Backstabbing Jews Happy Seeing Whites a Minority

A couple of smiling, beady-eyed Israeli Jews at a big 2013 international conference hosted in Israel and specifically aimed at increasing Third Worlder immigration rates into EUROPE, but not sacred Israel, where they do everything they can to keep non-Jew peeps of color out. Can you believe the utter gall of these hypocrite Jew creeps? Just who do these sorry SOBs think they are? [INCOG]


Houston, Texas is a city that has been struggling to forge some kind of unique identity for the longest time.

Negro shows how to mix up “purple drank” using cough syrup with grape soda to catch a lazy buzz. Trayvon Martin was going to make it before Zimmerman justifiably plugged him in the gut.

There’s not really a whole lot to this town when it comes to culture. The only people really proud of the city are sportsball fans and the blacks because it’s the birthplace of a certain style of ooga booga music that mimics the effects of getting high on cough syrup and also the home of their queen negress, whose GIFs they use on Twitter in lieu of having a high enough IQ to form an actual argument.

Everything here revolves around working.

There’s a stable and at times booming economy, the oil and gas industry and the world’s largest medical center. There’s an exponential growth rate in regards to its population, which is set to overtake Chicago to become the third largest city in the US. These details basically serve to highlight the fact that the only thing that unites Houstonians is the fact that there’s an economy here. But now Houston has something new it can brag about: it has become the most “diverse” city in the US.

This is not a particularly shocking revelation to anyone who’s spent time in Houston. It’s similar to New York City in some regards, except the cost of living is much lower and it’s a lot closer to the southern border, which, along with its reputation as a sanctuary city, makes the city a prime destination for the world’s “wretched refuse.”

What is of note is the way in which the Lugenpresse packages this fact as if it’s the wave of the future and the only way forward for the rest of America. The LA Times article on the happening is chock full of quotes that read like PR blurbs for the kind of discombobulated mess of a country that Jews salivate over.

LA Times:

The story of how this city turned from a town of oil industry roughnecks and white blue-collar workers into a major political centrifuge for immigration reform, demographic analysts say, is nothing less than the story of the American city of the future.

Yes, Houston is the template for how ZOG wants every city across America to be: a mish-mash of incongruous groups of people from every corner of the world amassed in an urban sprawl with the purpose of consuming, taking up space and driving down wages.

Some people are skeptical of the phrase “white genocide” because in their minds, “genocide” entails something with more overt, organized violence carried out by the state, with death camps, mass executions and things of that nature. In fact, the word “genocide” simply mean an extermination of a people. And there absolutely is an active plot to destroy whites, spearheaded by Jews and enabled by white traitors and international finance capital.

This is the kind of America the backstabbing Jews want to see. Just stop and think about all the White Christian men who died fighting the Nazis in WWII! [INCOG]

Quotes like this make it nearly impossible for even the slowest among us to not see that white racial replacement is not only at the top of the agenda, but is openly being celebrated and cheered on by the news media and other mouthpieces of the establishment.

Yet demographic experts say the Houston metro area, home to the third-largest population of undocumented immigrants in the country — behind New York and Los Angeles — is a roadmap to what U.S. cities will look like in the coming decades as whites learn to live as minorities in the American heartland.

The illegal immigrants don’t need to learn how to follow the law and return to where they belong, but rather, law-abiding white people need to “learn to live as minorities” in the countries their ancestors built and bled for. Whites are now regarded as pushovers who will avoid confrontation with outsiders at any cost – as long as they can enjoy modern conveniences without too much hassle. And as much as I hate to admit it, it cannot be denied that it applies to large segments, if not the majority, of our population.

And what would an article celebrating white decline be without a Christ-Killer cheerleading our dispossession from the sidelines?

“This biracial Southern city dominated by white men throughout all of its history has become, by many measures, the single most ethnically diverse major metropolitan area in the country,” [Prof. Stephen] Klineberg said. “Who knew Houston would turn out to be at the forefront of what’s happening across all of America?”

Here we see the classic Jewish manipulation of language, where white men “dominating” (a word placing white prosperity in an oppressive context) is seen as a part of history (old-fashioned, in the past, no longer valid) while becoming “ethnically diverse” (less white, ooh look at all the restaurants) puts Houston at the forefront (the cutting edge, the avant garde, the future) of what’s happening (cool, hip, trendy, modern) all across America.

What that means is a whole new dynamic, in which minorities are no longer seen as outsiders. “Suddenly these are 100% American kids, and they’re falling in love with each other, making multiracial babies,” Klineberg said.

The Jewish obsession with miscegenation rears its ugly head. This sick kike can’t just leave it at the delusional multi-cult fantasy of Bosnians and Pakistanis barbecuing with Salvadorans and Zulus in some kind of peaceful, harmonious utopia. He’s so excited at the prospect of a grey goo humanity that he can’t help but sperg out with his “blended humanity” horseshit. And while race-mixing is more common than it used to be, the vast majority of people tend to stick to their own.

Even the gray-haired negress interviewed in the video accompanying the article said as much, despite clearly being prompted by the interviewer to talk up the rainbow nation/melting pot nonsense they’re trying to drive home in this piece.

It’s sort of surprising they included that bit in the clip.

A “psychology of inevitability” begins to set in around immigration, he said — it’s happening, and it might not be a bad thing.

Another classic kike tactic. He’s assuming the sale, which in this case is our marginalization, dispossession and eventual genocide. “Give it up, goyim. You’re finished. It’s inevitable. I have a Ph.D. and I said it so it must be true… but don’t worry. Extinction is not so bad.”

“Maybe it’s going to position Houston … for success in building the connections to the global marketplace. Maybe I can make money off of this…. And then we begin to say, how do we make this work?”

Ah the global marketplace. International finance strikes again.

This statement highlights the wrongheaded mentality that is driving the West off a cliff, with Shlomo at the helm in a conductor hat and a six-pointed parachute on his back. See, these people don’t even view us as human. To the Jew, we are nothing but interchangeable economic units that can be replaced at any time by squatty brown people that don’t mind living in squalor and getting paid substandard wages. These “new Americans” (and their “new European” counterparts across the pond) are already used to low standards of living, so when some penny-pinching scumbag business owner offers them your job at half the pay, they have no problem taking it from you. And that’s what is most important to these people. Our nations, our cultures, our societies, our communities, our blood, our genetic integrity all take a back seat to global kikeonomics.

What this quote reveals is that making money is prioritized over having a functional society. You can hear the shekel grabber clasping his hands together when he says “Maybe I can make some money off of this,” which is basically the mantra of the Jew. Never mind the fact that Houston’s robbery rate is through the roof. Never mind that many of these vibrant-Americans don’t work or contribute to society. Never mind that your children will be minorities in their own countries, trapped in schools with the spawn of gangbangers, smelly kids with Zika and other hostile, foreign miscreants.

Forget about having a cohesive community that your family will feel at home in. There’s shekels to squeeze! Muh global village.

This is the formula they have in store for the rest of white America, Europe and the Western world. It’s developments like this that make it clear how crucial it is for us to band together.

Local meetups are the first step to building communities and forging a viable resistance. Join your local Daily Stormer Book Club, Standard Pool Party, or hell, start your own group. The experience is not only rewarding, but is very much a necessity in the era that we live in.

ADDENDUM: Violent blacks in Houston are playing the “knock-out game,” where they smack random Whites or Asians in the streets and run off laughing. You won’t see the lying press say a word. Go HERE for video.

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    Hitler was a jewish Iraqi, Mussolini was a black communist and Hirohito was a gay drag queen

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