Banks misleading customers, committing criminal offences – will the law act?

Australia is a hive of criminal activity by the banks.

Banks are literally at the top of the food chain, where they are allowed to get away with criminal activity, an action ‘supported’ by the authorities.

The so called ‘Royal Commission’ in to banks and financial services institutions was a ruse.

Since banks and financial institutions are ‘stakeholders’ in Australia’s court businesses, any judgement is tainted with the influence of the ‘banksters’.

The Royal Commission is a deliberate toothless tiger, a ‘money for mates’ job scam at the taxpayer’s expense.

It is against the law not to report data breaches, yet the Commonwealth Bank flaunts the fact that it did not report this.

The banks also enact unlawful seizures of property, but the mainstream media’s so called ‘journalists’ are silent on this topic.

One of the largest frauds in Australia is that of the operations of the banks, yet they are untouchable by the law, because they ‘own’ it.

That’s life in a (penal) colony.


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