America Is Rotting While China Is Rising

The American Dream
Aug 23, 2011


The American people better wake up while there is still time.  America is literally rotting right in front of our eyes.  Once upon a time, the greatest manufacturing cities in the world were in the United States.  One of the big reasons why the Allies won World War II was because U.S. factories simply pumped out far more stuff than anyone else did.  Our forefathers built this nation into an industrial powerhouse, but now our formerly great manufacturing cities are rusting, rotting and falling to pieces as nations such as China wipe the floor with us on the global economic stage.  It is absolutely depressing to see what is happening to many of our most famous cities.  For example, would you like to buy a house for less than $10,000?  Just move to Baltimore.  Of all the homes that have been sold in the city of Baltimore so far this year, one out of every ten has sold for less than $10,000.  In fact, one home sold for just $10.

Like many formerly great U.S. cities, there are many parts of Baltimore that closely resemble war zones.  Drugs and crime are everywhere, and there is a very real feeling of hopelessness in the air.  Like many blue collar American cities, Baltimore is down on its luck and is in an obvious state of decline.

It has gotten to the point where even most of the “quiet” areas of Baltimore are not really safe.  Just consider the following comment that a reader named James left on a recent article….

My wife and I used to live in a quiet part of Baltimore City (yes there still are a few of those) a few years back. Six weeks after we moved there, she was mugged at 6:30 am, week day, on a semi-busy street while walking to her car. That was a wake up for both of us. The days of leaving your car unlocked or being in an urban area by yourself at night (or even daytime now) are over. We moved out of the city but we both still carry weapons with us and know how to use them. Do I want to use them? No. Not ever. But if “15 or 20 young men are approaching” me, I can’t go out like a punk and in no way can I ever let my wife be put in a harmful situation again.

But Baltimore is far from alone.  In Detroit, you can literally buy a house for one dollar.

Yes, you read the correctly.

The city is a complete and total basket case at this point.  Just check out what an ABC News report had to say about the real estate situation in Detroit….

There are more than 40,000 vacant properties in Detroit, which has been hit hard by the foreclosure crisis, and the median home price is a stunningly low $7,000. In many neighborhoods, homes that were fetching $75,000 just three years ago are now selling for ten cents on the dollar or less.

We used to have the greatest economy on earth, but now we have entered a seemingly permanent decline.

There are hordes of people that can’t find work and there are tens of millions that have become completely dependent on the government for survival.

Our economy does not create enough jobs to support our entire population any longer.  The number of people forced to take government money continues to explode.  The following is from a recent article posted on Yahoo News….

Altogether, there are now almost 46 million people in the United States on food stamps, roughly 15 percent of the population. That’s an increase of 74 percent since 2007, just before the financial crisis and a deep recession led to mass job losses.

If the recession is over, then why does the number of Americans on food stamps continue to increase and set new records?

In some areas of the country food stamps have become a way of life.  Amazingly, approximately one-third of the entire population of Alabama is now on food stamps.

The U.S. economy is coming apart at the seams and large numbers of Americans are starting to become very frustrated.

We are starting to see a lot more “random” acts of violence.  For example, two people were shot in the parking lot immediately after a recent preseason game between the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers.

The following is video of fans brawling in the stands during that same game….

Yes, football fans have always been rowdy, but people seem to be losing their tempers much more easily these days.  Sadly, when you have got millions of people losing their jobs and their homes that is going to tend to happen.

Of course it doesn’t help that our politicians are so easily losing their tempers these days.  For example, U.S. Representative Maxine Waters recently went on a massive tirade during which she proclaimed that “the Tea Party can go straight to hell”.  The following is video of that incident….

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

America is rotting and hatred and anger are growing at a very frightening pace.

This country has become deeply, deeply divided and our economy is collapsing.

Meanwhile, China is rapidly rising.

Not that China exactly plays fair.  China massively subsidizes their biggest corporations, they brazenly steal technology from anyone that they can, they openly manipulate exchange rates and they allow their workers to be paid slave labor wages.

The U.S. trading relationship with China is massively unfair, but very few of our politicians seem to care.

