America Betrayed


America is going down the toilet bowl as a reckless President
drives us relentlessly toward Armageddon . . . 

“Trump was our last hope, but Trump turned out to be just another shameless liar and consummate Jew-controlled fraudster, so we’re definitely screwed.” — Harold Smith

When I made the decision to vote for Trump, I had some doubts, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. However, I concluded at the time that if we were wrong about Trump and he turned out to be something totally different from what he seemed to be, then we were really screwed. I mention this because I want you to know from the outset that I was once a Trump supporter.

I am now thoroughly disillusioned with Trump.

It seems hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear of Teflon Don ramping up the carnage somewhere. Or setting the stage for more carnage. Just the other day, the Truthseeker site published this revealing article: “Donald Trump Triples The Number Of Bombs Dropped In Afghanistan.”

This quote comes from a President who conned the world a few years ago with bombastic rhetoric like this:

“We have wasted an enormous amount of blood and treasure in Afghanistan. Let’s get out!”

— Donald Trump, Twitter, 21 November 2013

“Let’s get out of Afghanistan,” he babbles, and a few years later he’s into Afghanistan like a ferret down a rabbit hole, seeing how many civilian deaths he can chalk up to his credit. We learn to our dismay that he has claimed more innocent lives in drone attacks during the last 10 months than his predecessors in the White House managed to kill in 10 years.

(See Over 1000 US troops to patrol in Afghanistan in 2018)

If there is a rational explanation for Teflon Don’s madness, it completely escapes me.

Our Satanic masters are squandering everything of value in their hopeless pursuit of full spectrum world domination. They’re trashing our economy and making our dollars worthless. They’re making the rest of the world hate us. They’re taking away all of our “rights”. And before this is all over—if they’re not stopped pretty soon—it will very likely cost many or most of us our lives, during the final phase of the physical destruction of America.

Our Masters are now openly and shamelessly trashing everything and daring us to stop them. Thank goodness for our 4D chess player, Teflon Don, who heroically sits there watching the slow-motion train wreck from the sidelines.


When the Jews did 9/11, they basically walked into a gambling casino and put everything they had on the table. They emptied their pockets. 9/11 was an all or nothing deal for the collective. What we have in 9/11 is a perfect microcosm of Jewish evil. It’s all there; all their scheming; all their tactics, all their actors; all their brazenness; all their Satanic goals.

We have the involvement of the Israeli government at the highest level; we have the involvement of the Israeli Mossad; we have the involvement of Jewish sayanim; we have the involvement of corrupt Israel-first goy politicians who’ve sold their souls to the beast; we have plotting; we have the preparatory illegal spying; we have the preparatory propaganda campaign; we have the mass murder and the destruction; we have the subsequent attack on the constitution; we have the fraudulent “war on terror”; we have the aggression against the Arab/Islamic world, and all the squandered blood and trillions of dollars; of course, we have the cover-up; and last but not least, we have the insurance fraud, the in-your-face insult that the Jews must always add to their injury.

Ironically, when they did 9/11, the Jews in a sense provided us with a weapon that could very likely slay the beast. And now here we are in late 2017, obviously in the “Last Days of America”, and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey have proffered to the world a scientific study that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that WTC7 was brought down by a controlled demolition. Which implies that 9/11 was an “inside job”.

In the face of the by now overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence, there’s no more “sitting on the fence”. There’s no neutral position on 9/11. There’s no more “debate”. There’s no more room to maneuver. If Trump does not now use every instrument at his disposal as president to investigate 9/11, then he is just another traitorous Jew-puppet. Nothing else matters; his action or failure to act on 9/11, by itself, completely defines him. And so far we have every indication that he, our “president”, intends TO DO NOTHING to kickstart a new and independent investigation into the anomalies of 9/11.

“There is nothing to stop this President from taking swift, decisive action – if he can be bothered. So why doesn’t he? What’s stopping him?” Dr Lasha Darkmoon asks in one of her articles.

What’s stopping Trump from taking action is the fact that he doesn’t work for “us”. He apparently sold his soul a long time ago and he now worships the beast. So rather than pick up the weapon offered to him on a silver platter and at least attempt to slay the beast, he steers the Titanic into the iceberg with one hand while he furiously re-arranges the deck chairs with the other hand.

I hear it being said: “If trump did order a fresh 9-11 investigation he would be out on his ear in a week and he knows it. Besides, who would investigate it?”

