Russia at the time of the Security Council vote, allowed the West to take Libya because he is an Atlantic Integrationist. The other side of this implication is that Putin, who was President of Russia at the time the US started bombing Syria, stopped the West from taking Syria because he is a Eurasian Sovereigntist.

Should the globalists proceed with their plan for the fake assassination of Putin, the historians will point back to Medvedev’s betrayal of Libya as “proof of his complicity with the West, which eventually led to his participation in the plot to assassinate Putin.” But let me show you why this is bullsh*t.

The UN Security Council Resolution that allowed NATO to militarily intervene in Libya was Resolution 1973…
…From the UN website. Here is a section of the press release worth noting…

“Adopting resolution 1973 (2011) by a vote of 10 in favour to none against, with 5 abstentions (Brazil, China, Germany, India, Russian Federation), the Council authorized Member States, acting nationally or through regional organizations or arrangements, to take all necessary measures to protect civilians under threat of attack in the country, including Benghazi, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory — requesting them to immediately inform the Secretary-General of such measures.”

As it turns out…


> NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM VOTED AGAINST THE RESOLUTION. Four abstained and one, South Africa, voted yes. Had either of the BRICS permanent members (Russia or China) voted no, the resolution would have been vetoed.


So why would the “freedom-fighting BRICS” do that when they knew exactly what would happen to Libya? Because the globalist script called for Libya to go down, and the BRICS members of the G20 follow that script just as closely as the G7 members do. The takedown of Libya not only served practical purposes for the globalists, but it was also a dramatic demonstration of what would have happened to Syria had the Mahdi (Assad) and the Messiah (Putin) not joined to stop the “evil empire of the Western Satanists” dead in its tracks.

With love…

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