So thousands of factories and millions of of jobs will continue to leave the United States and go over to China.

Incredibly, the United States has lost an average of 50,000 manufacturing jobsa month since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001.

Even the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on the National Mall was made in China.


As America rots, U.S. companies continue to invest huge amounts of money in China….

*Coca-Cola is opening up three new factories in China this year.

*Disney recently broke ground on a $4.4 billion project that will be known as Shanghai Disneyland.

*Procter Gamble has invested over a billion dollars in operations in China.

*Caterpillar has built 16 factories in China and now employs more than 8,000 workers there.

*Ford is currently “building three factories in Chongqing as part of $1.6 billion investment that also includes another plant in Nanchang”.

It isn’t just “the jobs of the past” that we are losing either.

Andy Grove, the former CEO of Intel, says that our advanced technology companies are creating far more jobs overseas than they are in the United States….

Some 250,000 Foxconn employees in southern China produce Apple’s products. Apple, meanwhile, has about 25,000 employees in the U.S. That means for every Apple worker in the U.S. there are 10 people in China working on iMacs, iPods, and iPhones. The same roughly 10-to-1 relationship holds for Dell, disk-drive maker Seagate Technology (STX), and other U.S. tech companies.

Americans need to be educated about what is going on.  The United States has lost a staggering 32 percent of its manufacturing jobs since the year 2000, and over 42,000 manufacturing facilities in the United States have been closed down since 2001.

In case you were wondering, that is not good news.

Our politicians have lied to us.  Globalism is destroying our economy.  We should have never merged our economy with the economies of nations such as China.

Beautiful new infrastructure is going up all over China even as U.S. infrastructure rots and decays right in front of our eyes.

America is being deindustrialized at warp speed and most Americans don’t even understand what is happening.

Pretty soon, even more cities are going to end up looking like Baltimore and Detroit.  The mortgage delinquency rate is starting to rise once again.  As our jobs continue to be shipped out of the country, millions more Americans will lose their incomes and their homes.

If you want to see what the future of your city is going to look like, you might want to check out the really disturbing images of the decline of Detroit that you can find right here.

What has happened in Detroit and Baltimore will soon be happening to all the rest of us.

The world is changing at a very, very rapid pace.  Just because America was an economic powerhouse in past decades does not mean that it will always be that way.

The truth is that America is rotting.  If our leaders don’t start making some very fundamental changes to the way we do things, we will continue to rot.

Very dark days are ahead for America.  Enjoy all of this prosperity while you still can, because soon enough it will all be gone.

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49 Responses to “America Is Rotting While China Is Rising”

  1. Id be willing to take pictures of Baltimore.

    There are whole blocks of vacant houses.

  2. Something my Dad told me of years ago, is stated in this article..@ least in part. My Dad said “The way we beat the Germans was we outproduced them.” Even though unlike the Hollywood imagination, the Germans did very well in Naval engagements. However after the engagement, they would return home and stuggle to produce new naval vessels, but we would return home and produce a flock of them. What he told me was also verified to my satisfaction when I was scanning the Annapolis course pamphlet and saw all the courses still offered on German Naval Tactics.

  3. if china was going to attack america they should do it on christmas-as we will all be to busy tryin to get our cheap chinese christmas lights working………..everything that comes from china is shit,including their people—they come here to sell their general tso’s yet go to any chinese resturaunt and see how they watch you like your not going to pay——F’n chinks go home and take a wetback under each arm as you go!

    • It could be that they’re staring at you because they can’t believe that you’re eating what they served you. In China, they actually raise puppies and cats for meat. Can you imagine what they’d put in your food? The FDA is a joke, all they gotta do is pay off the inspector/agent, they are familiar with that back in old China.

      Lunch anyone? I know a great Chinese Restaurant, it’s pawsitivly delicious food!

