Alex Jones Hosts Epic America First Fuentes VS Israel First Barnes Debate



For reasons unknown to us, Alex Jones of Infowars has hosted an epic debate between America Firs Nick Fuentes and Israel First Robert Barnes.

Needless to say, Nick Fuentes won the debate according to all polls and callers after the show. After the debate, Owen Shroyer took calls from the audience responding to the debate.

They were universally on Nick’s side. No one supports Israel anymore.

Alex Jones tended to support Israel because he had a boomer audience, but as boomers are beginning to die of old age or simply slip into irrelevance, positions are shifting and he will have to appease to the newer generations.

Over 16K voted in this poll. This is not just SOME POLL, this is THE POLL! Nobody can dismiss this poll with bla bla bla yap yap yap! It’s an open poll, why didn’t Barnes’s fans voted in it? Everybody was free to vote, no restrictions, this is purely the reality as it is. The people have spoken, Fuentes is by far, the winner, America or at least the newer generation of Americans no longer stand with Israel.

Here’s another smaller poll:

Now we do NOT know why Alex Jones hosted such a debate where criticism of Jewry was allowed as this is usually a very delicate subject with Infowars, but we suspect that they may have lost an Israeli sponsor they had and since they were banned everywhere already (Youtube, Facebook) then there was nothing else to loose so they probably wanted to show their teeth to the Israeli sponsor of what they are capable of doing if they do not resume the cash flow of shekels.

They basically want the leverage back, as long as it pays well, who cares? This of course is just a THEORY, a possibility, not a fact. Who knows? Maybe Alex had a genuine change of heart? Whatever it is, this is an awesome fair debate and a must watch.

Maybe the world is finally waking up to whom is really in control of things, who knows? We’ll see if he will continue this path or stop, only time will tell.

So down below you have the debate itself, after that, you can watch Vincent James’s take on the debate and him calling out Robert Barnes for calling Nick Fuentes a Nazi. Yes you heard that right, despite Alex Jones saying before the debate started that he disagrees with people who blame everything on the Jews but also with people who can’t stand any criticism of Jews and immediately resort to calling critics “Nazis”, this is exactly what Barnes did. He resorted to the lowest of the low and called Fuentes a Nazi.

He even blocked Nick Fuentes on Twitter which looks awful on Barnes’s side. He is definitely behaving like a sour looser who had bad arguments.

Here’s the debate and in case Youtube takes it down, you can watch it on

Here’s the Vincent James’s criticism of Barnes of his sourness for loosing the debate:

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