Attention All CopBlockers: You Can Help Get This Dangerous Cop Off The Streets

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about Medford (MA) Police Detective Stephen LeBert. He faced an Internal Affairs investigation into his role in a dangerous road rage accident that was caught on camera. During the confrontation, he threatened to kill a civilian by “blowing a hole through (his) f—ing head”.

'Smiling Cop''Smiling Cop'

‘Smiling Cop’

Earlier in the year, he made headlines again as the ‘Smiling Cop’. The psychotic police officer who was smiling while he told a man what the police should do with his brother – “What they should do is just take him up on the railroad tracks and tell him to lay down”.

In total, Detective Stephen LeBert has been the subject of at least 18 Internal Affairs investigations and has been suspended from the force numerous times. He has been investigated and/or suspended for ‘misplacing’ court documents, dereliction of duty, beating a child that allegedly harassed his wife (he left the kid lying on the ground, bleeding from his head), shooting at a fleeing suspect, assault and batter of a mother and her 9 year old child, threatening a federal officer, and numerous other infractions (see links below).


LeBert’s Road Rage

Something must be done about this lunatic psychopath, masquerading as a police officer and you have the ability to help. On October 15, 2015, the City of Medford is holding a public hearing to address his previous actions. The hearing will begin at 10 a.m. at Medford City Hall.

This is the first hearing of its kind in decades, and the outcome of the hearing will determine whether or not the psychotic cop will keep his badge, and thus his ability to terrorize citizens in the future. Detective Stephen LeBert must be stopped before he kills someone. His past history with the department proves that he’s willing to assault the elderly and even children – nothing is off limits for him.

At the meeting, at least two police officers are scheduled to testify about LeBert’s actions the night of the road rage incident, as well as LeBert’s victim. In addition, the Chief of Police is expected to testify openly about the 3 suspensions and numerous ‘write-ups’ Officer LeBert has racked up over the years.

Officer LeBert’s Road Rage Incident Caught On Camera

Officer LeBert Telling Man They Should Kill His Brother

If you live in the Medford area, and have the ability to, please voice your opinion at the City Hall meeting on October 15th at 10 a.m. Who knows, you may just save a life by getting this creep off the streets. This is a public meeting, anyone can attend and voice their opinion.

If you can’t make it there in person, please call and email the following contacts below.

Police Chief
Website – Email – Phone: 781-391-6409  –  Fax: 781-395-5177

City Council Members

Council President Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr.
357 Main Street
Email: [email protected]
(H) 781-395-2287

Council Vice President Breanna Lungo-Koehn
19 Richard Street
Email: [email protected]
(H) 781-874-0011

Councillor Paul A. Camuso
114 Lincoln Road
Email: [email protected]
(H) 781-395-7946

Councillor Richard Caraviello
74 Prescott St.
Email: [email protected]
(H) 781-396-3022

Councillor Adam Knight
190 High St. #104
Email: [email protected]
(H) 617-966-8888

Councillor Michael J. Marks
37 Wellington Road
Email: [email protected]
(H) 781-396-5387

Councillor Robert M. Penta
Zero Summit Road
Email: [email protected]
(H) 781-391-0809


Officer LeBert’s Personnel Files.

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