  4. Made in China is what you see in your shoes,clothing,electrics you name it (unless you all buy american made)..They produce it all espessialy sport brands like nike,adidas and puma. Not to mention the toys they made and to top it all of..they use the most chemical crap you can imagine. and yes all the money in the world is headed towards China.. they are even more gready then rome was back in those days ^^

  5. You stupid idiot – who told you that you were a reporter or anything??

    China ain’t wiping the economic floor with diddley squat you moron!! Our Punkiticians
    and the NWO scumbags gave China everything they have!! Our Punkiticians even
    gave them Communism by betraying Shag Kia Shak and allowing Mao Tze Tong
    to take over China!! It’s all part of the plan, doofus.

    I can’t believe The American Dream would let an idiot like you work for them –
    or that AJ would put your half-ass moronic article on his website!! I’m starting to
    wonder what AJ is really up to!!

  6. deindustrialization started in 1950. The u.n. is the nwo vehicle.

    • Mornin roaddog what ditribe do you have for us today

  7. Unlike in China, the leaders of America are elected, and are only elected on the basis of policies that will, over time, via the impact of unintended consequences, price and regulate Americans out of the job market. Only the highest of technology can now be manufactured in the US. Without work, the Chinese are not a market to sell anything, and US pensions, insurance and social security funds, that fund the investments in China, have to be paid somehow.

    Also, like the shiny, new infrastructure that was put in place by the Eisenhower administration et al, that infrastructure has to be maintained–just like the houses that have to be disposed of by the banks, for as little as a dollar–and ultimately replaced. A fact that will become all too apparent for the likes of Dubai, etc., that also has shiny, new infrastructure.

  8. China is just the next vessel [for who or whatever has secretly been toying with us for the past couple thousand years] to pour their liquid pain from. It seems they use a country to do their dirtywork and when it becomes of no use anymore they hobble it so it cant runaway from the pen. They are doing that to America right now just as they did it to England,France,Germany and more right back to Rome and probably further. Ron Paul might be able to help you guys if they dont assasinate him, sorry to be pessimistic but im optimistic also as i hope he does win, because whatever you guys do permeates down through us your little brother Australia. The same evil that controls you also controls us, so good luck America.

  9. China adopted capitalism in the 80′s; and has been growing in prosperity ever since.

    The US has been transitioning to socialism since the 90′s, and has been receding ever since.

    • If you call raping the environment and the people “capitalism”. No – they are prospering from slave labor and their environmental problems are so bad, they are feeding their own people plastic rice. You can’t breathe the air over there.

      The Chinese people are victims of the same NWO the rest of the world is – they are just in a different role. They too are starting to protest, to wake up – and this is why Beijing controls the internet and harshly puts down any inkling of rebellion. They beat up (killed?) that pregnant woman about a month ago and then had to crush the ensuing public outcry.

      • Yes, I have seen Chinese workers protesting their working conditions and their low pay. And many times, its the Western companies ( Eurpopean US ), that are over there, that stamp out these protests.

        Environmental laws over there are currently pretty lax. In the future, these very lax environmentlal laws could be used as a noose on China.

    • Your ignorance never ceases to amaze me, Rattle. Shang Kia Shak was educated
      here in the USA and wanted a Constitutional Republic for China modeled like ours.
      Our scumbag Punkiticians betrayed him and let Mao Tze Tong take over China to
      make them Communist, because that fit the evil scumbags plans.

      Why do you think the Gov black-listed, “Memoirs – Blue Metal Jacket”, the autobiography
      of General Douglas Mac Arthur, written by himself??

      Why do you think they murdered General Patton??

  10. Who owns the big corporations that moved to China? And then ya have the share-holders that demand the ‘board’ to perform, so they can get a return on their investements.

    China is interested in China and that will always be…no matter how many ‘American’-owned companies go to China; China will take care of China and do what is in China’s best interests.

    The Chinese people, generally, are very astute. Many people of the US have been generous over the decades when it comes to giving to other people in other countries. Many Americans have given to poor people in other countries and have even adopted children fromother countries in hopes of ‘resuing’ them and tryint to give them opportunities.

    I dont see China doing this so much. Neither do I see Israel doing this for other countries. Israel takes and to a certain extent, so does China.

  11. To the author:

    Wow! You are such a Negative Nancy.

