Arkansas Passes Ban On Child Sex Change Surgeries, Overrides Feckless Governor Asa Hutchinson’s Veto

By Chris Menahan

Arkansas on Tuesday made history by becoming the first state in America to ban child sex change surgeries and the experimental drugging of children with cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers.

Feckless puppet Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson — in what should be a career-ending move — vetoed the bill on Monday and waxed poetic about the sacred right of social-climbing liberal parents to drug their children with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

Hutchinson advocated for what amounts to total surrender in the culture war.

From Arkansas Today:

The governor referred to the bill as a “product of the cultural war in America” and said the measure is “overbroad, extreme and does not grandfather young people currently on hormone treatment.”

If the bill were to become law, he said, the state would be creating “new standards of legislative interference with physicians and parents as they deal with some of the most complex and sensitive matters involving young people.”

Hutchinson added the bill would leave those people without care, and may lead them to look to the black market or go out of state to get the care they need.

Hutchinson’s veto can be overridden with a simple majority in both chambers. Anticipating the general assembly will do so, he encouraged the body to come up with a more restrained approach to the bill, he said.

“We want to send a message of tolerance and diversity,” Hutchinson said.

“Adults make decisions for our children through the law already,” Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert said in response to Hutchinson’s veto. “We prevent minors from drinking alcohol, owning a gun, etc. Why shouldn’t we protect them from irreversible surgeries that could sterilize them?”

Hutchinson held a press conference after his veto was overridden and refused to address the topic.

Instead, he started rambling about how he’s opposed to the state mandating vaccine passports but he’s all for businesses mandating vaccine passports with the backing of the state, as though there’s any difference.

The media is uniformly referring to the law as a ban on “gender confirming treatments.”

CNN’s Devan Dole, who last week wrote an article stating that “it’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth,” dropped this gem:

At the same time Hutchinson was vetoing this bill, he was throwing his support behind a new “hate crime” bill pushed by the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce.

“[Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Randy Zook] said Arkansas’ distinction of being one of three states in the country without a hate-crimes law made it harder for businesses to recruit people to work here,” Arkansas Online reported.

Are Republicans are finally getting “woke” to the fact that woke capital is their enemy? I sure hope so.

Kudos to the Arkansas house and senate for fighting back and standing up for the American people and innocent children against our mentally disturbed ruling oligarchs.

Next, they should throw that hate crime bill in the trash and move to censure their pathetic governor!

This article originally appeared on Information Liberation.

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