Bank of England Governor issues inflation warning as GDP sinks

Mail Online
August 10, 2011

The governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King, has painted a gloomy picture of the state of Britain’s economy saying he expected growth to slow significantly.

GDP is set to grow by around 1.4 per cent in 2011, the Bank said in its quarterly inflation report, down from its estimate of around 1.8 per cent in May.

King also announced that he expected inflation to rise sharply, hitting the five per cent mark by the end of the year driven by rises in utility bills.

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11 Responses to “Bank of England Governor issues inflation warning as GDP sinks”

  1. Here is a real no-brainer…if all housing was converted to LED lighting systems…the utility companies power demands would fall by 50%…loss in taxable revenues.
    Many on line websites have full instuctions… how to do it yourself…great details.
    The governments cannot stop anyone from using this information.
    That makes too much sense

  2. Unable to pay the utility bills? I guess that means more riots in the UK. I mean we all know fires are cheaper to light up the house at night.

  3. Trouble is the true inflation figure has already past 5% years ago. Energy bills alone have gone up 19% in the last month, my food bill has gone up 11% in the last year and my fuel bill has risen about 5%. So this is more disinfo by the Bank Of England. Government never gives a true inflation figure, it’s alway manipulated with none essential items such as TV, DVD or picture frames etc.

  4. rising utility rates…cancun mexico call by the UN to power down the west last fall rings a bell. what about america? brownouts, coal generators being phased out…doesn’t look good.


  6. Rise up – People of London. The message is simple. See a BANKSTER or POLITRICKSTER in the street ? @(!* bash him in the (@*!$($@ head !

    • I don’t agree with your comment and call for violence…looting, lawlessness and senseless attacks on people is the biggest form of tyranny.

  7. If your going to riot or cause social unrest because you have been systemactically bankrupted by the state, then go after the true culprits, these people should be attacking and burning down the brittish crown.

    When it hits the fan here in America, I suspect some NWO higher ups such as David Rockefeller, Richard Hass, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, Larry Summers, Alexander Haig, Al Gore, Paul V,Henry P, Warren Buffet, Dennis Haskert, Richard Pearle will come under the scope of a high powered 50 cal These people travel with little or no security. If only a few were made an example, it may raise some eyebrows within the NWO.

    It’s rather easy to track their movements. Their public speaking events and whereabouts are announced in advanced. A public execution would send a strong message to the eight families

    • Amen.

  8. If the ” Gross Domestic Products ” weren’t so ” Gross ” , it wouldn’t collapse !!!

    This ” Gross ” utilitarian industrial society is pathetically engrossed in matter …

    P.S. No place for a gentleman !!!

  9. Sounds like a plan for inflation organized by Globalist scum bankers.

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