  12. We have gotten what we deserved. The US allowed all our manufacturing jobs to move over seas and take all the technology with them. Whole factories picked up lock stock and barrel and moved. We did nothing when the textiles left, I remember nike saying that thier move would improve the quality and lower the price… well niether has happened. Then the Auto industy, then technology companies. Now we have mcd’s and burger king. The few factories we have left are not able to compete against the slave wages that are paid overseas. and that includes several countries not just china. All the money china now uses against us was given to them by us. Everytime you go into walmart or any of the other stores that uses the slave labor market. So I get tired of the oh whoa is us talk, because we brought it on ourselves. We were warned long ago by the workers what was happening but in our greed we wanted tv’s for a few dollars less no matter that they broke in half the time. And towels that now fall apart, and I don’t think I have to tell you how bad clothing is now. So rather then hate china and the other countries remember everytime you buy from china you are taking from the US

    • I haven’t turned my back on Jesus Christ. Maybe yall deserve captivity,
      but I don’t.

  13. Look at the crappiest places in America. Why do blacks destroy everything they touch? Beat up homes, beat up cars, beat up neighborhoods. I don’t get it. Why don’t they want a clean community? Why do they want to destroy their own possessions? Why don’t they want to learn about science, math history? Why to they kill and rob each other at a MUCH higher rate than any other race? Why don’t fathers help take care of the children they create? I mean these people get a fucking leg up on everyone else in society. College funds, affirmative action, minority business grants, etc. Why the fuck do they do these things to themselves?? With all of these programs geared towards them they should be a thriving race by now right?

    • Don’t travel much do ya wayne. Some of the worst places I have seen are owned by Whites. When you have the feeling of hopelessness it does not matter what color you are.

    • Do the research and find out why! You have a lot of misconceptions that you’ll debunk with HONEST RESEARCH!

    • You seem to be asking an honest question, so I will give you an honest answer.

      The answer, in a nutshell is this: The economic enslavement and deprivation in America started with Black people (actually, kinda started with the Native Americans, but most of them were killed, so….)

      You are seeing the legacy of centuries of economic, social, and political isolation. Look back at the above article and ask yourself whether these things have been going on in the Black community all along. What is happening in mainstream America happened to Black America long ago. And many other cultures before and beside them…

      We are seeing that there are social, economic, emotional, mental, andmost importantly, spiritual consequences when the powerful oppress the less-powerful. Tyrannical power doesn’t just corrupt the powerful, it corrupts the powerless. It does so because humans were not designed to rule over each other. When one human rules another, which inevitably – as history and current events show — devolves into the systematic and inhumane oppression of an entire population, the tyrant becomes (and must become) less human, and so do the oppressed. The tyrants, for all their power, are not benefactors, but heartless, cruel, and uncaring. The oppressed become helpless and apathetic shells of men. Until circumstances change. Then the oppressed become tyrants. And the cycle continues.

      Ask yourself this: Can one man rule over, govern, manage, and care for all of the needs of another equal man in such a way that permantly guarantees the equality, respect, happiness, peace, seurity, freedom, and power of them both?

      If the answer is no, then on what is the expectation of success of government by humans based?

      • The other part of the answer is that you are lookin at the actions of SOME Black people and assuming that ALL Black people are like that. I am African-American, never been to jail, never had used drugs, I have 2 children by the same woman whom I’ve been married to for two decades, and I love reading, particularly science and the study of what motivates masses of people. I live in a big house in a racially-diverse neighborhood, my children are always among the best-behaved., and The overwhelming majority of the Black people that I know have similar interests and circumstances. It is the white-owned media (see comment above), and white individuals with their own need to de-humanize Black people to provide a scapegoat that convinces many white people that Black people are the problem. Are Black people responsible for globalization? No. Then why are you blaming Black people, who make up a mere 13% of the population, and with whom you probably have no significant direct contact, for the problems of an entire society. If Black people had that much power to influence an entire society so negatively they would already rule the world.

    • The only reason why mobs tear up stuff is because there ain’t enough people
      putting holes in them!! Try to tear up or burn my stuff and they will be shot
      like a chicken-kill`in dog.

      • So you believe that a group of people taking the property of others is wrong, and that the victims should defend themselves. Interesting.