The top forensic structural engineer in the US, Dr  J. Leroy Hulsey, has already come out and said that “fire” did not bring down WTC7. His group will soon be publishing a paper to that effect after a two year study based on finite-element modeling of the building. Hulsey’s conclusion proves beyond reasonable doubt that a monstrous crime has been committed against the people of the United States — and indeed against the entire world, apparently by a group of elite “insiders”.

If Trump was an honest person who actually wanted to save America, he would consult with Hulsey and then give a press conference, telling the people of the US and the world that he has no choice but to order a new investigation into 9/11. What is the corrupt Establishment going to do to him then? He announces an investigation into 9/11 that he is forced to conduct because of new evidence, and they try to impeach him? I think not. Because at that point it’s already too late.

Anyway, if you’re going to argue that Trump can’t take any meaningful action whatsoever against the “deep state” lest he be impeached or assassinated, then I am going to point out to you that his whole campaign had to be a calculated fraud from the beginning: because if it was not a fraud, he would have already been impeached or assassinated. The “deep state” cannot allow anyone not 100 per cent in their pocket to get anywhere near the levers of power. One tiny slip-up and they’re screwed. They can’t afford to take chances. Even an innocent mistake can wreck their agenda, let alone a determined effort to investigate 9/11.

If I belonged in the Jewish camp and I thought Trump might actually be sincere about investigating 9/11, I would be pushing hard RIGHT NOW for his impeachment, even if it had to be done on the basis of his impeachable war crimes in Syria. After all, it would be better to lose Syria completely than to have 9/11 exposed as a Zionist crime —a crime cooked up between Mossad and American neoconservatives, many of them holding Israeli passports.


I think war against Iran is a serious possibility.

As I see it, Trump’s ongoing imperial machinations in Syria could easily start a war that would involve Iran and Hezbollah, and possibly Russia; and the Israelis now seem to be attacking Syria from the air on a regular basis.

It has to be asked: what is the point of Trump’s studious effort to ramp up tensions with Iran if war is not the ultimate objective? It’s possible that Trump is just being his ignorant, arrogant, feckless and mindlessly stupid, impulsive self, but with tensions high and forces on a war footing, it seems to me that the next provocation could spiral out of control.

Here is more evidence that Trumpenstein, right from the start,  was the Jews’ candidate of choice.

I read a comment like this on AltRight sites every day of the week and I have to concur: “Anyone who thinks that the US government does not consistently pander to the state of Israel has to be asleep.”

Like I said, who can disagree with that?

The thing is, this has been going on for a long time. It wasn’t for us that our “government” involved us in WW1 and WW2. It’s not for us that we attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. It’s not for us that our “government” lies about the attack on the USS Liberty. It’s not for our benefit that our “government” refuses to investigate 9/11.

Consider the facts. Never mind the wishful thinking that things will improve under this President, if we wait long enough. Wasn’t it our “peace-loving” President who said, “Why bother having nuclear weapons if you are afraid to use them?”

It’s not for our interests that we put missile launchers in Romania and Poland which threaten Russia—and which therefore threaten us.  It’s not for our interests that Trump threatens North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. It’s not for “our” benefit that we’re close to a nuclear war with Russia and China.

I believe it’s the Jews’ “foreign policy” of world domination and control that’s the primary driver of domestic policy. In other words, the Jews realize they can’t run the whole world from a “constitutional republic”, thus we no longer have one. Instead, we have a police state, with the police going out to Israel to get training in crowd control. Looks like we Americans have become the new Palestinians.

Jews realize that in order to have an efficient police state, they need lots of corrupt sociopaths. Thus they’ve been working around the clock for a long time to turn us into the highly manipulable moral monsters that are the nuts and bolts of their evil empire. The Jews are riding a tiger. They must either escalate constantly, or they must back off. And if they back off, they lose. So they push on relentlessly in their hopeless imperial quest to rule the world.

That requires ever more oppression at home. The more sanctions on Iran, the more military assets are deployed to Eastern Europe. The more “aid” to Israel, the more the Jewish boot must come down on our necks at home.


I don’t understand how those making excuses for Trump’s appalling behavior can come out with statements like this: “It is beyond tragic that Trump was never given a chance to pursue his agenda regarding Russia. We’ll never know now if he really meant it.”

Seriously? Trump didn’t have a “chance”? He’s the president, isn’t he? He occupies the most powerful political office in the world. He has the power to stop this madness.

He has the power to stop making threats.

He has the power to stop murdering people with drone strikes.

