Bangladesh ISIS Hostage Siege and Killing is a Total Fake – Staged by Zionist Powers

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Bangladesh ISIS Hostage Siege and Killing is a Total Fake – Staged by Zionist Powers

Nothing could get more fake than the so-called Bangladesh ISIS-orchestrated hostage siege and killing, where, purportedly, some 20 foreigners were killed, while another 6, including police, were also slaughtered. It’s not true. It’s a fake. Moreover, this is easy to proof. In fact, it is basically nothing other than a practical joke, although the implications are no joke by any means.

This has to rate as the most inane, supercilious, sophomoric, amateurish hoax yet. Who can demonstrate otherwise? It all happened a mere mile or so from the US Embassy in the diplomatic region. With all the security, there, who finds this plausible? Regardless, the following video proves it all, including showing the rolling into the area of UN vehicles:

Here is an example of the use of plenty of fake blood. It’s tempura paint, and it looks just like it. No wound is visible.


The UN vehicle alone, as seen in the video, alone raises suspicions. John Brennan says there are going to be more and more of these: endless numbers of them, and that they will happen, too, right in the United States. These are all preludes to a grand hoax that they are planning in the United States, which, once again, will be blamed on so-called Islamic radicals. No doubt, there is great aggression being perpetrated. The great Zionist powers are planning a new campaign, more war and horror: against all the people of the world.

The hand signal is given by the UN mole for the cop crowd to come forward; there a plenty of embedded camera-people in tow:



It’s a total hoax, obviously so.


Where are the wounds on this person? If he really is injured in his torso, why can’t this be seen? Now, then, look at the security mole with the re-painted groin. What about that appears real?

This camera-person takes time to look in the direction of another camera, giving a smirk:


It seems that there are more media personnel than actual military operatives:


Who is going to walk about like that, on his own, after being shot in the leg or crotch? No one finds this plausible to any degree.


If a person will just watch carefully, he obviously turns back to the camera-person and laughs and/or smirks.

Then, he puts on the act, as if he is in pain. They picked a man with bright-colored pants to show off the fake blood. It was all well thought-out, all fully done by design, although, overall, poorly constructed.


No one died, and no one was injured. This is a total fake, absolutely staged.



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