  14. Yes, China was a dark place because of the Imperial Seat self-Worship! At least the people were allowed some freedoms under the Emperor. Then the Socialist took the ‘throne’ which morphed into the Communist Party (rose by another name/same). Now, that nations people are getting some relief from the Systems that have been ruining their lives. Is it America’s turn to be ‘ruined’?

    Here’s the Church,
    Here’s the Steeple,
    Open the doors,
    And see all the people!

    So you think you know why Jesus was born?
    To answer your prayers and provide you with porn,
    so you could kill babies before they see morn?!

    To go to Church and sing their tunes,
    then go to lunch and be home by noon?

    Sorry to tell you; to shatter the news,
    Nowhere in the Bible does it say you can choose.

    Creating a god in their own image each day,
    When ever it suits them, in ‘what ever’ way!

    So next week, after you’ve done your ritual thing,
    try searching the Bible instead of your internet fling.

    Hasn’t anyone thought to make it clear,
    no ‘rapture’ is coming to take you away from here!

    Instead it’s a ‘harvest’,
    the sickle for tares to the fire are thrown,

    Gathering wheat to the barn all those who moan,
    their service to God, their job is to warn !
    This is the calling for all those who fear,
    their ministry is not to fill you with cheer.

    How many families are broken each day
    because the flock jumps up to go out and play.

    Who hasn’t been injured by the unlearned masses;
    as part of the Church’s hiphop~crisy classes?
    Instead they’ve been taught to worship themselves,
    their global ‘man-made’ democracy passage.

    Where do you read that Messiah was laughing or joking at all?
    Instead he was weeping over Jerusalem’s fall!

    Where did you learn about the reason He died,
    so you could write books and teach people to lie?

    “With us is God”,
    Immanu~El to you.
    Born to ‘redeem’ Jacob,
    yes only the Jew!
    And you ‘may’ be grafted,
    if you hear His voice well,
    Stop listening to prophets,
    with nothing to tell!
    They need your money,
    to buy what they sell!

    And who told you it’s ok to be sleeping around?
    Beware and make sure that the message you hear,
    is based on the truth, one that is sound.
    But it’s up to you,
    not to reject or confound.

    Sanctification means ‘setting yourself apart’,
    and only if circumcision comes from the heart.

    So check yourself out~ is God’s righteousness there?
    Don’t go willing into the enemy’s lair,
    by swallowing all of his usual faire.
    Salvation is for those who actually care,
    “Remember be prudent, don’t be caught unaware!”

    It’s no longer speculation or a conspiracy tale,
    Lady Liberty’s Lamp has been offered ‘for sale’,
    To Wall Street for certain; owned by the banksters,
    hiding behind the ‘Federal’ gangsters;
    Blaming it all on the folly of pranksters!

    And all you dare to research is which car you will buy,
    will it be Honda or will it be Ford?
    “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD!”

    The Lady’s been kidnapped,
    by ‘Freedom for All.
    There’s nothing remaining,
    She’s going to fall!

    And you prefer to purchase the views of false prophets,
    inflating their own importance with exalted elation,
    Instead of drinking life’s droplets from the God of Creation!

    So why do you insist that ‘here’ nothing could happen?
    The parable warns of how quickly He’ll appear,
    you don’t want to get drowsy or found to be nap-pin’.

    Lamentations are coming for America, do tell…..
    the latest false prophet; the author Rob Bell!
    He can’t prove a single thing that he claims,
    but he’s betting your money that you’ll pay for his fame!

    Lady Liberty is drowning in sinful abominations.
    Let me pardon you now without my congratulations,
    yeah you’ve gotta go,
    So you can ‘Tweet’ an objection to the waiting congregations!

    thee navigator March 2011
    all rights reserved
    Ecclesiastes 8.11-12; Isaiah 7.14; Ezekiel 11.12; Ezekiel 18; Lamentations 2.14; Lamentations 4.16; Lamentations 5.12; Matthew 15.7-10; Matthew 15.21-28; Matthew 24.24; Romans 9.23; Romans 10.3; Romans 11.11-24*; Titus 1; Titus 2; 2 John 1-13; 1 Thessalonians 1.10; 2 Peter 1.19-21; 2 Peter 2.1-3, 4-9; 2 Peter 3. All; 2 Peter 3.7 and companion verse Isaiah 66.15; 2 Peter 3.16-17; Revelation 9.20-21; Revelation 14; and too many more to list!