He has the power to de-escalate in Eastern Europe.

He has the power to pull the troops out of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

He has the power to stop the senseless genocidal war in Yemen.

He has the power to negotiate with Russia over missiles and nukes.

He has the power to recall the armada threatening North Korea.

He has the power to appeal to the people to give him the mandate to do all that needs to be done to drain the swamp.

Above all, he has the power to investigate 9/11. Which would open up the whole can of worms. And get a thousand cockroaches crawling out of the woodwork.

Failing all this, he has the power to resign rather than be the Satanic instrument of the end of life as we know it on this planet.


Let’s compare Trump to Putin and see where this gets us.

Look at what Putin did for Russia compared to what Yeltsin did. The Jews were ready to feast on the carcass of Russia, but then fate intervened and messed up their plans: one honest man came along, Vladimir Putin, and turned everything around.

Is Trump turning everything around like Putin? Is he undoing the damage done by his predecessors? Is he “draining the swamp”? No, he is not!

Even if ONE honest American—one person of outstanding moral rectitude—were to hold the office of president of the United States, the Jews and their Satanic agenda would be toast. The Jews simply must have a president who is fully on-board with their program, or it fails. Because Jewish evil cannot tolerate the threat of a good example.

Trump was our last hope—to resist Jewry’s agenda—but Trump turned out to be just another shameless liar and consummate Jew-controlled fraudster, so we’re definitely screwed.

—  §  —

Anyone who can order bombings and missile attacks and drone strikes—in the context of jew-inspired illegal wars of aggression—thereby killing and maiming many innocent people in the process, is a monster. Period.

Trump didn’t have to attack the Syrian airbase with cruise missiles. Nobody forced him to do it. He did it himself. It was his personal decision.

Trump didn’t have to seize the Russian consulate in San Francisco. Nor did he have to give the Russian personnel a mere two days to vacate the illegally seized property. Trump’s spokesperson made it very clear that the decision to do this was made by Trump himself. Trump publicly took full personal responsibility for it.

Trump didn’t have to stand up in front of the whole world at the UN and make an ass out of himself. Trump didn’t have to use a platform intended to promote peace and stability in the world and use it instead to issue threats. Trump did this himself. There was nobody standing there holding a gun to his head. It was his willful choice.

When Trump launched the cruise missile attack on the Syrian airbase, the world got a candid glimpse of “the real Donald Trump”. It was not a pretty picture. Ignorance, arrogance, lawlessness, recklessness, shameless dishonesty and betrayal of supporters, consummate immorality, these iniquitous qualities were all on display. There was even a small but definite chance that Trump’s war crimes in Syria could have escalated into a world-shattering nuclear war with Russia. But that wasn’t enough to deter our President. That one act, by itself, is enough to make any reasonable person conclude that Trump is unfit for the office he holds.

The Jews, it seems, must have a loyal puppet in the White House or their plans all go into the toilet. If Putin could somehow replace Trump in the White House, the cockroaches would be running for cover and the US would no longer be on the road to Armageddon.

“If Putin could somehow replace Trump in the White House,
the cockroaches would be running for cover.”


I think what we need now, more than ever, is for at least one of the states in the union to secede; or try to secede. By this point in time, a state wishing to do so could come up with a breathtaking list of grievances:

(1) We don’t want your unconstitutional laws, e.g., gun laws.

(2) We don’t want your rigged elections.

(3) We don’t want your illegal wars and interventions on behalf of Israel.

(4) We don’t want your CIA subversion, FBI harassment, NSA spying, TSA groping, color revolutions, coups and false flag attacks.

(5) We have no quarrel with the rest of the world and we want no unnecessary enmity with other countries.

(6) We don’t want a nuclear war with Russia, China, or anyone else.

(7) We don’t want our assets looted, our economy trashed, and our money made worthless in support of your expensive imperial adventures.

(8) We don’t want to be exposed to fake news and Hollywood sleaze and porn on a daily basis, and we insist on the media being taken out of the hands of the Jews. We want our children to be inculcated with American values, not Jewish values.

(9) We don’t want you to attack this country’s citizens again, as you did on 9/11, so as to give you an excuse to plunder the Middle East on behalf of a foreign country built on stolen land. And we want the people responsible for this heinous crime to be caught and put behind bars for the rest of their lives — or be executed.

(10) Finally, we want you to make America great again, like you promised; and if you can’t make America great again, at least do your best not to make it a laughing stock.

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