Alex Jones Uses Homoerotic Pictures of Himself to Sell Bottles of Magic Erection Formula

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
April 11, 2015


A gay photo of a young Alex Jones.

Just when you thought the fat Jewish whore Alex Jones couldn’t get any more ridiculous, he defies all the naysayers. A couple of days ago, Jones posted a video, which features various homoerotic pictures of himself.  Apparently he somehow thought that these bizarre photos would help him sell his stockpile of assorted snake oil crap including a magic erection potion known as Super Male Vitality.

Some of the claims he makes in the video are truly hilarious.  He actually says that he was able to squat 600lbs, bench press 350lbs and do 40 pull ups when he was in his early 20s.  All the proof you need to verify his claims are in these extremely gay photos showing Jones in body building poses taken in the 1990s.


According to a recent poll – 100% of Republican Bohemian Grove attendees find these pictures hot.


No this is not an extra from the 1980 Al Pacino movie Cruising.  This is actually Alex Jones in a very gay looking photo.

Of course, since that point in time, Jones admittedly has transformed himself into a creature that looks more like the Jabba the Hutt Star Wars character.  This is thanks to the six million enchiladas he has consumed while valiantly fighting the New World Order over the past 20 years.  Fear not however, as thanks to the snake oil that he just so happens to be selling, Jones is in the process of rapidly transforming his body into a globalist fighting machine.

Just look at the stunning transformation that took place after Jones began consuming a variety of his own snake oil products.  It is truly incredible.  Here we see that he has transformed himself from just a fat man fighting the globalists into a fat globalist fighting machine.  All thanks to great snake oil products like Super Male Vitality.



Considering that he is resorting to this type of derangement, I seriously question how much longer Jones can sustain his media operations.  Half the people commenting on his JewTube videos are now exposing him as a shill for Jews or making fun of him in some capacity. Clearly, he has lost all credibility.  The longer he refuses to admit that he was wrong about Adolf Hitler and the German National Socialists and the longer he refuses to seriously address the problem of Jewish power, the more of a joke and laughing stock he’s going to become.  This man has completely sold his soul and it is quite the sad sight to see.

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