  15. There are more people in China so shouldn’t we cheer for their success? Jealously is a bad trait, and childish. I just wish the government of china wasn’t so evil…

    • Can someone tell me where these idiots come from… Oh yeah, the public

  16. So much easier for the NWO to turn the Chinese working class into slaves. They really know no other life. Turning Americans into slaves is where things get sticky.

    • PS…good article

      • Yeah, if you like candy-ass half truth articles, it’s good.

  17. It is sad to see but this is mostly true.

    Go check out:

    • Correction

    • Spent: The downward spiral began with the implementation of N.A.F.T.A. and will continue until this country and our people awaken to the fact that we can not “out-source” our jobs.

      The open-border policy allowing non-Americans, and non-citizens to take jobs that “Americans don’t want to do” and then providing that same group with an insane benefit package for crossing our borders illegally IS NOT WORKING.

      We must have a return to a productive manufacturing base and stop with the ten hours / day t.v. and game-boy mentality. My observation is that we are already doomed to being a third world country, and not one family in one thousand is ready for the consequence.

      Enjoy these last lazy, hazy days of summer, they may well be our very last.

      • Tisk, tisk… another candy-assed post.

  18. You can buy houses for cheap like that but they have more strings attached to them than Pinnochio. What they should do is let them go at fair market value so that people can own them free and clear. But they put them for sale at 1 dollar or 10,000 and you have to sign an agreement to put like 250,000 into them, forcing people to take loans and pay interest or the homes sit and rot.

  19. WARNING!!

    • fuck off you piece of shit

    • Continue living in a fantasy world provided to u by ur media channels. Stop thinking that u r invincible U r not the dominoes effect has begun.

    • Well…”I know”… the bull-shit is working on you!!! Please hang in there, the fed has a nice FEMA camp lodging for the likes of you.

    • You dont need to listen to Alex Jones to know that a couple planes didn’t bring those towers down.!!!

    • Get the hell out with your weak,pathetic,way late in the game comment.There’s no room for your dis-info cause I can reassure you the people that are here are for more awake than you could imagine.But hey,I believe in our freedom of speech,so you rant on chump,you’re only fooling yourself.

    • I love KGB Russion agents because they tell the TRUTH, and that is all that matters to me.

      Why on earth would you mindlessly trust the Satanic US Military or corporate media for the news??? Wanker.

  20. People need to get their heads on straight and realize that our forefathers thought not only of themselves but of future generations. We need to stop the narcissism and work to leave our children a better world. Not only for the elite’s children but all children.

    “And If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”
    Thomas Paine.

    • They thought of THEIR “posterity”, as according to the Declaration. WHO is their “posterity”? Some of US can claim it, not all.

  21. Chinas economy will pass the US by 2015 and I tell you what else.
    15 years ago china was a joke.
    Bejing, Forbidden city. People weer jumping on trains with chickens in cages running around on teh roofs jumping out of windows no AC. Steam powered locomotievs.

    Now they haev a super mag lev train. People get on orderly and get scanned like good slaves.

    Ill tell you what else. IN a couple years there going to have submarines, and Jet fighers and aircraft carriers and were going to be fucked. They already have a couple Jin class subs. They already have an aircraft carrier but soon. There going to have a navy fleet. and were going to be fucked fucked fucked.

    • Yep. If you’re not a real Christian you’ll be screwed!!

  22. My fellow Americans, We are facing some kind of evil, Let us look at the problen in perspective. America was and is a land that was stolen from the indians. There is a curse on this land, It is time to find some where else we can call home. I here there is a little America in South America created after the civil war. Every man women and child for thenselves. Good luck

    • Um…if you have studied history, the Spanish and Mexicans pretty much stole the land from the Incas, Mayans and Aztec Indians in those countries, too. So I don’t think South America would be a cure for us according to your curse idea.

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