Ammosexual ‘Victim’ Thinks He Was ‘Harassed’ By Cops While Carrying AR-15 Through Airport (VIDEO)

There’s something about conservatives and ammosexuals in particular that they always think they are the victims. If a poor person has a cell phone, conservatives are the victims. If a same-sex couple gets married, conservatives are the victims and if someone objects to the giant killing machine strapped to their body, the ammosexual is the victim.

Jim Cooley of metro Atlanta is one of those ammosexuals. For some inexplicable reason, he wore his AR-15, which is almost bigger than him, to the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to drop off his daughter.

Believe it or not, it is legal to carry a gun into the airport in Georgia, which is, I suppose, the reason he did it. That seems to be ammosexus’ reason for everything gun – because they can.

Not surprisingly, Cooley garnered some attention. According to Cooley, several Atlanta police officers approached him asking about the rifle. He was never detained, though.

As he was leaving he claimed that three officers followed him and they took photos of him and his vehicle.

Here’s the video:

Poor, poor man. I can’t imagine a scenario where he might feel a gun like that would be necessary in an airport. Even if there were an issue, and he was able to take out a perpetrator (unlikely) there would likely be other casualties in the barrage of flying bullets.

As far as being harassed, perhaps Cooley would like to spend one day as a young black man. Unarmed young black men in New York used to be routinely targeted with the “stop and frisk” program.

Maybe Cooley would like to see real harassment, like in this video:


Featured image via WXIA video screen capture.

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