At Behest Of Jewish Supremacists, Canadian Conservative Travis Patron Arrested For ‘Inciting Hate’

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) literally “applauded” the arrest of Canadian Nationalist Party leader Travis Patron, who has been charged with the willful promotion of hate in connection to a video he created and circulated on social media exposing “fake” Jews who are undermining Canada:

In the video, which first appeared online in 2019 and was titled “Beware the Parasitic Tribe,” Patron claimed that Jewish people “infiltrate the media, they hijack the central bank, and they infect the body politic like a parasite,” and “what we need to do … is remove these people, once-and-for-all, from our country.”

The Canadian National Party is a far-right white nationalist party founded by Patron in 2017. It unsuccessfully ran three candidates in the 2019 Canadian federal elections.

FSWC filed a criminal hate-speech complaint last year with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the attorney general in Saskatchewan in response to a flyer posted on the Canadian Nationalist Party social-media pages that quoted the video, as well as called Jews “a tribe of parasites” and “liars and deceivers.”

The video, which was first reported to the RCMP by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network in June 2019, also resurfaced on the social-media pages. A number of other ally organizations have also been engaged in the case.

“Canadians are one step closer to seeing justice being served. This is an especially big win for the Jewish community, which has year after year remained the most victimized group when it comes to hate crimes and the target of a growing number of hate groups in Canada and around the world,” said Michael Levitt, FSWC president and CEO. “It is unacceptable for any individual, let alone the leader of a so-called political party, to promote such hatred against a minority group and call for their removal from a country.”

Last year we reported on the harassment and persecution that Travis Patron was being subjected to by these Jewish supremacist groups, such as B’nai B’rith of Canada — which were attempting to use their undo influence to force the RCMP to arrest Patron — simply because they didn’t like what he had to say.

There is absolutely zero proof that anything that Patron said in that video “incited” any kind of violence toward Jews in Canada or elsewhere.

The only victim of a thought crime is the truth.

And the Jews of Canada proved once again — by having Patron arrested — that their inordinate political power, despite their tiny numbers, is just a “conspiracy theory” or an “antisemitic canard“.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with calling for the arrest and deportation of White Nationalist Christians like Travis Patron — because certain Jewish groups literally hate him.

No one batted an eye when a Jewish politician called for the “criminalization” of “offensive” Christian displays in public — this is not “hate”.

But Travis Patron is in good company with a growing list of patriotic Canadians who have been persecuted and/or jailed at the behest of Jewish supremacists — patriots like James Sears, Arthur Topham, and Andrzej Kumor.

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