An Iranian Advertising Agency Mentioned as Top Digital Marketing Company and Top Experiential Market

An Iranian Advertising Agency Mentioned as Top Digital Marketing Company and Top Experiential Market – Tehran%20Times

The age-old axiom of, “it’s not what you know, but who you know”, has never been as applicable as it is today. With each day, technologies improve and better integrate, meaning that access to the people you should be knowing, gets easier in the digital world and digital marketing methods.

 Even for a digital marketing expert, it is difficult to find a digital agency in Iran for collaboration. It is clear that non-local marketers are not familiar with the process and many of the global marketers who have experience in the Iranian market claim that there are many factors that involve in a successful marketing campaign in Iran even in a digital marketing campaign due to all limitations.

Because of sanctions many platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are not serving Iranian marketers with their services. So, even these basic analytics are not available. That’s why implementing a successful digital marketing campaign in Iran is a bit more complicated and difficult than doing the same anywhere else in the world.

To better know what to say and when to say it, companies seek the help of advertising agencies. Agencies like these specialize in knowing how, when, and where to get your customer’s attention and subsequent action. One of Iran’s leading digital marketing agencies, Zigma8, specializes in exactly this and has recently been recognized internationally for it.

Zigma8 digital marketing agency seems to be in the habit of getting international recognition these days, having just recently mentioned in two categories on SuperbCompanies 2021. Clearly proud of both these feats, the agency’s CCO, Dr. Mir Damoon Mir, told us, “SuperbCompanies honored us with the title of Top Digital Marketing Company and Top Experiential Marketing Agency, but we see it as much as an achievement for our customers in Iran too”.

Dr. Mir Damoon Mir went on to explain how expanding Zigma8’s presence across the globe was also a win for Iranian companies. By this, he meant that not only does this recognition open Iran’s market to international experience, but it also opens our market to know the important people we need to know. Dr. Mir Damoon Mir concluded by saying that, “It’s so promising when the values you build locally are seen by the connoisseurs in the field, globally. The badge of Top Digital Marketing Company and Top Experiential Marketing Agency awarded by is sure a peacock feather in the cap of Zigma8.”

For many international brands and companies, it is clear that digital marketing is pretty important and they tightly compete in the market to stay digitally accessible. On the other hand, experiential marketing has always been difficult for companies to implement. Ideation and operations of an experiential marketing campaign are 2 wings of a successful marketing campaign in Iran. Being able to have both of them simultaneously requires a great experience and skilled staff that even not all the advertising and creative agencies have.

Iranian marketing society is very honored that an Iranian advertising agency is recognized as a top digital marketing company and top experiential marketing agency in the world and can assist national and international companies to promote their brand position in the Iranian market and looking forward to see more Iranian local agencies to shine among international agencies.


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