BBC Publishes Cringe Guide For ‘Talking To Conspiracy Theorist Relatives’ At Christmas

After Birmingham City Council invited members of the public to come up with new street names for a regeneration scheme, winners included “Diversity Grove” and “Equality Road”.

According to the council, the names were selected “based on the theme of cohesion and shared values.”

Louise Kilbride, the woman whose suggested street names were chosen by a panel of judges, said she wanted them to “reflect the diversity of the Perry Barr area.”

A Google News search for Perry Barr reveals that the area has a high crime rate which increased this past summer after numerous robberies and firearms offenses, leading to police being handed Section 60 powers to stop and search people without reasonable grounds.

“Remember when we used to dedicate street names to heroes,” responded one Twitter user.

Others asked why the names weren’t based on successful people from the area, with one accusing the council of engaging in “Utter woke nonsense.”

Unfortunately for those living in the area, studies have shown that “diversity” produces the exact opposite of cohesion.

A peer reviewed study by Danish academics at the University of Copenhagen found that ethnic diversity has a negative impact on communities because it erodes trust.

Seeking to answer whether “continued immigration and corresponding growing ethnic diversity” was having a positive impact on community cohesion, the study found the opposite to be the case.

Studying existing literature and also carrying out a meta-analysis of 1,001 estimates from 87 studies, the researchers concluded, “We find a statistically significant negative relationship between ethnic diversity and social trust across all studies.”

Meanwhile, in France, President Macron has “called for the creation of a list of 300 to 500 “Black or Arab historical figures” who should have public places, monuments and streets named after them.”

“There is a whole part of our collective history which is not represented, there is a whole part of our history which speaks to our youth who are black, coming from Africa or Maghreb areas and who have their heroes,” Macron said in an interview.

As we document in the video below, one of the first things that violent Maoist cultural revolutionaries did when they took over society was to rename streets.

Just a coincidence, I’m sure.


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