Australian Live Export animal abuse continues


In late 2013, alarming cruelty was filmed at the Festival of Sacrifice in Gaza. The live exporter at the heart of this exposé was not new to this type of controversy — they had already been exposed for recurring breaches in Jordan. So despite an official Government investigation, Animals Australia remained concerned that abuses in Gaza may be ongoing.

In early 2014, Animals Australia engaged a local investigator, recommended by a UN-based NGO. His evidence confirmed our worst fears: Australian cattle were still being brutally abused.

The Australian Department of Agriculture was immediately alerted — again. From February to April, further horrific abuses were documented, and the Department was alerted a further four times.

Relying on the regulatory process to end the cruelty was failing. That brings us to you, and why you’re reading this: this needs to be made public.

 This Australian bull was illegally sold, stabbed in the eye, and brutally killed in Gaza. He, along with over 4,000 other Australian cattle, has been sent to the slaughterhouses of Gaza since November. During this time, not one single facility complied with regulations. During this time, the Australian exporter was aware that shocking abuse had occurred in past months. Yet animals continued to be abandoned to this cruelty.

Take action now

That shocking abuse of Australian cattle continues in Gaza five months after first being reported, is damning.

The good news, is that after receiving evidence from Animals Australia in November, the Australian Government ceased granting export permits to Gaza. The bad news, is that this was no help to the thousands of cattle who were en-route at the time. Since then, at least 4,631 exported cattle have been sent to the slaughterhouses of Gaza.

This ongoing cruelty could have been avoided had exporters been complying with regulations. Tragically, the Australian Government’s live export ‘assurance’ system is providing anything but ‘assurance’. The truth is that nobody — not live exporters, nor the Australian government — can guarantee that animals in the live export trade won’t be brutally killed.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Live export is valued at only 0.3 percent of national exports. And most sheep and cattle farmers aren’t involved with the industry. Not only that — a phase out of this cruel trade will create more jobs for Australians and benefit the economy.

Take action today, and help spare an animal from suffering this brutal fate. Ask your MP to support a phase out of live exports — for jobs, for the economy, and most importantly, for the animals.

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