All Religions Are Cults Which Separate The Soul From The Creator God

Humans called every being a bit smarter than them and a bit lighter colored than them “gods”
Don’t get the gods confused with the Creator God.
The Creator God is not some human like creature with ESP and a magic wand.
In fact God is a human word and not the name of the Creator being.

Humans have to give names to things and that is the name they gave to That Which Is.
The Light, Understanding, Wisdom, Natures Laws.

A personal relation ship with the Creator God is an individual thing and requires no intercession from any other human as God is in all living things.
Without God, there would be no life.

That is why I am fond of the Viking times.
One does not find churches, cathedrals, temples in Viking lands built before the Roman slave religion invaded the Viking lands.

A Viking understood their body was the Temple of God, their church was Nature where they could get rid of the human noise and communicate one to one with the Creator God.

Vikings understood the Creator God was separate from Odin, Thor and the rest of the gods.

A one to one relationship with the Creator God is not a religion.
It is life.
It is learning from one’s mistakes.
It is striving continually to improve the qualities of the soul.

There are Laws of the Creator God and they are Universal no matter what plane, dimension, world or Galaxy one finds one’s soul existing in.

Anyone tells you the only way to God is through them or their religion, is either a fool or a liar.

“Be still and know that I am God”.

The Ole Dog!


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