Barack Obama Used The Black Vote Like A P.I.M.P.

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Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
Monday, August 29, 2011

In 2008, Politico reported that “96 percent of black voters supported Obama and constituted 13 percent of the electorate.”

What did black people receive from President Barack Obama in return for their political support? Disrespect, avoidance, and contempt.

Barack Obama thinks he’s a slick and clever manipulator of masses. He used black people to get elected President, and then turned his back on them in the White House like he was the king and they were just slaves.

Now, in the face of persistent criticism from black leaders and the black community about his lack of response to their voices, he hanged up the famous painting about race by Norman Rockwell in the White House in a vain attempt to appease them.

The Young Turks radio show had a good conversation about what explains the White House’s decision to hang up this painting not long after black leaders in the Congress voiced their anger at the administration.

Is Obama giving his core constituency a bone? Does he think this act will cover his ass in the black community? Is he that shameless and treacherous? Yes he is. Does he think the American people are that stupid? Yes he does.

But that’s a false perception that Obama and the power elite in America have in their minds. The American people are not stupid. It is the White House that is stupid for wrongly believing that the American people won’t dig deeper into their crimes, lies and cover-ups.

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  • Barack Obama Used The Black Vote Like A P.I.M.P.

The American people know that the Obama White House does everything for political points and that it cares more about staying in power than fixing America’s foreign policy and economic problems.

President Obama had political motivations to hang up this painting, to hide the fact that he doesn’t give a damn about black Americans who voted for him.

This two-faced punk posed as some sort of messiah, but he hasn’t addressed black unemployment or correct the injustice that non-violent prisoners face because of the illegal war on drugs and militarized police state.

Obama doesn’t care about America as a whole. By helping Wall Street plutocrats, the Federal Reserve parasites, traitorous CEOs, and the military-industrial complex he is saying “Fuck You” to every American who is not in the top one percent income bracket.

Obama, following the policies of Bush and Clinton, wants to destroy America and help his banking masters establish a global dictatorial government once America is dead and buried.

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6 Responses to “Barack Obama Used The Black Vote Like A P.I.M.P.”

  1. This article sums up very nicely Obumbles and his policies.

    Nothing new has been said to this (joke) president that has not been said to any of the last 4 presidents.

    America will not stop it’s slide into poverty and injustice for all until the 2nd american revolution kills all traitors money grubbers.

    dillweed Reply:
    August 29th, 2011 at 7:41 am

    “Barack Obama Used The Black Vote Like A P.I.M.P.”

    Well, he used them in a way they can understand.

  2. If paintings are hung in the WH all the time, what’s the significance of this painting’s hanging being publicized? Coincidence…….I think not.

  3. What did black voters get from Odumba? Unemployment, food stamps, and the fantasy illusion of free health care. Throw more money at the failed schools in insure teenage pregnancy and more crack babies.

  4. Barack Obama Used The Black Vote Like A P.I.M.P

    Yeah………that goes with saying.


  5. bring back the 1975 Fleetwood…
    (w/ fur-dash and vinyl hood)

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